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These properties are located in the area around Shinjuku, Yoyogi, Hatsudai, Sangubashi, Yoyogi-Uehara, Iidabashi, Kagurazaka, Ichigaya, and Yotsuya Stations. 

Shinjuku is well known for high-rise buildings around the Metropolitan Towers. Shinjuku Station is a hub connecting central Tokyo and its suburbs. Yoyogi is popular residential area convenient for commuting to British School, ASIJ while retaining adequate accessibility to the center of Tokyo. The Iidabashi area is located west of the Imperial Palace in Central Tokyo. 

Area Guide of Shinjuku  Area Guide of Yoyogi

Here is a selection of featured properties for sale in the Shinjuku, Iidabashi, Yoyogi Area.

Exterior of Ryowa Palace Wakamatu-cyo
Wakamatsukawada, Waseda
  • 2
  • 60.8 sq.m.

JPY 46,800,000

Exterior of The Parkhouse Nishi-shinjuku Tower 60
Nishi-shinjuku, Tochomae
  • 2
  • 60.1 sq.m.

It is a 60-story super high-rise tower condominium apartment with 954 unit rooms in total that soars into the sky of the Nishi-Shinjuku area. It has a water, green, and open space for creating an oasis on the spacious ground of approximately 1,900 square meters around the building. It is located close to 3 stations with 2 lines including the nearest station Nishi-Shinjuku-Gochome and within walking distance to JR Shinjuku Station. The location is very convenient for living having supermarkets, convenience stores, drug stores, and restaurants as well as hospitals and parks in the neighborhood. It provides various services and shared facilities such as concierge service, Sky lounge, meeting spaces, and a gym to support everyday life of the residents. children. Each unit comes with the latest and functional equipment to support comfortable life and the solid security system to secure the safety of the residents.

JPY 94,800,000

Exterior of The Parkhouse Shibuya Sasazuka
Sasazuka, Hatagaya
  • 2
  • 54.9 sq.m.

JPY 69,900,000

Exterior of Garden Hills Yotsuya Geihin-no-mori
  • 3
  • 112.0 sq.m.

It was built in October 2016, constructed by Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd., and sold by Sumitomo Realty & Development Co., Ltd. It is located facing Akasaka Imperial Estate and the State Guest House and is surrounded by historic areas and lush greenery. It is a 9-minute walk from Shinanomachi Station on the JR Sobu Line, a 10-minute walk from Yotsuya Station on JR Chuo Line, Sobu Line, Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line and Toei Namboku Line. It is within easy access of Yotsuya Station where large-scale redevelopment works are in progress. It is conveniently located within easy reach of the New National Stadium where the 2021 Tokyo Olympics will be held and Aoyama area as well. Full of refined design and carefully considered functional facilities. 24 hours security system and disaster prevention facilities are well-equipped and support your safe and comfortable everyday life.

JPY 280,000,000

Exterior of Luclass  Mejiro Otomeyama
  • 4
  • 182.4 sq.m.

Located about 9-minute walk from JR Mejiro Station. There are Nakamura Tsune Atelier Memorial Museum, Otomoyama Park, Gakushuin University, and Sophia University Mejiro Campus nearby. Otomoyama Park is a vast area of 2.7 hectares, where the seasonal nature and the limpid flow of water create a tranquil atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This spring was selected as one of the 57 best springs in Tokyo. It is also one of the best spring water areas in Tokyo, and a firefly breeding station has been set up on the premises. You can feel the magnificent nature on a daily basis right in the heart of the city.

JPY 165,000,000

Exterior of Takadanobaba 2-chome House
  • 2
  • 72.27 sq.m.


Exterior of Proud Uehara
  • 2
  • 70.2 sq.m.

