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These properties are located in the area around Hiroo Station on the Hibiya Line

Addresses: Hiroo (Shibuya-ku), Minamiazabu, Motoazabu, Nishiazabu, Minami-aoyama (Minato-ku)

Many embassies are located throughout the Hiroo Area. With its international schools and other foreigner-oriented services, this area has long been favored among foreigners.

Area Guide of Hiroo

Here is a selection of featured properties for sale in the Hiroo Area.

Exterior of Churis Nishiazabu
  • 2
  • 69.3 sq.m.

Acquirable certificate of conformity with earthquake resistance standards. Base isolation repair work was completed in March 2012, and large-scale repair work was carried out in April 2018. Located in a high-class residential area, which is along Gaien Nishi-dori Avenue and within walking distance of Hiroo and Roppongi, having lush greenery and embassies from various countries in the neighborhood to create good living environment and an international atmosphere. Neighboring facilities: Kougai Park, Arisugawa-no-miya Memorial Park, Roppongi Hills, National Azabu Supermarket, Meidi-ya Store, Hiroo Shopping Street, Kougai Elementary School, Azabu Junior and Senior High School, Sacred Heart School in Tokyo, University of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo, Keio Yochisha Elementary School, Japanese Red Cross Medical Center, Tokyo Metropolitan Hiroo Hospital

JPY 118,800,000

Exterior of Nikko Royal Palace Nishiazabu
Nogizaka, Roppongi
  • 2
  • 44.9 sq.m.

Omotesando Station, Roppongi Station, and Nogizaka Station are within walking distance. This 8-story condominium was built in June 1984 and faces Gaien Nishi Dori Street. It is also close to Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown, where you can easily enjoy shopping and dining. There are various floor plans from 1R to 3LDK. Good property maintenance and auto-lock system protect your comfortable life.

JPY 69,900,000

Exterior of Lion's Mansion Nishiazabu City
Roppongi, Nishi-azabu
  • 2
  • 56.5 sq.m.

JPY 113,900,000

Exterior of Shirokane 6-chome House
Hiroo, Shirokanedai
  • 3
  • 189.43 sq.m.


Exterior of Sunwood Nishiazabu
Hiroo, Roppongi, Omotesando
  • 1
  • 38.9 sq.m.

Located in a quiet residential area in Nishiazabu, Roppongi, Hiroo and Omotesando are found within walking distance. It has an extensive security system.

JPY 87,800,000

Exterior of The Parkhouse Nishiazabu Residence
  • 1
  • 45.0 sq.m.

It is the first tower residence in the Nishiazabu area. It is located in the center of Hiroo, Azabu, Aoyama and Roppongi areas. Four train stations for three different lines are accessible. Not having any high-rises, it will have a nice open view with greenery. This property offers Parkhouse brand's first-rate specifications and grand building.

JPY 149,000,000

Exterior of Diana Garden Hiroo
  • 1
  • 56.2 sq.m.

Diana Garden Hiroo is a 108-unit apartment completed in February 2006 and constructed by Kajima Corporation. Although it is conveniently located only a 1-minute walk from Hiroo Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, the building is surrounded by greenery, and the Arisugawa-no-miya Memorial Park is only 240 meters away. The surrounding area is dotted with embassies, creating a mature and international atmosphere. Along Gaien Nishi Dori Avenue, there are many trendy coffee shops and restaurants where you can enjoy your daily life. The apartment is equipped with a concierge service and a 24-hour security system by SECOM, ensuring a safe and comfortable life.

JPY 129,900,000

Exterior of Grand-copie Hiroo
Hiroo, Ebisu
  • 1 - 2
  • 55.6 sq.m.

Grand Copier Hiroo is a 7-story condominium with a total of 54 units built in May 2001. It is a 9-minute walk from Hiroo Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, and is located in a quiet residential area, a step away from a busy main road. Floor plans range from studio to 2LDK and are suitable for singles and DINKS. Auto-locks, security cameras, and a 24-hour security system protect residents' daily lives.

JPY 84,900,000 - 97,980,000

Exterior of Minami-aoyama Park Mansion
Minami-aoyama, Omotesando
  • 1
  • 46.0 sq.m.

Minamiaoyama Park Mansion is one of Park Mansion branded apartments, which was built in 1981 and sold by Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. It is located in "7 Chome, Minami-Aoyama" which belongs to the school district of "Seinan Elementary Schoo" and "Seinan Junior High School". It is close to the area’s shopping streets of "Omotesando" and Kotto-dori Avenue, and within walking distance of the major areas in Shibuya-ku such as "Hiroo" and "Ebisu" as well as the area under redevelopment around "Shibuya" Station and "Roppongi Hills". The seismic reinforcement work was completed in the end of August 2021, therefore, it is possible to issue a certificate of compliance with the seismic standards (called Taishin kijun tekigou shoumeisho), which is necessary for tax reductions such as mortgage loan deduction, registration and acquisition tax (separate issuance fee is required).

JPY 64,800,000

Exterior of Myrtle Court Ebisu 2000
Ebisu, Hiroo
  • 2
  • 56.0 sq.m.

8-minute walk from Ebisu Station and 10-minute walk from Hiroo Station, this 20-story high-rise condominium with a stylish black and white contrasting exterior is impressive. There are 98 units in total, with a wide range of room layouts from 1LDK to 3LDK, and all rooms face south with good sunlight. A concierge is available to support your daily life, providing a variety of services such as guidance and cab arrangement. The building is within walking distance of Ebisu Garden Place, Hiroo, and Shirokane, so you can enjoy a city lifestyle including dining and shopping.

