CSR Activities

The CSR Activities of PLAZA HOMES - Operation of the Azabu Food Bank

PLAZA HOMES is actively engaged in contributing to society as part of its CSR initiatives through the operation of "Azabu Food Bank." Collaborating with the local community, the foreign resident community, and partner companies, we gather surplus food and emergency stockpiles, delivering them to support organizations aiding those in need. Through our Food Bank activities, we aim to reduce food loss and contribute to creating communities without poverty by consistently providing food to those facing economic challenges.



PLAZA HOMES Awarded Best Real Estate Agency (Japan) 2005

We would like to proudly announce that PLAZA HOMES was awarded the "Best Real Estate Agency (Japan)" by the Bentley International Property Awards. Now entering their 12th year, the awards have been called the Oscars of the real estate and property industry. As a winner, PLAZA HOMES was featured in the 2005 edition of the World's Best Magazine.

The awards ceremony was held at the London Marriot in Grosvenor Square with over 500 of the leading people in the international property and real estate profession, gathered to receive their rewards in separate fields.

We believe PLAZA HOMES has received this awarded due to the high quality of our services, original marketing techniques, and innovative use of IT technology in the real estate industry.

To view world-wide winners and awards information, please refer to the following website:

International Property Awards

BENTLEY Best Real Estate Agency (Japan)
- 2005 Winner –

We believe that we were awarded the prestigious Bentley Award, due to the power we received from our customers, our peers in the industry, and business associates from the time of our foundation. All of us here at PLAZA HOMES would like to continue to live up to the expectations placed upon us to provide high quality service and comprehensive information.