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Featured Offices Space

This area covers Chuo-ku Nihonbashi, Hakozaki, Kyobashi, Hacchobori, Shintomi, Shinkawa and surroundings.

Here is a selection of featured office spaces for rent in the area.

Exterior of The Residence Tokyoeki-mae
Tokyo, Nihonbashi
  • Ginza Line, Nihombashi Station
  • Chuo-ku, Tokyo
  • 37.2 sq.m. / 400.2 sq.ft. / 11.2 tsubo

Nicely located for the residents who want to be based in the two major centers of Japanese business and commerce. Conveniently located for daily shopping having a supermarket, convenience store, and drugstore within a 4-min walking distance. This luxury rental apartment features a dark-toned stately-looking and stylish appearance design. It offers only corner units with compact sizes geared toward Single and DINKS residents together with various functional equipment such as bathroom with auto-reheating/dryer function.

Exterior of PMO Hacchobori 3rd
Hatchobori, Kyobashi
  • Hibiya Line, Hatchobori Station
  • Chuo-ku, Tokyo
  • 190.2 sq.m. / 2,047.5 sq.ft. / 57.5 tsubo

It is nicely located within approx. 1min walk to Hatchobori Station and only one stop to Tokyo Station by JR Keiyo Line. Office floor comes with a wide open space by 2.75M-high ceiling and wet area designed with relaxed atmosphere, creating a comfortable office environment. It provides the security system with 5 levels for solid security.

Exterior of PMO Nihombashi-honcho
  • JR Yamanote Line, Kanda Station
  • Chuo-ku, Tokyo
  • 306.4 sq.m. / 3,297.5 sq.ft. / 92.7 tsubo

Accessible to multi public transportations, JR line, subway, and etc. Glass-walled outlook producing sharp image.

Exterior of PMO Hacchobori-shinkawa
Hatchobori, Kayabacho
  • JR Keiyo Line, Hacchobori Station
  • Chuo-ku, Tokyo
  • 506.7 sq.m. / 5,454.2 sq.ft. / 153.3 tsubo

It is located only 1 min walk from Hatchobori Station and comes into sight at the ground level of the station's exit B4. It comes with a refreshment space where you can have a lunch looking at Kameshima River which flows right next to the location. It provides a comfortable office space for office workers having carefully considered details such as arrangement and equipment in the wet area.

Exterior of PMO Nihombashi-Odemmacho
  • Hibiya Line, Kodemmacho Station
  • Chuo-ku, Tokyo
  • 232.4 sq.m. / 2,501.0 sq.ft. / 70.3 tsubo

2 minutes walk to Kodenmacho Station with multiple access to 3train lines. High-grade office equipments and nice outlook design. Located in convenient locality and mobility.

Exterior of PMO Nihonbashi Edodori
Nihonbashi, Kodenmacho
  • Hibiya Line, Kodemmacho Station
  • Chuo-ku, Tokyo
  • 647.3 sq.m. / 6,967.2 sq.ft. / 195.8 tsubo

Having about 195 tsubo per floor, it provides one of the largest office space among PMO branded buildings!! Spacious office floor makes flexible layouts available. The floor space also provides the laboratory zone which can be used for Test kitchen and laboratory purposes. The BCP measures are prepared such as the emergency power generator which supplies 10KVA per floor automatically for 24 hours when the power supply stops! It also prepare for the generator space for the tenants.

Exterior of PMO Hatchobori
  • JR Keiyo Line, Hacchobori Station
  • Chuo-ku, Tokyo
  • 259.4 sq.m. / 2,792.2 sq.ft. / 78.5 tsubo

1 minute walk to Hacchobori Station. 2.8M high ceiling. Both comfort and energy-saving effect pursuited 'individual airconditioner operation.'Expansive and well-lighted office space.

Exterior of PMO Nihonbashi 2chome.
Nihonbashi, Kayabacho
  • Ginza Line, Nihombashi Station
  • Chuo-ku, Tokyo
  • 149 sq.m. / 1,603.8 sq.ft. / 45.1 tsubo

PMO Nihonbashi 2chome is the premium office building in Nihonbashi where the key area of finance and commerce and also crossing area of tradition and latest. 2.75M ceiling height with wide open space and large glass windows filling floors with bright natural light enriches creativeness of office workers.

Exterior of Tokyo Square Garden
Kyobashi, Tokyo
  • Ginza Line, Kyobashi Station
  • Chuo-ku, Tokyo
  • 525.4 - 3,465.3 sq.m. / 5,655.6 - 37,300.6 sq.ft. / 158.9 - 1,048.3 tsubo

Office building with good traffic convenience accessible to 5 stations and 24 lines including nearby Tokyo Station and direct access to Kyobashi Station. Large scale office floor of more than 1,000tsubo without pole provides the tenants with comfortable and flexible office layout and equipped with high quality public spaces. Also equipped with the up-dated technology of quake-resistance and environment-friendliness.

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