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Exterior of Zushi Marina
  • 1
  • 93 sq.m.

JPY 51,800,000

Exterior of Kita-shinagawa 4-chome House
Kita-shinagawa, Osaki
  • 2
  • 81.00 sq.m.

A house built in the hilltop location of Gotenyama – a high class quiet residential area surrounded by a rich natural environment. The area is dotted with the embassies of various countries, old and prestigious gardens, and art museums in the neighborhood, so you can feel historical features there in everywhere. The owner made a full renovation of the inside of the house to create one and only interior design. Home inspection has been done for property condition assessments. It is a convenient location to live in within 3 min walk of a convenience store, and also within easy access of the areas around Osaki Station and Shinagawa Station for every day shopping.


Exterior of Crest Yamate
  • 3
  • 142.7 sq.m.

A low-rise vintage apartment built on the hilltop location in a quiet residential area of Yamate-cho, Yokohama. Fully renovated interior arrangement is desirable for a foreign resident having a spacious living room with good view of greenery outside and plenty of storage spaces. It is within walking distance of Yokohama International School.

JPY 129,000,000

Exterior of Sakurashinmachi Sky Mansion
  • 1
  • 50.4 sq.m.

JPY 39,800,000

Exterior of Nishiogu 5-chome House
  • 2
  • 95.01 sq.m.

Owner change property. 180,000yen rent/mo. 2,160,000yen/yr. 7.44%yield!! A recently built house located within 8 min walk from the nearest station. (Built in May, 2017) Adjacent land is a passage without any building giving the house plenty of sunlight and good views and ventilation. It comes with a balcony extended from the living room and mini-roof balconies in the back of kitchen space and on the bedroom floor. It is for use of the second house and still very clean inside.


Shintomicho, Tsukiji
  • 1
  • 46.4 sq.m.

JPY 54,980,000

Exterior of Brillia Kamakura Onarimachi
  • 1
  • 98.9 sq.m.

Kamakura is an international tourist city, which is only one hour away from Tokyo and is surrounded by rich nature, various tourist attractions, and many historical spots. You can enjoy history and culture at the same time there. Brillia Kamakura Onarimachi is in the good location with only 4 min walk from JR Kamakura Station. It is a luxurious and elegant low rise residence designed by Kisho Kurokawa.

JPY 108,000,000

Rokubancho, Yotsuya
  • 3
  • 110.0 sq.m.

Located in Rokubancho that derives from old high class samurai residence town near the Edo castle. Currently the area with the highest official land price in Japan. The area was lived by the direct retainer samurais of the shogun and has been inherited and lived by government officials and cultural figures afterwards. After getting out of Yotsuya Station, you walk along the way colored by overflowing green. Roadside trees and the greens in the residential area continues and handsome cityscape welcomes you and gives you comfort.

JPY 265,800,000

Exterior of Welt Nihonbashi 2
Higashi-nihonbashi, Ningyocho
  • 2
  • 47.5 sq.m.

Completed in March, 2002. Built in a convenient location in “Nihonbashi Hisamatsucho” within easy access of multiple stations on various train lines of Toei Subway, Tokyo Metro, and JR. Historic Hisamatsu Elementary School having Hisamatsu Kindergarten within the same premises is close by. It comes with auto-locking doors and delivery lockers in the shared spaces.

JPY 45,800,000

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