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This area covers Minato-ku Shimbashi, Uchisaiwaicho, Tamachi, Hamamatsucho, Shibaura, Shiba, Shibadaimon, Mita and surroundings.

Here is a selection of featured office spaces for rent in the area.

Exterior of Habiulu Nishi-shinbashi buliding
Uchisaiwaicho, Toranomon
  • Toei-Mita Line, Uchisaiwaicho Station
  • Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • 237.5 sq.m. / 2,556.0 sq.ft. / 71.8 tsubo

It is located facing Shin-Tora Dori street having high visibility and presence. The location is adjacent to the dramatically evolving Toranomon area and is available for multiple train lines making good transportation access. The building name Habiule means a happy white owl.

Exterior of PMO Higashi-shinbashi
Shimbashi, Hamamatsucho
  • Toei-Asakusa Line, Daimon Station
  • Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • 345.6 sq.m. / 3,719.6 sq.ft. / 104.5 tsubo

Located within easy access to 5 stations and 6 lines including Shinbashi, Daimon, and Hamamatsucho! Office floor comes with wide open space facing Daiichi Keihin Street with square configuration and over 2.8M high ceiling height. It is close to Italian Town where there are stylish squares and businessmen's hotels.

Exterior of NMF Shibakouen Building.
Shibakoen, Mita
  • Toei-Mita Line, Shibakoen Station
  • Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • 224.2 sq.m. / 2,413.7 sq.ft. / 67.8 tsubo

Easy access to 4 stations and 5 lines including 1min.walk to Shibakoen station. Office floor designed for openness and brightness having sunlight through windows in the 3 directions. Also equipped with high grade specs including 2.65M ceiling height.

Exterior of Hibiya Kokusai Building
Hibiya, Uchisaiwaicho
  • Toei-Mita Line, Uchisaiwaicho Station
  • Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
  • 170.7 - 1,064.4 sq.m. / 1,837.8 - 11,457.1 sq.ft. / 51.6 - 322.0 tsubo

Landmark High rise office building located in Commercial town area named Hibiya City in the south end of Hibiya park. Many famous Japanese and overseas firm reside in as a head office. Direct access to Uchisaiwaicho station.

Shibakoen, Hamamatsucho
  • Toei-Mita Line, Shibakoen Station
  • Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • 522.7 sq.m. / 5,626.7 sq.ft. / 158.1 tsubo

A rare location surrounded with rich greenery that has an exceptional view. An office tower that overlooks Shiba Park and Tokyo Tower.

Exterior of Shiba Park Building
Hamamatsucho, Shibakoen
  • Toei-Oedo Line, Daimon Station
  • Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • 740.3 sq.m. / 7,968.8 sq.ft. / 223.9 tsubo

Large building walkable to Shiba Park and also to Hamamatsu-cho. Stately entrance. Ample shops and facilities reside in for supporting business activities.

Shiodome, Shimbashi
  • Toei-Oedo Line, Shiodome Station
  • Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • 1,492.7 sq.m. / 16,067.2 sq.ft. / 451.5 tsubo

Momento Shiodome is a skyscraper complex building of commercial, residensial, and office floor in Shiodome Shio-site. Located in 3 minutes walk to Shiodome Station and multiple access available, providing the highest grade specs of the office floors.

Exterior of Hamamatsucho West Building
Hamamatucho, Shibakoen
  • Toei-Mita Line, Shibakoen Station
  • Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • 101.5 sq.m. / 1,092.6 sq.ft. / 30.7 tsubo

Good location accessible to 3 stations of Shibakoen, Daimon, and Hamamatsucho! Surrounding areas are very busy and lined with active stores. With large scale renovation works completed in September, 2014, the office floor is full of comfortable atmosphere while it is small business size structure.

Exterior of Shiodome City Center
Shiodome, Shimbashi
  • JR Yamanote Line, Shimbashi Station
  • Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • 386.6 - 1,400.9 sq.m. / 4,161.4 - 15,078.7 sq.ft. / 116.9 - 423.8 tsubo

Skyscraper office tower in 'Shiodome Sio Site' Project. Directly connected to station. Post office and eating places in the tower. Neo-futuristic office space.

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