Renovated properties for Sale in Tokyo

Selection of renovated pre-owned properties

Renovated properties are excellent options if you wish to live in a fresh apartment, but the budget is too limited to buy a brand-new apartment.
They are more affordable than a brand new apartment. 

In addition, being existing properties, they enable you to check the actual living environment and how much sunlight the property gets.

Exterior of Itopia Azabu 8F
  • 3
  • 73.54 sq.m.

Itopia Azabu, 10storied structure, total number of the units 95, was completed in August 1995, developed by ITOCHU Corporation, and built by JDC Corporation. It is located in between “Azabu-Juban” stn. on the Tokyo Metro Namboku Line, and the Toei Odedo Line, and “Shirokane-Takanawa” stn. on the Tokyo Metro Namboku Line, and Toei Mita Line, is taking approximately 8-minute on foot. Also you can reach to “Tamachi” stn. on JR lines, approximately 16-minute on foot, providing convenience accessing every spots in central Tokyo. Local stores, supermarkets, cafe, restaurants are dotted in the area, and very convenient for daily life. Building facilities include automatic entrance door, security cameras, elevator, delivery boxes, internet, CATV and more. Pet (up to 2 of cat or dog) is allowed to keep.


Exterior of BAY CREST TOWER 40F
  • 2
  • 86.98 sq.m.

Baycrest Tower is a tower apartment with a total of 594 units built in August 2005, located in Konan 3-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo. It is located about a 13-minute walk from Shinagawa Station on the JR Yamanote and Keihin Tohoku Lines. The hotel-like entrance creates a high quality and relaxed atmosphere. In addition, the common areas, such as the front desk concierge service, fitness studio, and sky lounge, are well-equipped for a comfortable stay. It is about 260m to Lawson Konan 3-chome, about 350m to Family Mart Konan 4-chome, about 350m to Konan Ryokusui Park, and about 350m to Saizeriya Konan Junior High School Mae.


Exterior of Itopia Roppongi 10F
  • 2
  • 53.66 sq.m.


Exterior of Mita National Court 7F
Tamachi, Mita
  • 3
  • 66.00 sq.m.


Exterior of Nikko Royal Pales Ichibancho 2F
Hanzomon, Kojimachi
  • 1
  • 40.70 sq.m.


Exterior of Azabu East 3F
Azabu-juban, Akanabebashi
  • 1
  • 42.12 sq.m.


Exterior of Clio Remington House Ebisu 10F
  • 2
  • 132.95 sq.m.

Within walking distance of Ebisu Station and Meguro Station on the JR Yamanote Line. Just a 4-minute walk to Yebisu Garden Place, this residence is convenient for daily life. This residence, formerly sold by Meiwa Jisho, is designed with hotel-like interior corridors, giving it a refined and serene atmosphere.


Exterior of Clio Remington House Ebisu 8F
  • 2
  • 81.67 sq.m.

Within walking distance of Ebisu Station and Meguro Station on the JR Yamanote Line. Just a 4-minute walk to Yebisu Garden Place, this residence is convenient for daily life. This residence, formerly sold by Meiwa Jisho, is designed with hotel-like interior corridors, giving it a refined and serene atmosphere.


Exterior of Shibaura Island Cape Tower 11F
Tamachi, Mita
  • 3
  • 82.17 sq.m.

Located in the far south end of Shibaura Island, the redeveloped area surrounded by canals, 48 story luxurious landmark tower condominium has an impressive Tri-Star shaped configuration. The nearest JR Tamachi Station and Metro Mita Station make easy transportation access possible to Tokyo and Shinagawa Station as well as to Haneda Airport. The expansive location on the water-fronts, a promenade, plants, and trees within the area provide the house environment to feel water and green close. Concierge service at the entrance hall with an open ceiling and the common use facilities including Sky Lounge, Guest Room, BBQ Garden, Party Room, and Kids Room support everyday life of the residents. The dwelling units are 1K-3SLDK available for a wide variety of family plans. There is a convenience store on the 1st floor and are also many shops and various facilities within the area. Island-like nature with water and green and high level convenience in Central Tokyo can be enjoyed.


Exterior of The House Minamiazabu 6F
Hiroo, Azabujuban
  • 1
  • 81.21 sq.m.

The location is about 4-minute walk from Hiroo Station. Nearby are the Swiss, Norwegian, and German Embassies, making it an area with a rich international atmosphere. The building is located in the center of the city. A national supermarket and the Hiroo shopping district are nearby, making dining and shopping also close by. Arisugawa Park and Roppongi Hills are within walking distance. Despite its central location, the property is located in a quiet residential area with abundant greenery.It's pet friendly apartment 1LDK + service room. The bedroom has a large walk-in closet. The island kitchen and 2 sinks are attractive. The entrance is marbleized and the LDK and bedroom have wood flooring for a luxurious feel. Floor heating is installed in all rooms to ensure peace of mind in winter.


Exterior of Crest Prime Tower Shiba 5F
Daimon, Hamamatsucho
  • 2
  • 60.86 sq.m.

