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These properties are located in the area around Shibuya Station on the JR/Ginza/Hanzomon Line, Ebisu Station on the JR/Hibiya Line, and Daikanyama Station on the Tokyu-Toyoko Line.

Shibuya Station is a major terminal station where multiple train lines intersect. Around Shibuya Station there are large-scale redevelopments currently in progress. JR Ebisu Station and Ebisu Garden Place collectively dominate the area. Residential and commercial areas blend nicely together. The Daikanyama area is best represented as a refined and calm cityscape. The main streets are dotted with stylish shops and cafes, while a traditional upper-class residential area lies spaciously one step away from the street.

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Here is a selection of featured properties for sale in the Shibuya, Ebisu, Daikanyama Area.

  • 2
  • 73.8 sq.m.

Nicely located in front of New National Stadium, next to the greenery of the Jingu Gaien. It has the appearance design in harmony with the area’s landscape, and the shared spaces with beautiful curvy design. Amenities such as a swimming pool and a fitness gym are also available. You can enjoy a wide span view from the dwelling units. Easy access to central Tokyo. 8-minute walk from Gaienmae Station (400 meters), with easy access to 4 stations on 4 lines.

JPY 230,000,000

Exterior of Qualia Jinnan Flats
Shibuya, Harajuku
  • 2
  • 56.1 sq.m.

Qualia Jinnan Flats was built in January 2008 and is a former condominium for sale by Tokyu Fudosan Corporation and Sunwood Corporation. Located in Jinnan 1-chome, Shibuya-ku, it is an 8-minute walk to Shibuya Station on the JR Yamanote Line, Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line, and other lines, and is within walking distance of the popular Harajuku and Omotesando areas. The apartment is equipped with a triple auto-lock system for added security, and a home delivery box is also available for your convenience when you are not at home. The dark brown chic design of the entrance and the prestigious entrance hall are impressive, giving the apartment a sophisticated atmosphere.

JPY 134,800,000

Exterior of J Park Nakameguro Ⅳ
Nakameguro, Ebisu
  • 2
  • 59.8 sq.m.

J-Park Nakameguro IV is an apartment building built in February 2001 and located in Nakameguro 2-chome, Meguro-ku. It is a 11-minute walk from Nakameguro Station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line and a 13-minute walk from Ebisu Station on the JR Yamanote Line and other lines. The apartment is conveniently located about 140 meters from Seven-Eleven, about 230 meters from Nakameguro Park, and about 260 meters from Maruetsu Petit, and the management system is excellent, with large-scale repair work carried out on the common areas in 2013. The elegant stone-clad entrance hall and the well-maintained entrance are impressive.

JPY 72,980,000

Exterior of Tomigaya Park Garden
  • 1
  • 40.4 sq.m.

JPY 50,000,000

Omotesando, Shibuya
  • 1
  • 39.2 - 45.5 sq.m.

This 14-story condominium apartment was born in the redevelopment area of Shibuya 2-chome, a quiet residential area one block away from Aoyama-dori Ave. between Omotesando Station and Shibuya Station. The earth tone color exterior design harmonizes with the nearby tree-lined streets and the greenery of Aoyama Gakuin University. It has realized a building layout plan that emphasizes privacy and a sense of openness. Various pieces of high-grade and attractive unit room equipment to support your daily life include ceiling-mounted air conditioners and a garbage disposer.

JPY 81,500,000 - 84,800,000

Exterior of Imperial Omotesando
  • 1
  • 72.7 sq.m.

Imperial Omotesando is a 5-story low-rise residence just a 5-minute walk from Omotesando Station. Harajuku and Meiji-jingumae stations are also within walking distance, and three stations and four train lines are available for convenient access to various parts of the city. Although it is conveniently located just a two-minute walk from Omotesando Hills, it offers a quiet living environment away from the bustle of Omotesando street. The exterior of the building has a chic and dignified tiled appearance with a gantry design. The units are arranged around a light court in the center of the building, providing good lighting and ventilation.The building is equipped with an auto-lock system and delivery box, and has a good management system.The building is equipped with an auto-lock system and delivery box, and is well managed.

JPY 175,000,000

Exterior of City House Hiroo-minami
Hiroo, Ebisu
  • 3
  • 70.6 sq.m.

JPY 139,000,000

Exterior of Daikanyama Address the Tower
Daikanyama, Ebisu
  • 1
  • 37.7 sq.m.

A landmark tower condominium in Daikanyama that boasts of its unfailing popularity. One-minute walk from Daikanyama Station. The building is located in a complex that includes commercial facilities and a public sports center. Formerly sold by Kajima Corporation and Taisei Corporation. Pets are allowed.

JPY 69,900,000

Exterior of Shibuya Eins
  • 2
  • 70.7 - 75.6 sq.m.

This luxury condominium apartment stands in a hilltop area in the Shibuya-Aoyama area. Having 3 train stations for 4 different lines accessible, it is in a highly convenient location. In addition, a number of cafes, restaurants and shops are found within walking distance. Nevertheless the neighborhood is a very peaceful residential environment. It offers hotel-like public spaces and facilities. A view lounge is placed on the 15th floor.