JPY 128,000,000

Exterior of House in Hiroo 3-chome
Hiroo, Omotesando, Shibuya
  • 4
  • 269.02 sq.m.

The house is located in a residential area in Hiroo 3-chome, adjacent to Tokyo Jogakkan schools. It was built in November 2000, reinforced concrete structure with 3 floors above ground and 1 basement floor, and was fully renovated in April 2007. It has a spacious 4LDK with a large hobby room on the basement floor, plenty of storage space, and a roof-top balcony where you can enjoy BBQ with open view. The master bedroom on whole 3rd floor has exclusive bath room with a jacuzzi, and 2-bowl vanity, plus large walk-in closet. There is a shower room, and guest bathroom separately on the 1st floor, and restrooms on each of the 1st through 3rd floors. Other amenities include a home elevator and SECOM, 2lots parking spaces.


Exterior of The Parkhouse Azabu-gaiennishi-dori
Nogizaka, Omotesando
  • 2
  • 70.0 sq.m.

9-min walk from Nogizaka Station and within walking distance of Omotesando Station and Roppongi Station. Located in a quiet residential area facing Gaien Nisi-dori Avenue is one of “The Park House” branded luxury condominium apartments sold by Mitsubishi Estate Residence Co. Ltd. There are supermarkets and convenience stores nearby, and Roppongi Hills, Omotesando Hills and Tokyo Midtown are also within walking distance. The apartment features the modern and refined appearance design and a luxury hotel-like interior arrangements such as the natural stone-walled entrance with a carriage porch, a lounge space with a view of the patio that is filled with natural light, and the shared spaces along an indoor hallway. It offers a wide range of unit plans from 1LDK to 3LDK to cover single to family residents together with a full range of the latest functional equipment such as dishwasher, bathroom with dryer/mist-sauna function, floor heating. Solid security includes auto-locking entrance door, security cameras, and daytime manned management.

JPY 179,000,000

Exterior of Ebisu Blume
Ebisu, Hiroo
  • 1
  • 46.4 sq.m.

JPY 81,800,000

Exterior of Lions Mansion Minami-aoyama Grand Fort
Omotesando,Hiroo, Shibuya
  • 4
  • 207.6 sq.m.

Lions Mansion Minami Aoyama Grandfort is a seven-story condominium completed in May 2001 with a total of 36 units. The site is located in a first-class exclusive district for medium- and high-rise residential buildings, two streets away from Roppongi Dori, and is surrounded by a residential area with lush greenery, lined with condominiums and residences. There is a lounge at the entrance to provide a space for relaxation. There are two elevators, and the common corridor is a hotel-like inner corridor. Lions Mansion Minami Aoyama Grandfort is a 13-minute walk from Omotesando Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line.

JPY 689,900,000

Exterior of Cosmo Hiroo
Ebisu, Omotesando, Hiroo
  • 1
  • 56.2 sq.m.

JPY 74,800,000

Exterior of Nishi-Azabu 4-chome House
Hiroo, Roppongi, Nogizaka
  • 3
  • 137.94 sq.m.

A newly built steel-framed custom-built house on a quiet hill in Nishiazabu, Minato-ku. The property is located in a quiet and peaceful residential area a short distance from Gaien Nishi Dori Avenue, and the nearest station, Hiroo, provides direct access to Roppongi Station and Ginza Station. The Hiroo area is surrounded by sophisticated and elegant streets. Within a 10-minute walk, you will find Hiroo Plaza, Hiroo Garden, and other commercial facilities, providing an excellent living environment. There are also many restaurants around the station, making it very convenient for dining out. The lush greenery of Arisugawa-no-miya Memorial Park is also within a 10-minute walking distance, making this an attractive location where you can also enjoy nature. This is a newly built steel-framed single-family house of 3 floors and 3LDK with a total floor area of 137 square meters. From the rooftop balcony, you can enjoy the view of the city center and greenery. The southwest-facing road provides good sunlight and a pleasant breeze. The property is equipped with a walk-in closet with ample storage space. The building is barrier-free and has toilets on all three floors. Ceilings are more than 2.5 meters high, so unlike ordinary Japanese-style residences, you can spend your time without feeling oppressed.


Exterior of Maison Shirokane
Hiroo, Shirokane-takanawa
  • 2
  • 62.8 sq.m.

JPY 84,800,000

Exterior of Prime Style Hiroo
Hiroo, Ebisu
  • 2
  • 54.4 sq.m.

JPY 140,000,000

Exterior of Domus Hiroo West
Ebisu, Hiroo
  • 3
  • 173.1 sq.m.

In the quiet residential area of Hiroo 1-chome, Domus Hiroo West has a presence that has not faded away. The brown tiles give the building a subdued appearance. The building has a stately appearance befitting the quiet residential area of Hiroo. Hiroo is the second most exclusive residential area in Shibuya Ward after Nampeidai, and is surrounded by Arisugawa-no-miya Memorial Park and embassies of various countries. Domus Hiroo West was built in July 1990 and is conveniently located within walking distance of both Ebisu and Hiroo, an 8-minute walk from the East Exit of Ebisu Station and a 10-minute walk from Hiroo Station. Azabu Juban and Omotesando are also within walking distance.

JPY 349,900,000

Exterior of Makes Design Minami-Aoyama
Omotesando, Roppongi, Hiroo
  • 1
  • 25.6 sq.m.

JPY 41,800,000

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