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These properties are located in the area around Hiroo Station on the Hibiya Line

Addresses: Hiroo (Shibuya-ku), Minamiazabu, Motoazabu, Nishiazabu, Minami-aoyama (Minato-ku)

Many embassies are located throughout the Hiroo Area. With its international schools and other foreigner-oriented services, this area has long been favored among foreigners.

Area Guide of Hiroo

Here is a selection of featured properties for sale in the Hiroo Area.

Exterior of City Tower Ebisu
  • 2 - 3
  • 62.7 - 98.3 sq.m.

Nicely located in a popular Ebisu area, inside of Yamanote Line, within easy access of Hiroo, Shirokane, and Daikanyama. It is a large tower apartment with stately looking appearance design. Sold by: Sumitomo Realty & Development Co., Ltd., Constructed by: Nishimatu Construction Co.,Ltd. It offers luxury hotel-like concierge service and various comfortable facilities. It comes with damping structure strong against earthquakes and triple security system for solid security management.

JPY 110,000,000 - 285,000,000

Exterior of Branz Shibuya Tokiwamatsu
Omotesando, Shibuya, Ebisu
  • 2
  • 70.8 sq.m.

Tokiwamatsu is a locally-called name of an old high class residential town located on a hilltop between Shibuya and Hiroo, where the whole town is covered by deep green. It is a luxury condominium apartment with the long entrance approach surrounded by the seasonal plants and flowers. It provides a beautiful living space with the mixture design of tradition and modernism as well as eastern and western style.

JPY 130,000,000

Exterior of Sun Arena Hiroo
  • 1 - 3
  • 80.7 - 110.7 sq.m.

3min. walk away from Hiroo Station of Hibiya Line. It is a 7 story apartment built in May, 2015. The building comes with solid security management including SECOM security system and security cameras at the entrance, the parking space, and the shared spaces.

JPY 119,800,000 - 198,500,000

Exterior of Duo Scala Nishiazabu Tower
Roppongi, Nogizaka
  • 1
  • 41.4 sq.m.

A stylish condominium apartment that consists of three buildings and stands diagonally in front of Roppongi Hills. It is in a good location close to Nishi-Azabu Crossing where you can enjoy city life. It comes with various functional room equipment such as a bathroom with auto-filling and reheating function and a water purifier.

JPY 56,800,000

Exterior of Nishiazabu Homes
Omotesando, Nogizaka
  • 1 - 3
  • 47.1 - 68.6 sq.m.

Sold by:Mori Building Co., Ltd. Constructed by: Tokyu Construction

JPY 64,800,000 - 89,800,000

Exterior of Famille Court Shirokane Towers
  • 2
  • 91.4 sq.m.

9 min. walk from Shirokanedai station along the Platinum-Dori street in Shirokanedai. Fashionable cafes and restaurants are dotted along the street.The entrance hall appears elegantly.

JPY 130,000,000

Exterior of Asahi Mansion Shirokane street
Hiroo, Ebisu, Shirokanedai
  • 2
  • 61.8 sq.m.

JPY 71,800,000

Exterior of Froint Azabu
Hiroo, Roppongi
  • 1
  • 46.4 sq.m.

Both Roppongi and Hiroo areas are within daily living range. The property is located in Nishiazabu 4-chome. Roppongi Hills and Omotesando are within walking distance. The white tile building produces a sense of cleanliness. It also has a good management system.

JPY 42,800,000

Exterior of Nikko Royal Palace Nishiazabu
Nogizaka, Roppongi
  • 2
  • 59.7 sq.m.

JPY 55,800,000

Exterior of Hiroo Garden Hills South Hill F
  • 2
  • 111.0 sq.m.

Hiroo Garden Hills is one of the most luxurious apartments in Tokyo. F Tower is located in South Hill which has high status. Separate entrance, 24-hour security guard and front desk. Very special atmosphere compares to other towers.

JPY 238,000,000

Exterior of Open Residencia Hiroo The House South Court
  • 2
  • 60.2 sq.m.

A condominium apartment built in a quiet location one block away from Gaiennishi-dori Avenue. Very attractive having high level of security management including security cameras, auto-locking doors, corridors, and concierge services, and also having full range of the latest unit room equipment. It is nicely located having convenient stores, supermarkets, and Arisugawa-no-miya Memorial Park in the neighborhood.

JPY 113,000,000

Exterior of Hiroo Garden Hills West Hill K
  • 3
  • 89.0 sq.m.

The Hiroo Garden Hills is a condominium apartment that stands in a luxurious residential complex near Hiroo Sta. The neighbourhood has suprisingly, plenty of trees for central Tokyo. Within the premise, there are a grocery store, ATMs, a coffee shop, etc. It is a popular vintage apartment that offers both convenience and high status of living.  It is located in the west of the premise. Being in the back of Hiroo Garden Hills, it is a very quiet area.

JPY 148,000,000

Exterior of Hiroo Garden Hills West I
  • 2
  • 89.0 sq.m.

West Hill 'I' of Hiroo Garden Hills. Supermarket, bank ATM, cafe and more available in the site. Very greenery atmosphere with convenient accessibility.

JPY 157,000,000

Exterior of Itopia Hiroo Hills Cloce
Ebisu, Omotesando, Hiroo
  • 2
  • 79.9 sq.m.

JPY 93,000,000

Exterior of Myrtle Court Ebisu 2000
Ebisu, Hiroo
  • 2
  • 60.6 - 75.2 sq.m.

JPY 84,800,000 - 109,800,000

Exterior of 9 CUBE ROPPONGI
  • 1
  • 57.1 sq.m.

JPY 58,000,000

Exterior of Asahi Hiroo Mansion
  • 2
  • 82.4 sq.m.

Large scale condominium apartment with tiled covered stately outlook and 303 dwelling units is a land mark in the area along Meiji Dori Street. Ebisu station is the nearest and Hiroo station is within a walking distance. Living area is along Meiji Dori Street and around Ebisu Station providing wide variety of conveniences. 24 hours manned management secures safety for resident of female and child. Behind the building is Shibuya River and its river side provides a little open space and quietness. You can enjoy sophisticated city life and quiet relaxation in the neighborhood.

JPY 97,800,000

Exterior of Riche Hiroo
Hiroo, Shirokanedai
  • 1
  • 51.7 sq.m.

The 13 story condominium is located in front of Platinum-Dori Street, whose area is within walk access to the area of Hiroo, Shirokanedai, and Ebisu as well as these 3 stations. The tiled appearance with color contrast of wine red and beige is eye-catching and entrance hall with open ceiling is spacious and impressive. The building renovated beautifully in 2014 and the up-dated room equipment support comfortable life of the residents. The Institute for Nature Study, Arisugawa-no-miya Memorial Park, Platinum-Dori Street, and Yebisu Garden Place are all within walking distance and make your weekend enjoyable. Dwelling units are mostly 1R-2LDK desirable for singles and DINKS and some units are available for Pets and use of SOHO.Supermarkets and convenient stores are closely dotted and make the area convenient for everyday life.

JPY 49,800,000

Exterior of Pias Nishiazabu
  • 1
  • 44.0 sq.m.

JPY 50,000,000

Hiroo, Nishi-azabu
  • 2
  • 104.1 sq.m.

Hiroo, Aoyama, and Roppongi are within the living area. A luxury condominium apartment built on the hilltop in 4-chome, Nishi-azabu, along a tree-lined street. Sold by MORIMOTO Co.,Ltd. The building and unit rooms made of quality materials offer a full line of good designs. Room equipment is arranged for functionality and comfort.

JPY 350,000,000

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