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These properties are located in the area around Shinagawa Station on the JR/Keihin-kyuko Line, Gotanda Station on the JR/Toei-Asakusa Line, and Meguro Station on the JR/Nanboku/Toei-Mita Line.

Shinagawa Station is large hub station and is very convenient to depart from when going to Osaka or other western parts of Japan. The Gotanda Station area is a convenient location with many dining options. Ikedayama and Shimazuyama are traditionally known as luxurious residential neighborhoods and are within close proximity to each other. Meguro offers both comfortable single-person luxury apartment towers and family homes right in Central Tokyo. 

Area Guide of Shinagawa  Area Guide of Meguro

Here is a selection of featured properties for sale in the Shinagawa, Gotanda, Meguro Area.

Exterior of Cosmopolis Shinagawa
  • 1
  • 80.1 sq.m.

JPY 74,800,000

Exterior of The Meguro Sakura Resicidence
  • 2
  • 58.2 sq.m.

JPY 64,800,000

Exterior of Grand Blue Takanawa Adonis
Takanawadai, Shinagawa
  • 3
  • 144.8 sq.m.

JPY 210,000,000

Exterior of Navius Meguro
Meguro, Fudomae
  • 2
  • 57.8 sq.m.

JPY 61,800,000

Exterior of Geo Meguro
Meguro, Fudomae
  • 1
  • 38.9 sq.m.

JPY 47,800,000

Exterior of The Majesty Court Meguro
Meguro, Fudomae
  • 2
  • 70.8 sq.m.

JPY 89,800,000

Exterior of My Castle Meguro 2
  • 2
  • 50.9 sq.m.

JPY 51,800,000

Exterior of Vert Village Meguro
  • 2
  • 54.0 sq.m.

JPY 54,800,000

Exterior of Rivio Meguro River South
Gotanda, Fudomae
  • 3
  • 73.6 sq.m.

JPY 73,300,000

Exterior of Proud Tower Takanawadai
Takanawadai, Gotanda
  • 2
  • 54.6 sq.m.

The property is located in the area where you can overlook Shimazuyama, the center of 'Jonan Gosan', (the five hills in Jonan area). This tower residence stands in a hilltop in Takanawadai and built in seismic isolation structure. The garden within the premise delivers senses of seasons throughout the year. You can also spend comfortable and peaceful time at the lounge salon. The interior uses high quality natural materials, which is highly functional and comfortable.

JPY 71,400,000

Exterior of Osaki West City Towers
  • 1
  • 43.0 sq.m.

39 story twin tower luxurious condominiums are landmark buildings. Direct connection to the station by a pedestrian deck helps easy transportation access to various areas in Tokyo, and also makes the residents comfortable for commuting in rainy days. The surrounding area is redeveloped well with complex facilities of commerce, business, and residence, inviting many restaurants, supermarkets, and stores as well as arranging many spaces of greens. In the West Entrance hall with glass wall and open ceiling a guest lounge space is arranged. The common use facilities in the two buildings such as Sky lounge, Party Room, Theater Room, Guest Room are available by coming and going through the passage connecting the buildings. High grade room equipment, the updated building security including 24 hours manned management, hotel-like front desk services all support comfortable and peaceful quality life in a tower condominium.

JPY 63,900,000

Exterior of Cose Shirokanedai
  • 1
  • 40.9 sq.m.

JPY 38,800,000

Exterior of Brillia Takanawa The Court
Shinagawa, Takanawadai
  • 3
  • 100.7 - 118.0 sq.m.

It is one of the Brillia branded luxury condominium apartments sold by Tokyo Tatemono Co.,Ltd. Completed by Satohide Corporation.

JPY 184,800,000 - 235,000,000

Exterior of Terrace Ebisu-no-oka
Ebisu, Daikanyama
  • 2
  • 104.0 sq.m.

JPY 198,000,000

  • 2
  • 70.5 sq.m.

JPY 99,900,000

Exterior of Laguna Tower
  • 2
  • 95.3 sq.m.

JPY 84,800,000

  • 1
  • 81.4 sq.m.

JPY 90,000,000

Exterior of City Tower Takanawa
Shirokanetakanawa, Takanawadai
  • 1
  • 54.8 sq.m.

35-storey-high residential tower. It is one of the City Tower branded luxury condominium apartments sold by Sumitomo Realty & Development Co., Ltd. Completed by Shimuizu Corporation. Luxury hotel-like entrance. Theater room, sky lounge, fitness gym and many other facilities.

JPY 69,800,000

Exterior of Favorich Tower Shinagawa
  • 1 - 4
  • 53.8 - 81.6 sq.m.

31story tower apartment built in Shinagawa-Konan area having a stylish appearance design. It is within 11 min walk of Shinagawa Station. The area is dotted with convenience stores and restaurants in addition to having Atre Shinagawa at the station, and a supermarket open for 24 hours within 3 min walk, providing convenience for shopping. It comes with a full line of shared facilities and services and the outstanding views from the View Lounge on the top floor.

JPY 53,800,000 - 86,800,000

Exterior of Prime Parks Shinagawa Seaside the Tower
Shinagawa Seaside
  • 3
  • 85.7 sq.m.

Directly connected to Shinagawa Seaside Station Square by a pedestrian deck. It stands close to the shopping mall of Aeon Shinagawa Seaside, providing convenience for shopping, eating and drinking. It is a 29-story tower apartment with quake-absorbing structure. It comes with abundant shared facilities including roof-top Sky Park, Cafe Lounge, Kids Room, and an authorized child care facility.

JPY 99,800,000

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