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This area covers Chuo-ku Nihonbashi, Hakozaki, Kyobashi, Hacchobori, Shintomi, Shinkawa and surroundings.

Here is a selection of featured office spaces for rent in the area.

Exterior of Kisuke Nihonbashi muromachi building
Nihonbashi, Kanda
  • JR Sobukaisoku Line, Shin-nihombashi Station
  • Chuo-ku, Tokyo
  • 115.4 sq.m. / 1,242.4 sq.ft. / 34.9 tsubo

It stands in Nihonbashi-Muromachi area where further evolution and redevelopment is in progress toward the year 2020. The building appearance is elegantly designed with Grid style based on the image of grid-like streets crossing in Nihonbashi area. It provides office spaces with high comfortability and functionality, and also comes with carefully designed rental rooms and common use spaces. It is full of safe, secure, and eco conscious facilities.

Exterior of Kyobashi edogrand
Kyobashi, Tokyo
  • Ginza Line, Kyobashi Station
  • Chuo-ku, Tokyo
  • 466.4 - 2,714.3 sq.m. / 5,020.1 - 29,216.3 sq.ft. / 141.1 - 821.1 tsubo

It is directly connected to Kyobashi Station! Good location within a walk access also from Tokyo Station. The common use space is spacious and the office floor space with 2,900mm ceiling height is full of open feeling. It is the birth of a new landmark in Kyobashi area!!

Exterior of PMO kyobashi EAST
Hatchobori, Kyobashi
  • Hibiya Line, Hatchobori Station
  • Chuo-ku, Tokyo
  • 190.2 sq.m. / 2,047.5 sq.ft. / 57.5 tsubo

It is nicely located within approx. 1min walk to Hatchobori Station and only one stop to Tokyo Station by JR Keiyo Line. Office floor comes with a wide open space by 2.75M-high ceiling and wet area designed with relaxed atmosphere, creating a comfortable office environment. It provides the security system with 5 levels for solid security.

Exterior of No.8 Center Plaza.
  • Hibiya Line, Ningyocho Station
  • Chuo-ku, Tokyo
  • 179.1 sq.m. / 1,927.5 sq.ft. / 54.2 tsubo

Good location of 3min walk from Ningyocho Station! From Mitsukoshimae Station also within walking distance, Koredo Muromachi, the cinema complex building, and other redeveloped areas are all on the traffic line of people!! The building gives good impression with high grade outside design and high quality management. The area is surrounded by a lot of restaurants and banks, and many foreign companies reside in the building.

Exterior of Nomura fudosan Nihonbashi-honcho Building
Nihombashi, Mitsukoshimae
  • Ginza Line, Mitsukoshimae Station
  • Chuo-ku, Tokyo
  • 1,202.6 sq.m. / 12,944.5 sq.ft. / 363.8 tsubo

2 minutes walk to Shin-Nihonbashi Station with multiple access to Subway lines. Large-scale building with high-grade availability of floor plan and convenient locality.

Exterior of Hulic Kyobasi East Building
Kyobasi, Hatchobori
  • Toei-Asakusa Line, Takaracho Station
  • Chuo-ku, Tokyo
  • 439.4 sq.m. / 4,729.1 sq.ft. / 132.9 tsubo

It provides an environment in which office workers can work with peace of mind by preparing for BCP Measures and up-dating the shared facilities in the building. Each office floor comes with a refreshment corner and the building comes with a rooftop terrace shared also for refreshment. It is a high-performance building which is expected to receive A rank certification of CASBEE assessment.

nihonbashi, Mitsukoshimae
  • JR Sobukaisoku Line, Shin-nihombashi Station
  • Chuo-ku, Tokyo
  • 226.9 sq.m. / 2,441.9 sq.ft. / 68.6 tsubo

Located in the Nihonbashi area, giving impression of tradition and lively crowds, where the redevelopment recently advances and overseas cultures interchange with Japanese culture making the area bright and colorful. Multiple train lines available including JR lines. Making use of the advantage of the corner location, the building adapts the design of two opening surfaces which gives office space an open feeling.

Exterior of Tokyo Square Garden
Kyobashi, Tokyo
  • Ginza Line, Kyobashi Station
  • Chuo-ku, Tokyo
  • 733.0 sq.m. / 7,889.5 sq.ft. / 221.7 tsubo

Office building with good traffic convenience accessible to 5 stations and 24 lines including nearby Tokyo Station and direct access to Kyobashi Station. Large scale office floor of more than 1,000tsubo without pole provides the tenants with comfortable and flexible office layout and equipped with high quality public spaces. Also equipped with the up-dated technology of quake-resistance and environment-friendliness.

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