Renovated properties for Sale in Tokyo

Selection of renovated pre-owned properties

Renovated properties are excellent options if you wish to live in a fresh apartment, but the budget is too limited to buy a brand-new apartment.
They are more affordable than a brand new apartment. 

In addition, being existing properties, they enable you to check the actual living environment and how much sunlight the property gets.

Exterior of World City Towers Capital Tower 20F
  • 3
  • 100.36 sq.m.

'World City Towers.'' As high-end condominium complex, it is Japan’s largest project. Supermarket, banks, nursery and other ample services for residents in the complex. Shuttle bus to Shinagawa Station. Sky view lounge. Fitness center.


Exterior of Asahi Emblem Shirokanedai 4F
  • 2
  • 63.48 sq.m.

A 4-minute walk from Shirokanedai Station, this 7-story condominium was built in 1997 and is located in a quiet residential area on the hill. The surrounding area is rich in greenery, with the Nature Education Garden and the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum within walking distance, allowing residents to enjoy strolling around on weekends.


Exterior of Mita Grace 2F
Azabujuban, Shirokane-takanawa
  • 2
  • 88.73 sq.m.


Exterior of Coop Nomura Hatanodai 6F
  • 3
  • 58.32 sq.m.


Exterior of Canyon grande Himonya minami 4F
Senzoku, Kita-senzoku,Ookayama
  • 3
  • 66.80 sq.m.


Exterior of Sakuraoka 4-chome House
  • 4
  • 160.08 sq.m.

Millcreek, a luxury imported house constructed by Tokyu Homes. Bright light shines through the patio into the inside of the house, making it a comfortable home. The interior was renovated in June 2024. Several cars can be parked.


Exterior of Park Tower Harumi 6F
Tsukishima, Toyosu
  • 3
  • 78.67 sq.m.

48-story large tower apartment with 1084 total units built in Harumi area. The area is convenient to live within easy access of 3 stations on 2 lines, having large commercial facilities, convenience stores, and various restaurants. The shuttle bus service exclusively for the residents provides direct access to Tsukishima Station and Higashi-Ginza Station. The riverside location and lush greenery arranged like a theme park around the building create a good living environment to enjoy water, green, and expanse of the area. Luxury resort hotel-like facilities are designed for both adults and children to be enjoyed, and various shared services support comfortable life of the residents. Base-isolation structure and Dual Frame System is the first time combination in Japan enhances the building strength against earthquakes. 24hours manned management and other security equipment protect the residents safety and security. The dwelling units offer various sizes from 1LDK to 4LDK coming with the latest room equipment to realize a quality urban living.


Exterior of Higashi-matsubara Heim 1F
Shin-daita, Meidaimae
  • 3
  • 87.67 sq.m.


Exterior of Duo Hills Gotenyama 4F
Shinagawa, Osaki, Gotanda
  • 3
  • 92.85 sq.m.


Nishikoyama, Hatanodai
  • 3
  • 60.32 sq.m.


Exterior of Family Town Toyo A 2F
  • 3
  • 74.90 sq.m.


Exterior of VILLURAGE Kohinata 3F
Edogawabashi, Myogadani
  • 3
  • 94.16 sq.m.


Exterior of Famille Grand Kohinata 1F
  • 2
  • 82.70 sq.m.


Exterior of Diana Court Uehara 1F
Yoyogi-uehara, Komaba-todaimae
  • 3
  • 96.91 sq.m.


Exterior of Vela Heights Dogenzaka 6F
Shibuya, Shinsen
  • 1
  • 36.72 sq.m.


Shibuya, Shinsen
  • 2
  • 60.38 sq.m.


Exterior of The Parkhouse Harumi Tiaro Residence 26F
  • 3
  • 73.47 sq.m.

A super-high rise tower apartment in Harumi area. It is one of the Parkhouse branded luxury condominium apartments sold by Mitsubishi Jisho Residence Co., Ltd. Completed by Kajima Corporation. There is a fountain place in the vast green premises. Concierge service and various common use facilities are arranged in the building. The room equipment is all-electrified including a bathroom heater and dryer and a floor heating in a living and dining room. The storage space is abundant in an easy-to-use layout and the balcony is spacious providing good views.


Exterior of Harumi Island Triton Square View Tower 50F
Tsukishima, Kachidoki
  • 2
  • 69.86 sq.m.

Harumi Island Triton Square View Tower is a large-scale tower apartment building completed in February 1998, with 50 stories and 624 units. It is a landmark in Harumi Triton Square, which has residential and office buildings, various commercial facilities, and a park on the site. The views overlooking Ginza and Tsukiji, Rainbow Bridge, and Tokyo Bay area are attractive. The building was extensively repaired in 2010, and is equipped with auto-locks and 24-hour security to ensure the safety of residents. Triton Square is a convenient place to live with many commercial facilities including a supermarket.


Exterior of Parkhouse Hirakawacho 4F
Kojimachi, Hanzomon, Nagatacho
  • 2
  • 60.71 sq.m.

Park House Hirakawacho is located in very convenient area in Chiyoda-ku, where is walkable to 3 subway stations, and 3 subway lines. The condominium is a 14-story above with one basement floor, built in October 2007 by Mitsubishi Estate Co. (developer), and Toda Corporation (builder). Surrounding are business district mixture with residential condominiums. Kojimachi Elementary School and Kojimachi Junior High School are 5minutes walk in each, and Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioicho, Hotel New Otani, or the National Theatre are nearby. There are many supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, and cafes in this convenient area that you can enjoy urban life.


Exterior of Minami-aoyama Park Mansion 6F
Minami-aoyama, Omotesando
  • 1
  • 46.02 sq.m.

Minamiaoyama Park Mansion is one of Park Mansion branded apartments, which was built in 1981 and sold by Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. It is located in "7 Chome, Minami-Aoyama" which belongs to the school district of "Seinan Elementary Schoo" and "Seinan Junior High School". It is close to the area’s shopping streets of "Omotesando" and Kotto-dori Avenue, and within walking distance of the major areas in Shibuya-ku such as "Hiroo" and "Ebisu" as well as the area under redevelopment around "Shibuya" Station and "Roppongi Hills". The seismic reinforcement work was completed in the end of August 2021, therefore, it is possible to issue a certificate of compliance with the seismic standards (called Taishin kijun tekigou shoumeisho), which is necessary for tax reductions such as mortgage loan deduction, registration and acquisition tax (separate issuance fee is required).


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