Celebrating our 50th Anniversary

Greetings and Thanks celebrating our 50 th Anniversary

As of February 14 th , 2019, we, PLAZA HOMES, LTD. are celebrating our 50th year in business. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all our customers and business partners for the support that they have given our business thus far.

Looking back 50 years ago to 1969, the economy after the Tokyo Olympics (held in 1964) was experiencing a period of high growth and many foreign companies were coming to Japan to target its rapidly-growing market. In order to respond to the increasing demand for residences for incoming foreigners, I established PLAZA HOMES, LTD., with 5 start-up staff, to provide mediation services for renting housing to foreigners. Since then we have been expanding our fields of business to areas such as furniture leasing, planning-constructing-managing housing for foreigners, construction and sales of apartments, investment and mediation of overseas real estate property, hotel business, services to support foreigners living in Japan, and more.

During Japan’s period of high economic growth until the bursting of the economic bubble in the Showa period we were able to grow significantly. However, once the economic bubble burst we experienced hard times. Since then we have continuously experienced various hardships such as the long recession of the Heisei period, the Lehman Shock, and the Great East Japan Earthquake. Thanks to various support from all of our customers and business partners, we were able to remain in business. These past 50 years for me have flown by.

Even now I and my employees continue to make every effort to provide quality services to foreigners in their search for real estate in Japan, with the desire for all foreigners to like Japan and Tokyo under the slogan of offering quality real estate property.

Furthermore, looking towards our 100th anniversary, 50 years from now, I would like to promise to make further efforts with my employees and have as our management philosophy the following; “To continuously provide quality service to make our customers happy”, “To be a company with dreams paying more attention to the world”, and “To contribute to society”.

I would once again like to express my deepest gratitude again on behalf of our company to all of our customers and business partners for the support that they have given to our business over the past 50 years.

Koya Kuwata