Living in Tsukishima, Tsukuda - Tokyo Bayside

The Tsukishima and Tsukuda areas–located across Tsukuda-Ohashi Bridge from the Ginza area–are attractive areas where the new cityscape of many tower apartments coexist with the traditional old downtown atmosphere.

In the center of the area is Tsukishima Station, on Toei Oedo Line and Yurakucho Line, with its supermarkets, convenience stores, and various restaurants. The street called Tsukishima Monja Street, lined with many monja-yaki restaurants (a local specialty food), is a well-known sightseeing spot attracting many tourists and visitors every day. In the northern side of 2-chome Tsukuda there is a large-scale residential district called “River City 21”, which was developed around 8 high-rise apartment buildings. The area has an abundance of parks and walkways–such as Sumida River Terrace along Sumida River–creating a rich living environment, with the added benifits of being close to the center of Tokyo and its convenience for living.

Major Rail Lines in Tsukishima, Tsukuda Area

Tsukishima Station on Metro Yurakucho Line / Toei Oedo Line

From Tsukishima station, without any transfers, you can get to the Ginza-itchome Station (4min), Yurakucho Station (6min), and Shiodome Station (6min). With transfers you can get to Tokyo Station in 8 minutes. The Shibuya and Shinagawa Stations (15min) are accessible, with transfers, by using one of 2 train lines, the Metro Yurakucho Line or the Toei Oedo Line.

Apartments in Tsukishima, Tsukuda Bay Areas

Sale Property tag

This 32-story tower apartment is located a 2-min walk from Tsukishima Station and next to locally called "Monja Street". Solid security management includes 24-hour security system and 24-hour manned management. It offers a full range of hotel-like shared services and facilities unique to tower condominiums, such as front desk services provided by concierge staff, a sky lounge, party room, fitness gym, golf range, and relaxation spa.

JPY 58,800,000

This rental apartment is located only 1-min walk from Tsukishima Station on Toei Oedo Line. The nearest supermarket, convenience store, and drugstore are within a 3-min walk and other convenient facilities are close by. The apartment features a white-toned stylish appearance design and comes with a solid security management such as by auto-locking entrance door, security cameras, and intercoms with TV monitors. It offers the compact sized units of 1DK and 1LDK type desirable for single and DINKS residents together with various amenities including bathroom dryer and free internet connection.

JPY 207,000 - 211,000/month

A rental apartment located along Sumida River, a 4-min walk from Tsukishima Station on Toei Oedo/Yurakucho Line. There are 24-hour supermarket and convenience store close by in the neighborhood, and the location is having convenient living environment. It offers a wide range of unit types from 1LDK to 3LDK to cover various lifestyles from single residents to families with children, together with various amenities such as bathroom dryer. It also comes with solid security management such as by auto-locking entrance doors, security cameras, and 24-hour manned management.

JPY 213,000/month

High-rise rental apartment which stands in River City 21 of the Tokyo's well-known waterfront location. A promenade full of greenery along the expansive canal bank provides a heeling space. Nice panoramic views of Tokyo including the waterfront can be enjoyed from the unit rooms. Functional layouts and brightly designed rooms.

JPY 173,000 - 345,000/month

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