These articles contain an assortment of information useful for those renting a room in Japan. Topics covered include how to choose a room, what a lease agreement in Japan entails, things to be careful of when living in Japan, and more. These articles are a must read for foreigners who are living in Japan for the first time.

Rent and Live in a House in Tokyo

For those who are looking for a spacious rental residence in Tokyo, we will guide you on renting a house here.When people coming to Japan from overseas look for a house, one of their concerns may be that houses in Japan are smaller than those in Western countries. While there are many spacious apa…

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High Earthquake Resistant Office Buildings in Tokyo

In order to meet our customers’ needs, we have featured information for office buildings with heightened earthquake resistance in central Tokyo.  Since the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011, people pay more attention to the earthquake tolerance of office buildings. As a result, the number…

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Our Expat Housing Service was introduced on TV Program

In the TV program named “Cream Stew’s Nippon no Veteran (くりぃむしちゅーのニッポンのベテラン)” that was broadcasted on Jan.25 (Sun), the service of PLAZA HOMES was introduced.  In the special feature about the real estate industry in the program, our real estate agency service for foreigners on luxurious residenc…

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A Simple Guide to Home Insurance in Japan

Living in Japan as a foreigner, you may face challenges due to culture shock, language barriers and just plain cross-cultural misunderstanding. But beyond these obvious daily experiences, foreign residents may also have to overcome hurdles in times of stress or disaster. When you own or rent a prop…

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About Residential Lease Property Management in Japan

Act on Rental Housing Management Business (Act on Optimization of Rental Housing Management Business, etc.) came into effect on June 15, 2021. With the enforcement of this act to optimize the management of rental housing, the former registration system required by the Ministry of Land, Infrastruct…

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Japan Earthquake Insurance Guide: A Simple Q&A

Japan is an earthquake-prone country, and there is a history of discussions and studies over a long period of time before the earthquake insurance system was introduced. In the wake of the 1964 Niigata Earthquake, the government and property & casualty insurance companies researched and drafte…

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The Amendment of the Civil Code – Regarding the Guarantor of a Lease Contract

The Civil Code has been greatly amended for the first time since its establishment around 120 years ago. Some of the new amendments will start being enforced as early as April 1st of 2020. Among the amendments made at this time, the rules regarding the protection of a guarantor have been reinforce…

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English-speaking Realtors and Real Estate Professionals in Japan

We would like to introduce you to some English-speaking real estate agents and professionals located throughout Japan. When conducting a real estate transaction, it is often said that you should work with a real estate agent from the location of the property if possible. A local real estate agent…

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All About Japanese Hanko/Inkan

This article will explain the meaning of "hanko," how to buy and use one. If you are a foreigner who is planning to live in Japan for a while, you will probably have to set up a bank account as well as apply for a phone and public utilities. When signing an application form, you may notice that th…

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Opening a Bank Account in Japan

You may find it difficult to open a bank account in Japan if you do not speak Japanese however, an increasing number of banks are now offering English-language services and options to open an account online.  Most Japanese banks are open from 9:00am to 3:00pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public h…

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