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These properties are located in the area around Shinjuku, Yoyogi, Hatsudai, Sangubashi, Yoyogi-Uehara, Iidabashi, Kagurazaka, Ichigaya, and Yotsuya Stations. 

Shinjuku is well known for high-rise buildings around the Metropolitan Towers. Shinjuku Station is a hub connecting central Tokyo and its suburbs. Yoyogi is popular residential area convenient for commuting to British School, ASIJ while retaining adequate accessibility to the center of Tokyo. The Iidabashi area is located west of the Imperial Palace in Central Tokyo. 

Area Guide of Shinjuku  Area Guide of Yoyogi

Here is a selection of featured properties for sale in the Shinjuku, Iidabashi, Yoyogi Area.

Exterior of Shinjuku Eins Tower
  • 2
  • 59.2 sq.m.

Only 1-min walk from Higashi-Shinjuku Station on Toei Oedo Line and Metro Fukutoshin Line. This 29-story tower apartment located facing the main street is a landmark in the Higashi Shinjuku area. The location is attractive where you can enjoy both the convenience of living and rich nature in Central Tokyo, having a supermarket, a convenience store, and a drugstore nearby, and Isetan department and Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden within walking distance. The white and gray colored chic building appearance also has a symbolic pentagon shape which is not only eye-catching but also effective for having plenty of sunlight. It provides hotel-like services and shared spaces such as an entrance hall with a 2-story ceiling, concierge services, a lounge space, and 24-hour security system. It offers a wide range of unit plans such as 1LDK to 3LDK. High-quality unit room equipment such as IH cooking heater, floor heating, bathroom dryer supports a comfortable life of the residents.

JPY 65,000,000

Yoyogi-koen, Yoyogi-hachiman
  • 1
  • 48.0 sq.m.

JPY 58,000,000

Exterior of Shibuya Kamiyamacho Residence
Shinsen, Yoyogi-koen
  • 2
  • 67.3 sq.m.

JPY 79,900,000

Exterior of D Cladear Ivan Hatsudai
  • 1
  • 51.4 sq.m.

JPY 54,800,000

Exterior of Livio Raison Mejiro-dori
Mejiro, Shiinamachi
  • 3
  • 66 sq.m.

JPY 74,800,000

Exterior of Hatagaya Heim Gransis
Hatagaya, Sasazuka
  • 3
  • 107.1 sq.m.

JPY 119,800,000

Exterior of Yoyogi Park Garden
Yoyogi-koen, Hatsudai
  • 3
  • 80.6 sq.m.

JPY 97,800,000

Exterior of Viena Park Tomigaya
Yoyogi-koen, Yoyogi-hachiman
  • 2
  • 65.8 sq.m.

JPY 74,800,000

Exterior of Berte Nishisando
Sangubashi, Hatsudai
  • 1
  • 54.9 sq.m.

Low-rise condominium apartment located in a quiet residential area of Yoyogi 4-chome. The tiled building and entrance hall appear grandly. It also has very reliable security system in place and offers hotel-like services through a concierge desk.

JPY 54,900,000

Exterior of J City Hatagaya
  • 1
  • 61.9 sq.m.

JPY 54,800,000

Exterior of Park House Yoyogi-koen Urbance
Yoyogi-koen, Yoyogi-hachiman
  • 1
  • 46.8 sq.m.

JPY 62,900,000

Exterior of Habiter Ichigaya-nakanocho
Akebonobashi, Yotsuya sanchome
  • 1
  • 29.5 sq.m.

JPY 36,800,000

Exterior of Mycastle Shinjuku Ochiai
Shimoochiai, Nakai
  • 2
  • 54.3 sq.m.

JPY 47,900,000

  • 3
  • 67.2 sq.m.

JPY 86,500,000

Exterior of REGNO SERENO
Okubo, Shinjuku
  • 2
  • 64.6 sq.m.

JPY 70,800,000

Exterior of Prince Hights Nishiwaseda
Waseda, Nishi-waseda
  • 2
  • 57.7 sq.m.

JPY 54,800,000

  • 1 - 2
  • 55.1 - 77.5 sq.m.

A 44-story tower apartment overlooking Shinjuku Chuo Park. It is designed by Mr. Kisho Kurokawa, constructed by Obayashi Corporation, and sold by the former CLEARTH LIFE. It offers luxury hotel-like various shared facilities such as a guest room, a hot spring, a swimming pool, a fitness gym, and a room for playing musical instruments. Only 5min walk to the nearest station and within easy access of 4 stations on 11 train lines.

JPY 58,800,000 - 89,800,000

Exterior of Plaire Deuxq Shinjuku-gyoen
  • 1
  • 49.5 sq.m.

JPY 47,000,000

Exterior of I-town Plaza
Tochomae, Nishi-shinjuku
  • 1
  • 51.4 sq.m.

JPY 64,800,000

Exterior of La Copie Yotsuya 3-chome
Yotsuya-sanchome, Akebonobashi
  • 2
  • 55.2 sq.m.

JPY 66,800,000

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