Here we are introducing and providing general information about the various redevelopment projects taking place throughout Tokyo that are continuously evolving Tokyo into an international city. We cover each project and the further development of each area. Areas include but are not limited to Toranomon, Shibuya, Yaesu, and the Tokyo Bay area. We suggest taking the information provided here into consideration before choosing rent or purchase a room or a house.

Tokyo’s New Central Road: General MacArthur Road

On March 29th, 2014, a part of the Tokyo Annual Planning Road, Circular Route 2 (Ariake, Koto-ku to Kanda via Shinbashi and Yotsuya) was opened.  At the opening ceremony, Tokyo Metropolitan Governor, Mr. Masuzoe stated “It is our goal to develop an international promenade that is equivalent to Champ…

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Toranomon Hills - The New Central Tokyo Landmark

Toranomon Hills is a re-development project that Tokyo Metropolitan Government initiated with its goal to improve urban function and to promote tourism as well as international exchanges in Tokyo. Tokyo Metropolitan Government designated MORI Building Co., Ltd., as a designated developer. It is cons…

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