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Popular Luxury Apartments and Houses for Foreign Expats

Here are listing for rental properties in additional areas covered by PLAZA HOMES services. Hamamatsucho, Shibakoen, Nakameguro, Ginza, Kachidoki, etc. 

Exterior of Prime Urban Shinjuku Natsumezaka
Ushigome-Yanagicho, Waseda
  • 1 - 3
  • 1
  • 40.3 - 89.7 sq.m.

30-storey-high luxurious residential tower in historic district. Sky-view lounge (24F), hotel-like concierge service, and ample facilities.

JPY 209,000 - 375,000/month

Exterior of Castalia Hatchobori
  • 2
  • 1
  • 53.1 sq.m.

The nearest station is found in one min. walk. Tokyo Sta. and Nihonbashi are within walking distance. It is very convenient to go for shopping on weekends. It has a designer's rooftop garden. The interior is also in designer's stylish specifications. It has excellent facilities as well.

JPY 207,000/month

Exterior of Garnetcourt Yotsuya
Yotsuya, Shinanomachi
  • 1
  • 1
  • 45.8 sq.m.

Located within easy reach of 5 stations on 5 train lines including a 4-min walk from Yotsuya-sanchome Station. The building with a sharp and stylish exterior design has office floors on the lower floors and the rental residence floors on the upper floors with good views. The apartment offers 1LDK-3LDK unit types to cover a variety of family needs from single residents to families with children. The units come with various amenities such as bathroom with auto-reheating and dryer function.

JPY 220,000/month

Exterior of Agratio Megurosuwayama
  • 1
  • 1
  • 42.7 - 46.0 sq.m.

Located in the Nakameguro area, the popular shopping and eating destination, is a stylish-looking 4-story low-rise apartment. There are many restaurants and supermarkets in the neighborhood, making the area convenient for daily life. The apartment offers compact sized units of a studio type and 1LDK, which comes with a simple and modern interior arrangement together with various amenities such as bathroom dryer, IH cooktops, and free internet connection.

JPY 215,000 - 240,000/month

Exterior of Kers Court Sasazuka
Sasazuka, Hatagaya
  • 2
  • 1
  • 56.0 sq.m.

This gray toned stylish looking rental apartment is located along Koshu-kaido Avenue, a 5-min walk from Sasazuka Station. It comes with various convenient facilities in the shared spaces such as delivery lockers and 24-hour garbage storage and solid security arrangements as well. It offers the unit types from 1K to 2LDK for single residents to families with children, together with various amenities such as bathroom with auto-reheating and dryer function.

JPY 250,000/month

Shinbashi, Onarimon
  • 1
  • 1
  • 55.9 sq.m.

7-min walk from Shimbashi Station and within easy reach of Onarimon Station and Shiodome Station on multiple train lines. This rental apartment desirable for single residents is located in a quiet area one block away from the main street. There is a supermarket, convenience store, and drugstore within a 5-min walk. It features a black color based modern exterior and a luxurious looking brick-like tiled entrance wall. It offers the unit types from 1K to 1LDK with wooden bright interior design. The units come with various functional equipment such as bathroom dryer and free internet connection.

JPY 248,000/month

Exterior of Proud Flat Shibuya Sasazuka
Hatagaya, Sasazuka
  • 1
  • 1
  • 40.9 sq.m.

Very convenient location, an 11-min walk from Sasazuka Station, having a local shopping street, supermarket, shopping mall, and convenience store in front of the station. This stylish looking 13-story rental apartment offers the unit types of 1K, 1LDK, and 2LDK. It come with various functional facilities and room equipment such as delivery lockers, security cameras, bicycle and motorcycle parking spaces, and bathroom dryer.

JPY 223,000/month

Exterior of City House Tokyo-Shinbashi
Shimbashi, Onarimon
  • 1
  • 1
  • 36.8 - 49.4 sq.m.

Shinbashi Station on Yamanote Line is within walking distance. Located in a peaceful area that is close to Atago and Shiba Park. High-grade condominium apartment with excellent facilities as well as front desk services.

JPY 188,000 - 228,000/month

Exterior of Tamachi East
Tamachi, Shibaura
  • 1
  • 1
  • 55.3 sq.m.

This complex building with rental apartment floors is located in the area with a sense of openness along a canal in Shibaura, a 2-min walk from Tamachi Station. In the commercial facility named "msb Tamachi" in front of the station, you can shop in various supermarkets and enjoy popular restaurants. The apartment floors are arranged from the 8th to the top floor offering a good view, plenty of sunlight, and spacious living spaces. The apartment units come with various amenities such as delivery lockers.

