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This area covers Minato-ku Shimbashi, Uchisaiwaicho, Tamachi, Hamamatsucho, Shibaura, Shiba, Shibadaimon, Mita and surroundings.

Here is a selection of featured office spaces for rent in the area.

Shiodome, Shimbashi
  • Toei-Oedo Line, Shiodome Station
  • Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • 1,491.3 - 1,492.7 sq.m. / 16,051.7 - 16,067.2 sq.ft. / 451.1 - 451.5 tsubo

Momento Shiodome is a skyscraper complex building of commercial, residensial, and office floor in Shiodome Shio-site. Located in 3 minutes walk to Shiodome Station and multiple access available, providing the highest grade specs of the office floors.

Exterior of Nishi-Shimbashi PR-EX
Nishi-Shinbashi, Toranomon
  • Toei-Mita Line, Uchisaiwaicho Station
  • Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • 138.5 sq.m. / 1,490.6 sq.ft. / 41.9 tsubo

With high grade security system and equipment of large scale building level. High quality office space produced by sophisticated design and spacious layout. 5 lines available from multiple stations nearby.

Exterior of PMO TAMACHI
  • JR Yamanote Line, Tamachi Station
  • Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • 365.4 sq.m. / 3,933.6 sq.ft. / 110.5 tsubo

Tamachi is active business area in Tokyo with easy access to Airport and Shinkansen, where many large corporations and foreign companies reside in. Located with one minute walk access to JR Tamachi station, the building with stately greenery entrance provides with high grade office space together with security and safety based on updated quake-resistant construction and security system.

Exterior of Shiodome City Center
Shiodome, Shimbashi
  • JR Yamanote Line, Shimbashi Station
  • Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • 261.1 sq.m. / 2,810.8 sq.ft. / 79.0 tsubo

Skyscraper office tower in 'Shiodome Sio Site' Project. Directly connected to station. Post office and eating places in the tower. Neo-futuristic office space.

Exterior of Cross Office Uchisaiwaicho
Uchisaiwaicho, Shimbashi
  • Toei-Mita Line, Uchisaiwaicho Station
  • Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • 25.9 - 32.1 sq.m. / 279 - 345.6 sq.ft. / 7.8 - 9.7 tsubo

Serviced office with clean entrance, bilingual reception staff, back-up power supply by emergency generator. High grade public facilities and equipments also support your start-up of business activity.

Exterior of NOMURA GINZA Building
Higashiginza, Tsukiji
  • Hibiya Line, Higasi-ginza Station
  • Chuo-ku, Tokyo
  • 3,744.3 sq.m. / 40,303.1 sq.ft. / 1,132.6 tsubo

Transportation is very convenient including easy access to 4 stations with 7 lines and also to Haneda Airport. The entrance hall gives elegant and calm atmosphere and welcomes the visitors with good impression. Office floor is column-free square configuration and flexible for various layout needs! Looking down from the upper floors gives you an extensive prospect and a bird's eys view of Tokyo Sky Tree and high rise buildings in Shiodome area.

Exterior of Habiulu Nishi-shinbashi buliding
Uchisaiwaicho, Toranomon
  • Hibiya Line, Toranomon Hills Station
  • Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • 237.5 sq.m. / 2,556.0 sq.ft. / 71.8 tsubo

It is located facing Shin-Tora Dori street having high visibility and presence. The location is adjacent to the dramatically evolving Toranomon area and is available for multiple train lines making good transportation access.

Exterior of PMO Hamamatsucho
  • JR Yamanote Line, Hamamatsucho Station
  • Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • 187.4 sq.m. / 2,016.9 sq.ft. / 56.7 tsubo

It is located only 1 min walk to Hamamatsucho Station within easy access of airports! Multiple transportation options available include 5 stations on 7 train lines. Office space of approx.188m2 per floor comes with 2.8M ceiling height and column-free square configuration, which is flexible for various layouts and provides a sense of openness. The shared facilities and wet areas are designed with consideration for comfort of the tenant office workers. The nicely designed entrance of the building gives a good impression to the visitors.

Exterior of Shiba Mita Mori Building
Tamachi, Mita
  • JR Yamanote Line, Tamachi Station
  • Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • 320.2 sq.m. / 3,446.4 sq.ft. / 96.9 tsubo

Located in active business area with multiple mix of facilities. Accessible to 3 stations and 4 lines with good access to Tokyo Int'l Airport. Construction designed for comfort, ecology, and energy-saving effect.

Exterior of PMO Hamamatsucho 2
Daimon, Hamamatsucho
  • Toei-Oedo Line, Daimon Station
  • Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • 325.1 sq.m. / 3,499.5 sq.ft. / 98.3 tsubo

This office building is located a 6-min walk from JR Hamamatsucho Station and withing easy reach of 4 stations on 5 train line, at the corner of the crossing near Zojoji Daimonmae. "PMO PLAZA", a tenant-only meeting room, is placed beside the entrance hall on the 1st floor for the first time in PMO branded office buildings! It is also conveniently located with easy access to Shinkansen and the transportations to the airports.