Crest Prime Tower Shiba is a large-scale tower apartment with 483 units, 39 floors above ground and 2 floors below ground, built in August 2007 by Shimizu Corporation. The high-ceilinged lobby and entrance hall are impressive, with a sense of luxury and serenity. The apartment has a full range of common areas, including a fitness studio, piano hall, guest suites, sky lounge, etc. In addition, attentive concierge services provide ideal support to the residents. The location is very convenient for daily life with Lawson Kanasugibashi store 130m away, Maibasuketto Hamamatsucho Station South store 450m away, Maruetsu Petit Hamamatsucho 2-chome store 500m away, Cocokara Fine Shibaura store 650m away, and many other restaurants and cafes scattered around, which makes a life in this apartment not only convenient but also enjoyable.The room is a 2LDK type, 60.86sqm, balcony 9.00sqm, on the 5th floor of a 39-story building with 2 basement floors. Facing south and with a wide span of approximately 8.8m, the balcony gives a bright impression. The living/dining room (LD) has a spacious impression with a ceiling height of approximately 2.5m and is equipped with floor heating for comfort even in cold weather. The door of the Western-style room next to the LD can be opened to create a spacious LD. The kitchen is a private space where you can concentrate on cooking, and a dishwasher and disposal are installed to save you the trouble of housework. The master bedroom has a 1.6 jyou walk-in closet, and the other bedroom is also equipped with a closet, making it convenient for storing clothes and other items. The room has been renovated, and the main features are as follows. New flooring, wall and ceiling cloths, washstand, toilet, unit bath, system kitchen, hot water heater, etc. Please come and take a look at the renovated room through the viewing.


Exterior of Akasaka Tower Residence  Top of the Hill 25F
  • 2
  • 86.06 sq.m.

High grade tower residence with hotel-like lobby, rounge, guset room, tea ceremony room, library, etc. Sold by Tokyu Land Corporation, Sunwood Corporation. Constructed by Takenaka Corporation. Concierge service like a high-class hotel. Residents enjoy nice view from top-floor residential lounge. Guest accommodation, library and many other facilities available. Various room layouts.This is a pet-friendly 2LDK room. The view of Midtown and Hinokicho Park on the west side seen from the kitchen is breathtaking. The living and dining area is approximately 53m2. A shoe closet in the entryway, a walk-in closet in the master bedroom, and three other storage areas provide ample storage. All rooms face to the balcony, ensuring sufficient lighting. The washbasin, kitchen, bath, toilet, flooring, wallpaper, etc. have been remodeled.


Tameike-sanno, Akasaka
  • 1
  • 27.48 sq.m.

Akasaka Flora Building, steel-framed reinforced concrete structure, 8 storied structured with 1 basement floor, total numbers of the units 15 was built in November 1981. The nearest station, Tameike-sannno stn. on the Tokyo Metro Namboku & Ginza line, is only 1-minute walk away, Akasaka stn. on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line, is a 6-minute, and Akasaka-mitsuke stn. on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi & Ginza line is a 11-minute. There are office or commercial buildings, residential condominiums, restaurants or cafes are dotted in the neighborhood. It is allowed to use as office, and the building had a major repairment in 2020.The unit is on 5th floor, 27.48sqm + balcony 1.89sqm, 1studio-type The room has been fully renovated in 2022, currently occupied by tenant and used as office, under fixed term lease till Nov. 17, 2025.


Exterior of Axel Court Sangenjaya 3F
  • 2
  • 55.28 sq.m.


Exterior of Freedio Shiba-koen 6F
Daimon, Hamamatsucho
  • 1
  • 37.61 sq.m.


Exterior of Pal Royal Alef Akasaka 3F
Akasaka, Nogizaka
  • 1
  • 37.51 sq.m.


Exterior of My Castle Gakugei-daigaku 5F
  • 3
  • 61.66 sq.m.


Exterior of Dia Palace Ciel Etoile Meguro 4F
Meguro, Nakameguro
  • 3
  • 69.00 sq.m.

Dia Palace Ciel Etoile Meguro is an apartment with a total of 80 units built in September 2000, located in Meguro 2-chome, Meguro-ku. Located in the popular Meguro area, about a 14-minute walk from Meguro Station on the JR Yamanote Line and Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line and about a 15-minute walk from Nakameguro Station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line, the apartment has a calm impression with brown and white as its basic colors. The apartment is equipped with a delivery box and an auto-lock system, making it convenient to for those who are not home many hours of a day. The apartment is about 39m from Lawson H Meguro 2-chome store, about 93m from 7-Eleven Meguro 3-chome store, about 100m from Meguro River, about 280m from Meguro Museum of Art, and about 400m from Chosenin Museum of Contemporary Sculpture, where you can enjoy nature and art in the heart of the city.The room is on the 4th floor of a 15-story building, exclusive area 69.00sq.m, balcony 6.00sq.m, facing southeast, 3LDK type. The entrance is equipped with a shoe closet, which can store a lot of shoes and other items. The kitchen is open style, allowing you to enjoy conversation while cooking, and comes with a dishwasher to save your time and effort. The LDK is equipped with floor heating for warmth and comfort during the cold season, and the bathroom is equipped with a bathroom dryer, which is convenient for drying clothes during the rainy season. The room has been newly remodeled, and the main contents are as follows. System kitchen, unit bath, new fittings, replacement of cloths and flooring, etc. Please take a look at the newly remodeled room through the viewing.


Exterior of It's Tokyo Foresight Square 8F
Okubo, Nishi-shinjuku
  • 3
  • 74.14 sq.m.


Exterior of Tokyu Dwell Als Meguro Fudomae 10F
Fudomae, Meguro, Gotanda
  • 2
  • 53.46 sq.m.


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