Webinar Announcement: The attraction of Tokyo property - What to check for choosing condominium

Poste date: Thursday, February 3, 2022

On February 19 (Saturday), 2022 at 11:00 AM, Yasuko Suzuki of PLAZA HOMES, Ltd. will give a talk on "The attraction of Tokyo property - What to check for choosing condominium" at an online seminar hosted by Real Estate Japan.

Content of the Lecture


  • The attraction of Tokyo property 
    •  ・Japan’s stability
    •  ・Affordability
    •  ・High quality
    •  ・Safe transaction
    •  ・No special conditions for foreigners
    •  ・Redevelopments in Tokyo

      What to check for choosing condominium
    •    ・Risk of disaster
    •  ・History of transaction, reason for seller’s selling
    •  ・Location and surrounding environment
    •  ・Amenities in the common area
    •  ・State of building management


  • GPlusMedia

  •  ・Japanese real estate market trends
  •  ・Interest rates
  •  ・Financing options based on visa status
  •  ・Tax benefits and deductions
  •  ・Buying vs renting
  •  ・How to purchase real estate in Japan

During the Q&A session, we will answer your questions.
While the seminar is free of charge, advance registration is required.

For more information and registration for the webinar, please check the following link:  https://bit.ly/3gk6Aza


Exterior of Emblem Meguro Chayazaka
Sale Property tag

A 13-minute walk from Meguro Station on the JR Yamanote Line. Emblem Meguro Chayazaka is a 4-story low-rise condominium in a beautiful residential area. Ebisu Garden Place is also very close by, and the appeal of this location is that you can enjoy a wide range of activities from strolling on your days off to daily shopping. With Nakameguro and Ebisu also within walking distance, you will be able to fully enjoy the urban lifestyle you have envisioned. Construction of Emblem Meguro Chayazaka was completed in June 1985. It has a total of 14 units. There is an auto-lock system, a delivery box, and an elevator.

JPY 218,000,000

Exterior of SHIROKANE The SKY
Sale Property tag

Large Scale redevelopment project for mixed-use facilities including SHIROKANE The SKY, which is a 45-stories apartment with 1247 total units, launches at the area within a 3min walk of Shirokane-takanawa Station on Metro Nanboku Line and Toei Mita Line. Shirokane-takanawa area is having continuous evolve by the past and on-going multiple redevelopment projects. The area around Shirokane-takanawa Station is a town with various colorful shops including “Shirokane AER City” directly connected to the station. Facing a street lined with trees, there are many stylish flower shops, cafes, and restaurants. There is also a supermarket with a wide selection of imported ingredients close by, and such sophisticated and modern atmosphere brings a variety of pleasures to your everyday life.

JPY 278,000,000 - 358,000,000

Exterior of Park Heim Kagurazaka
Sale Property tag

JPY 128,000,000

Exterior of J Park Meguro 4
Sale Property tag

It is located in a quiet residential area between Meguro River with seasonal beauty and Meguro Fudo Crossing. A neighboring area is dotted with many educational and medical facilities, and historical shrines and temples as well as supermarkets and convenience stores making the area convenient for everyday life. The brown-color-tiled appearance is beautiful and the marble-tiled entrance design gives relaxed atmosphere. Parking space with a door for walking-in and out for the outside of the building.

JPY 99,800,000

Exterior of La Défense Takanawadai
Sale Property tag

JPY 59,800,000