JPY 129,800,000 - 155,000,000

Exterior of Clio Remington House Ebisu
  • 2
  • 81.6 sq.m.

JPY 129,900,000

Exterior of Park Nova Jingumae
Meiji-jingumae, Harajuku
  • 1
  • 44.2 sq.m.

8 story vintage condominium located in Jungumae 2 chome along Meiji Dori Street, adjacent to a famous brand clothing shop and a foreign embassy. The white based round shape appearance is impressive. Traffic convenience of 7 min walk to Meiji-jingumae Station and 8min walk to JR Harajuku Station and life convenience of the area within walk access to the towns of Omotesando, Aoyama, and Harajuku are attractive. The manager is stationed with good security management and is also negotiable for SOHO and office use. You can enjoy urban lifestyle with fulfilling weekdays and weekends in the living area where fashionable shops, restaurants, and salons gather.

JPY 52,800,000

Exterior of Hill Heights Daikanyama
Daikanyama, Shibuya
  • 1
  • 76.4 sq.m.

JPY 98,000,000

Exterior of City House Ebisu Datezaka
Ebisu, Hiroo
  • 2
  • 83.7 sq.m.

13 story luxurious condominium stands on the hill top location of a quiet residential area in Ebisu 3 Chome. Ebisu, Hiroo, and Shirokanedai Station within walk access make available for multiple train lines covering whole areas in Central Tokyo. The areas around 3 stations also provide high level of convenience for living. The sophisticated building appearance with combination of glass, wood, and concrete materials, the entrance hall with open ceiling of 2 levels, and inside passages with elegant design all give the image of a luxurious hotel. The dwelling units are mostly 2LDK-3LDK desirable for family with kids, and all face the south direction with a lot of sunshine. The updated room equipment and the fully equipped security system support comfortable and peaceful everyday life. The located area is a quiet house environment and is close to 3 major popular areas in Central Tokyo. The nice location helps you to enjoy rich urban life.

JPY 200,000,000

Exterior of Ebisu Garden Terrace Ichiban-kan
Ebisu, Meguro
  • 2
  • 84.6 sq.m.

Yebisu Garden Terrace Ichibankan was built in July 1994 by Taisei Corporation, Tokyu Corporation and others, and was formerly sold by Sapporo Breweries Ltd. It is a symbolic tower condominium (32 stories, 290 units) located in Yebisu Garden Place, a large-scale commercial facility. Adjacent to the Westin Hotel Tokyo, it is surrounded by sophisticated restaurants and cafes, and is within walking distance of clinics and movie theater. The apartment building is equipped with a dust station on each floor, a concierge service, and a 24-hour manned security system.One of the appealing points of the building is that it can be accessed from Ebisu Station on the JR Yamanote Line without getting wet (using the underground passage).

JPY 208,000,000

Exterior of The Parkhouse Suwayama
  • 2
  • 60.7 sq.m.

JPY 111,800,000

Exterior of Musee Omote-sando
  • 1
  • 54.5 sq.m.

Built in October 2001, this 10-story reinforced-steel-concrete structural condominium with a total 26 units is located within walking distance of Tokyo Metro Omotesando Station and JR Shibuya Station, adjacent to Aoyama Gakuin University and the United Nations University, just off from Aoyama Street and Roppongi Street. In the neighborhood, there are the Aoyama area where you can find many high brand stores, chic cafes or fancy restaurants along/ near-by Omotesando, or Kotto-dori, the Shibuya and Harajuku areas where are popular among younger generations, Meiji Shrine or Yoyogi Park. You can also go to Roppongi or Hiroo for just about 10 minutes by car. Various classes of supermarkets or restaurants can be accessible easily on foot. As of building facility, auto-lock and 24-hour security system has been installed, home delivery box, 24-hour trash station are available, and also pet friendly. Major repair work has been done in August 2016, and well managed building. It is good for second home, or investment use.

JPY 84,800,000

Daikanyama, Ebisu
  • 1
  • 54.5 sq.m.

The property is located in a nice residential area just 5 minte walk from Daikanyama station, 6 storied structure with a total of 22 units, completed in December 2018. As the building is located inside Hachiman-dori, it is a very quiet area with greenery. The surrounding area is dotted with stylish open cafes, stores, restaurants, etc., where you can fully enjoy urban life in Daikanyama. Security is excellent with security cameras, and a triple locking system from the building entrance to the unit entrance. A delivery box is also available.

JPY 88,800,000

Exterior of NEBEL EBISU
Ebisu, Hiroo
  • 1
  • 49.1 sq.m.

JPY 84,800,000

Exterior of Hills Daikanyama
Daikanyama, Ebisu
  • 1
  • 43.4 sq.m.

This 14-story condominium apartment was built in July 1984 and faces Komazawa-dori. It is conveniently located a 3-minute walk from Daikanyama Station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line, a 6-minute walk from Ebisu Station on the JR Line, and a 7-minute walk from Nakameguro Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line. This is a popular area where you can enjoy shopping and dining.

JPY 52,500,000

Exterior of Paysage Shibuya First
Shibuya, Daikanyama, Ebisu
  • 1
  • 35.8 sq.m.

JPY 47,000,000

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