Information on Emergency and Disaster Prevention for Foreign Residents – Interview of NHK WORLD-JAPAN

Poste date: Saturday, October 19, 2019

This year’s strongest typhoon–No. 19 (Hagibis)–has passed through eastern Japan and has caused record breaking damages in various areas, including the Tokyo metropolitan area. 
As the damage caused by typhoons and torrential rains has become more and more serious over the past few years, we highly recommend that foreigners living in Japan prepare for emergency and disaster situations in advance including knowing beforehand how and where to get information about the nearest place for evacuation.

Due to concerns raised by the aftermath of typhoon No. 19, our services of providing information on emergency and disaster prevention for foreigners was introduced by the news program NHK World-Japan in a news segment titled "Foreigner's View of Natural Disasters" on October 18, 2019.

We are actively gathering information every day on emergency and disaster prevention and are continually updating our website with new information in English.

Emergency & Disaster Prevention in Japan (in English)

Emergency & Disaster Prevention in Japan (in Japanese)

  • - Emergency Telephone Numbers
  • - How to Prepare for a Typhoon in Japan
  • - Useful Free Apps and Websites to Protect You from Natural Disasters in Japan​
  • - Emergency Evacuation Backpack for Natural Disasters in Japan
  • - Japan and Earthquakes: Why They Happen and How They are Measured
  • - Evacuation Sites and Shelters in Tokyo

We provide updated information about Emergency & Disaster Prevention via our website or on social media.
Please make the best use of this information by studying it and preparing before its needed.