Expat Housing in Tokyo - Renting Expat Standard Apartments

Poste date: Friday, October 27, 2023

Moving to Tokyo as a foreign expat takes a lot of work to find a house and get settled. Navigating the process of securing long-term rental housing in Tokyo involves a series of tasks, from property selection and area orientation to coordinating with movers, completing registrations, and managing various administrative changes. Additionally, if you have children, you'll need to identify a suitable school and handle the enrollment process.

These tasks can be quite time-consuming. When your stay in Japan extends beyond one year or becomes a long-term arrangement, it's advisable to engage the services of a seasoned real estate agent. They should possess a deep understanding of the expat lifestyle and carry extensive experience in managing a diverse range of properties, all geared towards meeting your unique requirements and locating the most suitable housing option for you.

PLAZA HOMES helps through such processes with those who are new to Tokyo, guiding you to different areas in Tokyo, showing different types of properties, selecting appropriate properties depending on the length of your stay, explaining Japanese business customs, etc. on "Guide to Renting Property" page of our website.

A high-grade rental apartment located in Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku. It offers multiple layers of face recognition system for auto-locking entrance doors, intercom, and delivery locker. It comes with 5 security cameras in the shared spaces and the entrance with solid security arrangements. It is also equipped with a 24-hour metered ventilation system that constantly changes to fresh air, effectively preventing condensation and moisture. Free Wi-Fi internet connection is available.

JPY 289,000 - 354,000/month

A designer apartment located 6-mins walk from Yoyogi-uehara Station, a popular residential destination. With many supermarkets, convenience stores, and cafes around the apartment, the location is convenient for daily shopping and going out on holidays. It offers the unit types from 1DK to 2LDK including some maisonette types, together with various amenities such as free internet connection.

JPY 189,000 - 260,000/month

Located in a quiet residential area,11-mins walk from Nishi-magome Station on Toei Asakusa Line is a 5-story rental apartment with a total of 42 units. It offers the unit types from 2LDK to 3LDK desirable for families with children, together with high-grade amenities such as dish washer, bathroom dryer, and floor heating. Having pet animal is allowed and there is a pet foot wash area.

JPY 300,000 - 660,000/month

Located within easy reach of 3 stations on 3 train lines is a designer apartment with a sense of luxury. It offers the arrangement of 1 dwelling unit per floor.

JPY 900,000/month

A designer apartment located in a quiet residential area 4-mins walk from Waseda Station. With many supermarkets, convenience stores, and restaurants within walking distance, the location has comfortable living environment. The apartment offers the unit types from 1LDK to 2LDK recommended for single residents, together with various amenities such as delivery locker, bathroom dryer, and free internet connection. Each unit comes with a parking space for 1 bicycle.

JPY 295,000/month

Located 6-mins walk from Shirokane-takanawa Station is a designer apartment with a total of 7 units. With a commercial facility, a local shopping street, a library, etc. around the station, the location has a comfortable living environment. The apartment offers 1LDK units with various amenities such as delivery locker, bathroom dryer, bicycle parking, and free internet connection.

JPY 190,000 - 222,000/month