Putting Holes in Rented Apartment Walls in Japan

Poste date: Friday, October 27, 2023

You may be wondering if it is allowed to drill holes in the walls of rented properties in Japan, and if so, what size holes are permitted. Putting holes on the walls will enable you to hang posters, hang wall clocks, install shelves and many other decorative items however, you may or may not be responsible for the cost of restoration of the property depending on the size of the hole. Continue reading to find out how to decorate your apartment's walls and what precautions you need to take before putting a hole. Furthermore, we explain what happens if you drill or make a large hole in the walls.

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Thumbtack / Drawing Pin Sized Holes

Posters, calendars, and other items are displayed in everyday life, and holes in thumbtacks, pins, and other items used for this purpose are considered normal wear and tear. According to the guidelines set forth by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, holes made by thumbtacks or other pins are the result of ordinary daily activities, and the cost of repair is to be covered by the lessor, i.e., the landlord. However, in some cases, the "lease agreement" may clearly state the permissibility regarding putting holes, so please double-check in advance.

Below are very practical pins, called Magical Hooks. Easy to install just like thumbtacks, and leave almost no hole marks. Ideal pins for hanging calendars, posters and clocks. Load capacity can be selected from 4kg and 8kg. Click the image to purchase online.


Nail-Size / Screw-Size Holes or Larger Holes

Holes that are the size of nails, screws, or even larger, are beyond the normal wear and tear of ordinary use, and the lessee, or tenant, is responsible for the repair costs. If the hole reaches deep into the wall, the repair cost may be even higher. If the hole was made unintentionally, fire insurance may be applicable, so please check the insurance you have taken out when signing the lease contract.

Alternative Ways to Decorate a Room Without Drilling a Hole in the Wall

Apart from the practical pins mentioned above, there are other ways to decorate the walls without drilling a hole in the wall by using cork boards, poles, or even adding another wall. Adding another wall on the original wall is an option to repaint or rearrange the room as you wish. Below are some great tools to decorate your home.

mt CASA & mt Deco Brick Sets

The masking tape from mt (mt CASA) is great to use to redecorate rooms without painting the walls as well as the mt deco brick sets. Click the image(s) to see details or purchase online. 


DRAW A LINE is a decorating system using tension rods. It allows you to enjoy decoration walls without putting holes. Available in various types, including vertical, horizontal, and book stands, so there are many options to choose from according to your preferences.

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