Motto Tokyo Campaign: Save up to ¥5,000 per night on Hotel Stays

Poste date: Wednesday, December 9, 2020

In addition to the ongoing “Go To Campaign”, all residents in Tokyo can take advantage of the “Motto Tokyo Campaign” from October 24th.

If you are a resident of Tokyo and travel within Tokyo, you can get up to a ¥5,000 discount per night on hotel stays and a ¥2,500 discount on day trips. You can combine this campaign with the Go To Travel campaign.

*The Campaign is suspended until December 17 since the numbers of the Covid-19 patients have been increasing in Tokyo.

What is the “Motto Tokyo” campaign?

The Motto Tokyo Campaign is a campaign for residents in Tokyo to encourage them to travel within Tokyo.

Residents of Tokyo can receive up to a ¥5,000 discount per night on hotel stays and up to a ¥2,500 discount on day trips within Tokyo.

Who can apply for the “Motto Tokyo” campaign?

All residents of Tokyo are eligible.

What is the minimum fee for a trip?

The minimum fee to receive Motto Tokyo Campaign is ¥6,000 for a hotel stay and ¥3,000 for a day-trip however, if you would like to combine Motto Tokyo Campaign and Go to Travel Campaign, the minimum fee would be ¥9,000 for a hotel stay and ¥4,500 for a day-trip.

How many times can you use the campaign?

It can be used consecutively for 5 nights. However, there is no limitation on the number of times you can take advantage of the campaign while it is ongoing. This means that for the duration of the campaign you can recieve the discounts as many times as you'd like.

What are the procedures to apply for the campaign?

To receive the discounts, please reserve your trip / hotel stays via designated travel agencies such as JTB, HIS or reserve directly via a hotel website.

When will the campaign end?

The Motto Campaign will run until March 31, 2021 (if the government's budget for the campaign runs out earlier than March 31, 2021, the campaign will end at that time).

Using the Motto Tokyo Campaign And Go to Travel Campaign

You can combine the Motto Tokyo Campaign and Go to Travel Campaign.

The minimum fee is ¥9,000 for a hotel stay and ¥4,500 for a day-trip.

How much of a discount can you get by using Motto Tokyo and Go to Travel Campaign

* Please note: Some travel agencies may apply a different rate which is lower than 35% or restrict the number of times of bookings. Please check the discount rate available before booking your trips.

Discount Example

[Example 1]
Staying at a hotel at ¥9,000 per night

Go to Travel Campaign (35% Discount) = ¥3,150

Motto Tokyo Campaign Discount = ¥5,000


Total to Pay = ¥850

Moreover, you will receive a regional Coupon (15% Discount) of ¥1,000.

Regarding Regional Coupon, please read "What is a regional coupon?"

Special Deal on Sumo Tournament for Tokyo Residents!

Are you a resident of Tokyo and interested in Sumo wrestling? If so, don't miss this great chance! Japan Wonder Travel offers special deals using Go to Travel Campaign and Motto Tokyo Campaign for the Sumo Tournament in January 2021.

Please read details on this page: Sumo Wrestling in Tokyo

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