Living in Shinagawa, Konan - Tokyo Bayside

The Shinagawa Konan Area covers the waterfront location on the Tokyo Bay that spreads out on the eastern side of the Shinagawa Station. The majority of the area falls under the address of Konan, Minato-ku. Since the addition of Shinagawa Station as a stop on the Tokaido Shinkansen Line in 2003, various high-rise buildings such as “Shinagawa Grand Commons” and “Shinagawa Intercity” have been constructed around the Konan Exit of the station. The area has since developed into one of the major business hub in Japan. Shortly after being added as a stop on the Tokaido Shinkansen Line, the area was also developed as a residential area for people who work in Central Tokyo, with various large tower apartments such as “Shinagawa V Tower” and “World City Towers” being built one after another.

One of the allures of the Shinagawa Konan Area is its waterfront location which provides sweeping views overlooking Tokyo's cityscape and the Tokyo Bay all the while remaining nearby Shinagawa Station, the gateway to Central Tokyo. In the near future, a new JR station named “Takanawa Gateway” Station is expected to open in the year 2020 on the west side area of 1-chome, Konan. The development for a new town is planned around the new station in turn creating an increase expectations for further development in the area.

Major Rail Lines in Shinagawa Konan Area

Shinagawa Station on JR Yamanote Line / Keihin-Tohoku Line / Yokosuka Line / Tokaido Line / Shinkansen Line / Keihin-Kyuko Line

Tennozu Isle Station on Tokyo Monorail / Rinkai Line

JR Shinagawa Station, Konan Exit

Shinagawa Station–Tokyo’s major terminal station–provides easy access to cities all over Japan from a single location. From within the Shinagawa Konan area, Shinagawa Station can easily be reached by walking or using one of the many bus lines that make a stop at there. The Tennozu Isle Station also allows you to easily connect to major stations in Central Tokyo. From the Tennozu Isle Station on the Rinkai Line you can reach Osaki Station (7min), Ebisu Station (11min), Shibuya Station (13min), and Shinjuku Station (19), all on the same line. Another easily accessible location on the line popular for sightseeing and shopping is Tokyo Teleport Station in Odaiba (3min). From the Tennozu Isle Station on the Tokyo Monorail line you can directly reach Hamamatsucho Station (5min) and Haneda Airport International Terminal Station (10min). The Shinagawa Konan area is a very comfortable and convenient location for commutingto various areas within Tokyo and business trips to various cities within and outside of Japan.

New Station “Takanawa Gateway” Station on JR Yamanote Line / Keihin-Tohoku Line. 
Interim opening of the station in 2020 and Grand opening in 2024

Apartments in Shinagawa, Konan Bay Areas

Exterior of Laguna Tower
Sale Property tag

JPY 84,800,000

Exterior of Favorich Tower Shinagawa
Sale Property tag

31story tower apartment built in Shinagawa-Konan area having a stylish appearance design. It is within 11 min walk of Shinagawa Station. The area is dotted with convenience stores and restaurants in addition to having Atre Shinagawa at the station, and a supermarket open for 24 hours within 3 min walk, providing convenience for shopping. It comes with a full line of shared facilities and services and the outstanding views from the View Lounge on the top floor.

JPY 53,800,000 - 86,800,000

Exterior of Cosmopolice Shinagawa
Rent Property tag

Within walking distance of Shinagawa Station which gives easy access to various local cities. Located in Shinagawa Konan area, an expansive waterfront area surrounded by canals. It is a tower apartment with seismic control structure that is strong against earthquakes. It comes with the abundant shared facilities for the residents such as Sky Lounge, Fitness Gym, and Café Lounge.

JPY 378,000 - 400,000/month

Exterior of Shinagawa Glass Residence
Rent Property tag

5 minutes to 'Konan-guchi' Exist of JR Shinagawa Station. Residential floors on 11th floor or higher. The architecture adopts quake-control technology. High-grade but relaxation-sought living space.

JPY 367,000 - 449,000/month

Exterior of Shinagawa V-Tower (Tower)
Rent Property tag

This luxury condominium tower apartment has a beautiful V-shaped form. It is handy to have 'Shinagawa Grand Commons' for dining and shopping. It is directly connected to the Shinagawa Sta. with Sky Deck. It provides extensive common facilities and services such as concierge services, a sky lounge, a fitness room, etc.

JPY 410,000 - 550,000/month

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