Japan Rent Relief Grants - Housing Security Benefits

Poste date: Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The Japanese Government provides Rent Relief Grants - Housing Security Benefits (住居確保給付金 - Jûkyo Kakuho Kyûfukin) for a certain period of time for people who have trouble with paying rent due to the loss of job, closing of a business, or falling into a situation equivalent to these. This system's purpose is to help people who have lost or may lose their house.

Who Can Receive the Rent Relief Grants?

The followings are the general requirements. *However, please consult the local office for the exact details.

1. A person who has lost their house or are likely to lose their house due to financial distress, unemployment etc.

2. A person who lost their job or business within the past 2 years or annual income has decreased.

3. A person who was the main person supporting the household’s livelihood or the one who was supporting the household in the month of the application date.

4. Income requirements: The total amount of household income must not exceed the following.

Reference Amount (depending on the city where you live in) + Rent Amount set by the municipal office as a grant (see below).

For example, if the Reference Amount set by the municipal office is 84,000 yen and the monthly rent (upper limit) is 53,700 yen, the total will be 137,700 (84,000 + 53,700) yen .

  • The standard household income amount for Tokyo
  • - Single household: 138,000 yen
  • - 2 people household: 194,000 yen
  • - 3 people household: 241,000 yen

5. On the date of the application, the total amount of deposits and savings of the household ( the applicant and family living together with the applicant) must be less than or equal to the amount in the table below (must not exceed 1 million yen).

  • The standard amount of deposits and savings per household for Tokyo
  • - Single household: 504,000 yen
  • - 2 people household: 780,000 yen
  • - 3 people household: 1 million yen

6. A person, including those who belong to the same household, must not receive loans under the national employment policy and similar benefits provided by local governments.

As there may be extra requirements, please consult with your local municipal office for further details.

How Much are the Grants?

The grant amount will be calculated according to the household income. The following amount is the upper limit however, please note that some cities pay slightly more than the amount below, for example Minato-ku pays between 69,800 yen to 86,000 yen. You can find more details on Minato-ku Website (Japanese only).

  • - Single person household: 53,700 yen
  • - 2 person household: 64,000 yen
  • - 3-5 person household: 69,800 yen

When and How will the Grants be Paid?

It normally takes about 2 weeks to receive the grant payment if all submitted documents were correct, and the amount will be directly paid to the landlord of the house where the applicable person resides.

For How Long will the Grants be Paid?

It will be paid for 3 months and if certain requirements are met, every 3 months up to 9 months will be applied.

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