A four-stored low-rise luxury residence on a site of over 3,300sqm, used to be the residence of the Tokugawa Shogunate family (Kishu-Tokugawa). Proud Uehara was bult in February 2012, in the site of Uehara 2-chome, where large plot of housings are surrounded. The building has a strong presence in this neighbourhood where lush greenery flourishes and a tranquil environment prevails. The grand entrance features woodcarving panels on the ceiling, and indirect lighting from the mezzanine floor, creating a luxurious yet soft atmosphere that welcomes residents and guests. Concierge service is available, and art-lounge or community living space are in the common area. Security systems in the building are 24hour security system, non-touch keys, a hands-free security intercom or so on. The property is only about 8 min. walk to Yoyogi Uehara stn. on the Odakyu line, or Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line, and about 11 min. walk to Komaba-Todai-Mae stn. on the Keio-Inokashira line. There are several supermarkets, local retail shops, or restaurants in the area, making it a very comfortable place to live.

JPY 145,800,000

Exterior of ROI VERT Ichigaya-sanaizaka
  • 3
  • 179.4 sq.m.

A dignified 4-storey, 14-units, low-rise luxury residence on a hilltop in Ichigaya, up Sannai-zaka. Completed in January 1990, formerly developed by Tokyo Tatemono, designed and constructed by Kajima, and building managed by Tokyu Community. Security system with automatic-locking door, intercom with TV monitor, and security camera. Hotel-like interior corridor design, two elevators, home delivery box for the common facilities. Having pets are allowed, and greeneries such as Nakanesaka Higashi Park, or Ichigaya no Mori are dotted in the neighborhood. Several supermarkets, convenience stores, and restaurants are surrounded which leads you convenient and enjoyable urban life. To the nearest station Ichigaya, takes about six-minute walk, and five train lines are available: the JR Chuo and Sobu lines, the Tokyo Metro Namboku and Yurakucho lines, and the Toei Shinjuku line.

JPY 299,900,000

Exterior of Open Residencia Yoyogi
  • 1
  • 54.5 sq.m.

JPY 84,900,000

Exterior of Castle Mansion Arakicho
  • 1
  • 44.2 sq.m.

JPY 48,800,000

Exterior of Uehara Kume Plaza
  • 5
  • 195.4 sq.m.

Uehara Kume Plaza is a vintage condominium apartment built in June 1973. It is located in Uehara 2-chome, Shibuya-ku, 7 minutes from Komaba-Todaimae Station on the Keio Inokashira Line, and 10 minutes from Yoyogi-Uehara Station on the Odakyu Line and Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line, providing convenient access to the city center. This modern apartment building is equipped with an auto-lock system, an inner corridor design, and a spacious entrance lobby that will never fade.

JPY 120,000,000

Exterior of Okubo 2-chome House
Nishi-waseda, Shinokubo
  • 3
  • 70.22 sq.m.


Exterior of ID Court Yoyogi Jingunomori
Yoyogi, Minami-shinjuku
  • 2
  • 63.2 sq.m.

JPY 79,800,000

Exterior of First Real Tower Shinjuku
Shinjuku, Okubo
  • 1
  • 48.5 sq.m.

Located an 8-min walk from Shinjuku Station is a large-scale tower apartment which stands along Otakibashi-dori Street and overlooks the hustle and bustle of the downtown Shinjuku. It comes with Sky Lounge on the top floor, concierge service, and various shared facilities such as meeting room, music room, fitness gym, laundromat, and public bath with a spacious changing area and a sauna room (some are pay facilities). Double security system by vein authentication. Having a pet animal and playing musical instruments are allowed (need to follow the detailed rules).

JPY 76,500,000

Exterior of Mynesh Ross Yotsuya
  • 2
  • 67.7 sq.m.

JPY 84,800,000

Exterior of Branton Kagurazaka
Kagurazaka, Iiidabashi
  • 2
  • 55.3 sq.m.

JPY 76,800,000

Exterior of Honmachi 3-chome House
Nishi-shinjuku 5-chome
  • 3
  • 86.22 sq.m.


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