Here we are introducing and providing general information about the various redevelopment projects taking place throughout Tokyo that are continuously evolving Tokyo into an international city. We cover each project and the further development of each area. Areas include but are not limited to Toranomon, Shibuya, Yaesu, and the Tokyo Bay area. We suggest taking the information provided here into consideration before choosing rent or purchase a room or a house.

Redevelopment plans in Tokyo

Tokyo is currently experiencing a time of intensifying global intercity competition. The centers of big cities around the world such as London, Paris, and New York, are going to change greatly and be reborn through the effort various redevelopment plans. Various redevelopment projects are in progres…

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Large-scale redevelopment plans for the Yaesu district of Tokyo Station

Large-scale redevelopment plans have launched in the Yaesu district near Tokyo Station. There are 3 major redevelopment plans, which are “Yaesu 2-Chome North District Redevelopment” led by Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., “Yaesu 1-Chome East District Redevelopment” led by Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd., and “Tok…

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A New Subway Station on the Hibiya Line for Toranomon

On Oct. 14, the Tokyo Metro and Urban Renaissance Agency (UR) officially announced plans for the construction of a new subway station along the Hibiya Line between Kasumigaseki and Kamiyacho Stations. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2015 and the new station is expected to be open by the 2020…

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