Japan National Census 2020

Poste date: Monday, September 28, 2020

Once every 5 years, the Japanese government conducts a nationwide Census which is to be the most important statistical survey. This year (2020) is the Census (Kokusei Chousa) year and the deadline of its submission is on October 7th. This Census covers everyone who has lived or plans to live in Japan for over 3 months, regardless of nationality. As the submission of the Census survey is required by law, the Bureau of Census provides their questionnaire in Japanese, English, Chinese, and other languages in order to make it easier for foreign residents to provide accurate information to the Census.

As explained on the official Census website 2020, the results of the survey will be used for measures such as city planning to make life easier for foreign residents. All responses to the Census will be used only for the purpose of creating accurate statistics and will not be used in any way for immigration control, police investigations, or other such purposes.

Hard Copies

A Census taker will visit and deliver the Census survey documents into your mailbox starting from September 14th, 2020.

How to submit the Survey Online by October 7th

You can also fill out the Census online by visiting their official website. To respond, you will be required to use your Login ID and Access Key that are included with the Census survey documents.

Online surveys are available in the following languages below:
Japanese, English, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish, Portuguese

The Japanese government urges residents in Japan to fill out and submit their Census surveys online to reduce CO2 and administrative costs from the delivery of documents.

When you can’t submit the Census online

In event that you are unable to fill out and submit the Census survey online, you can fill out the hard copy that you received.

In this case, please refer to the “English translation of the questionnaire” and “How to fill out a questionnaire form” which you will find in the “Survey Document Envelope”. Fold and place your completed survey form in “Postal envelope” and mail it by October 7th, which is the deadline of the Census survey

If postal submission is not possible, please contact the Census Call Center (0570-07-2020) and ask them to come and collect your Census Survey Document at your home.

What if you don’t submit your Census Survey by October 7th?

In case your response was not confirmed by Wednesday, October 7th, 2020, a Census Taker will visit you to ask for your response between October 7th to 20th.


If you have any questions, please contact the Census Call Center directly.

  • Census Call Center: 0570-07-2020
  • Period: From September 7th (Monday) until October 31st (Saturday)
  • Reception Hours: 8am - 9pm (Monday to Sunday/Holiday)

*The phone operator will respond in Japanese when answering the phone, but foreign language support is also available upon request

English translation of Questionnaire

Official Website:

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