Exterior of Ginza six
  • Ginza Line, Ginza Station
  • Chuo-ku, Tokyo
  • 5,996 sq.m. / 64,540.4 sq.ft. / 1,813.8 tsubo

In Tokyo-Ginza, the place with tradition, culture, and elegance, a high grade office building with one of the largest floor spaces in the central Tokyo! The large scale office building located looking down Ginza Chuo Dori Street provides splendid city views and flexible floor layouts. Preparing for environmental matters and BCP, the building also secures comfort and safety for the people gathering here. On the rooftop garden, the office workers can enjoy time and space to enrich their work style.

Exterior of PMO Higashi-shinbashi
Shimbashi, Hamamatsucho
  • Toei-Asakusa Line, Daimon Station
  • Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • 345.6 - 346.2 sq.m. / 3,719.6 - 3,726.6 sq.ft. / 104.5 - 104.7 tsubo

Located within easy access to 5 stations and 6 lines including Shinbashi, Daimon, and Hamamatsucho! Office floor comes with wide open space facing Daiichi Keihin Street with square configuration and over 2.8M high ceiling height. It is close to Italian Town where there are stylish squares and businessmen's hotels.

Exterior of Coms toranomon
Uchisaiwaicho, Toranomon
  • Toei-Mita Line, Uchisaiwaicho Station
  • Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • 234.8 sq.m. / 2,527.6 sq.ft. / 71.0 tsubo

Multiple train lines available making business access very easy. It is a functional and high grade office building!

Exterior of Hibiya Kokusai Building
Hibiya, Uchisaiwaicho
  • Toei-Mita Line, Uchisaiwaicho Station
  • Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
  • 52.5 - 503.7 sq.m. / 565.5 - 5,421.8 sq.ft. / 15.9 - 152.4 tsubo

Landmark High rise office building located in Commercial town area named Hibiya City in the south end of Hibiya park. Many famous Japanese and overseas firm reside in as a head office. Direct access to Uchisaiwaicho station.

Exterior of Uchisaiwaicho ichi Building
Uchisaiwaicho, Toranomon
  • Toei-Mita Line, Uchisaiwaicho Station
  • Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • 199.2 sq.m. / 2,143.6 sq.ft. / 60.2 tsubo

Easy-to-find location along Sotobori-dori Street. Very close to public office and Toranomon Hills! Seismic strengthening works completed in Jan.2014 and with well prepared various equipments against earthquake.

Toranomon, Kamiyacho, Shimbash
  • Ginza Line, Toranomon Station
  • Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • 67.6 sq.m. / 727.3 sq.ft. / 20.4 tsubo

Toranomon Hills, Atago Green Hills, Atago Shrine with rich greenery are all very close by. It is located in the midpoint from Toranomon, Kamiyacho and Shinbashi Sta. It is a very convenient location to get around. The modern interior design is suitable to use as SOHO as well.

Onarimon, Hamamatsucho
  • Toei-Mita Line, Onarimon Station
  • Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • 182.9 sq.m. / 1,968.9 sq.ft. / 55.3 tsubo

Close to major JR and Metro stations. Direct access to Tokyo and Narita Intl Airport expand business opportunities. Enhanced quake-resistant structure and standard equipments for disaster strongly support business activities. The building is consistent with ecology and economy such as LED lightings for the office floor properties.

Exterior of Nomura Fudosan Shibadaimon Building
Daimon, Hamamatsucho
  • Toei-Asakusa Line, Daimon Station
  • Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • 310.5 sq.m. / 3,341.8 sq.ft. / 93.9 tsubo

It has multiple access to 3 train stations for 6 different train lines. It has a flexible and functional office space that allows for the design of a variety of layouts. An earthquake-proofed, high-standard building.

Exterior of 11 Toyo Kaiji Building
Uchisaiwaicho, Toranomon
  • JR Yamanote Line, Shimbashi Station
  • Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • 399.7 sq.m. / 4,302.0 sq.ft. / 120.9 tsubo

High grade office building with high spec equipments located facing Sotobori-dori Street. Equipped with more than the equivalence of new earthquake resistance standards and renovated public space.

Exterior of No.3 Toyokaiji Building.
Uchisaiwaicho, Nishi-Shimbashi
  • Toei-Mita Line, Uchisaiwaicho Station
  • Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • 578.5 sq.m. / 6,227.0 sq.ft. / 175.0 tsubo

Entrance hall and public space are renovated in 2008 and 2011, also in 2012 renovation completed for lightings in public space for energy-saving effects. Won the grand prize of 5th Japan Earthquake Resistance Grand Prix in Oct.2011. Located in the corner of Shintora Dori Street and Hibiya Dori Street where will be increasingly active business area. Good management system. Within walking distance to Toranomon Hills.

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