If the registered owner of the real estate in Japan resides overseas, it will be necessary to register a contact person in Japan.

Poste date: Friday, April 5, 2024

If a person who owns real estate in Japan, such as a foreigner or overseas resident, does not have an address in Japan, it will be necessary to declare and register the name or designation and the address of the contact person in Japan.

Purpose of the revision of the law

Real estate investment by Japanese nationals living overseas and overseas investors is increasing due to various reasons such as the higher evaluation about the asset value of real estate in Japan, the weak yen, easier purchase by foreigners than in other countries, and availability of online purchase. Therefore, the law was revised to create an environment where it is easy to contact registered owners who do not reside in Japan.

*For the time being (period unknown) until the revision of the law takes root, it is possible to register as "no contact information".

Effective date

April 1, 2024

Requirements that can be designated as a contact person

An individual or corporation with an address in Japan who has consented to be contacted.

Contents of registration

The name and address of the person or corporation who has become the contact person.

Image source: Ministry of Justice directive


For those who do not live in Japan, it is quite difficult to find someone to serve as a contact person. Therefore, "Real estate brokerage firm", "Real estate management company", "Judicial scrivener", etc., who handled your purchase or who is handling the management of the property, is recommended as an actual contact person to request.

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