JPY 230,000/month

Exterior of Imprest Residence Tokyo Hatchobori the architect
Hatchobori, Tokyo
  • 2
  • 1
  • 45.1 sq.m.

Located within easy reach of 10 stations on 23 train lines including Hatchobori Station, which enable direct access to major stations in central Tokyo. There are department stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, and university hospitals, etc. within walking distance and they offer a convenient living environment. This apartment has a cafe on the first floor and offers various amenities such as delivery lockers, bathroom dryers, and free internet access.

JPY 243,000/month

Exterior of Classy House Kanda Nishikicho
Otemachi, Kanda
  • 2
  • 1
  • 48.2 sq.m.

Located approx. 6 min walk from Otemachi Station. Also nicely located close to the Imperial Palace and conveniently located within 10 min walk from 7 stations with 10 lines. It is one of CLASSY HOUSE branded quality condominium apartments. Full range of up-dated room equipment such as floor heating and a bathroom with automatic filling/reheating function and quality beautiful interior design are impressive. The rental bicycle service for the residents is convenient.

JPY 280,000/month

Exterior of Proud Tower Kameido Cross Gate Tower
Kameido, Nishi-Ojima
  • 1
  • 1
  • 38.5 sq.m.

Located a 2-min walk from Kameido Station on JR Sobu Line and Chuo Line. It is a luxury apartment equipped with delivery lockers, garbage storage on each floor, car parking spaces, motorcycle and bicycle parking spaces. It is in a good living environment having many restaurants and supermarkets in the neighborhood.

JPY 200,000/month

Exterior of Tokyo Port City Takeshiba Residence Tower
Takeshiba, Hamamatsucho
  • 1 - 2
  • 1
  • 26.2 - 76.8 sq.m.

The residence building of Tokyo Port City Takeshiba, a large commercial complex overlooking Tokyo Bay adjacent to Takeshiba Station. It is only 1-minute walk from Takeshiba Station by a directly connected pedestrian deck. It offers face recognition and smart lock systems for a safe and comfortable everyday life of the residents. It also offers a full range of functional unit room equipment such as a bathroom with auto-reheating, heater/dryer function.

JPY 173,000 - 444,000/month

Exterior of Lieto Court Arx Tower
Shintomicho, Hatchobori
  • 1 - 3
  • 1
  • 43.5 - 75.6 sq.m.

Ambience of high-class hotel. Exquisite lounge space available on 19-20th floors. Glorious sky-view of Ginza, Marunouchi, Shiodome, and Tokyo Bay areas at high floors. Concierge service available.

JPY 195,000 - 356,000/month

Exterior of Sky House Hamarikyu
Hamamatsucho, Daimon
  • 1 - 2
  • 1
  • 42.8 - 71.9 sq.m.

It is a hotel-like tower apartment overlooking Tokyo Bay and large Hamarikyu Onshi Gardens. Access to the Haneda Airport is excellent. The extensive facitlies include a fitness gym and a private lounge.

JPY 250,000 - 420,000/month

Exterior of Raffine Ginza
  • 2
  • 1
  • 92.2 sq.m.

Ginza will be like the garden for the residents of this property. In addition, having Tsukiji and Shiodome areas within walking distance, it's a fantastic location. It is a maisonette type designer's apartment placed on the top floor of the office building. Fantastic view appears outside the large windows. The Southern-European style roof top garden is a refreshing space with plenty of plants.

JPY 550,000/month

Exterior of COSMOS GRACIA Uchi-kanda
Kanda, Otemachi
  • 2
  • 1
  • 47.5 - 47.6 sq.m.

Located within easy reach of Otemachi Station and Kanda Station on 5 train lines, and within walking distance of Tokyo Station and the Nihonbashi area, making it convenience for the area residents to commute to work, school, and go out on holidays. There is a convenience store, supermarket, and sports center in the neighborhood. The apartment offers the units with various amenities such as delivery lockers, bathroom dryer, and free internet connection.

JPY 252,000 - 256,000/month

Exterior of White Tower Hamamatsucho
  • 1 - 3
  • 1
  • 56.4 - 76.3 sq.m.

It is a logistically very convenient location thanks to having five stations for eight train lines. Further, the nearest station, Hamamatsucho is only 3 min. walk away. It is easy to get to the Haneda airport. This tower apartment offers concierge services. It is negotiable to use music instruments.

JPY 260,000 - 398,000/month

Kamimeguro, Nakameguro
  • 1 - 2
  • 1
  • 36.2 - 41.8 sq.m.

This 3-story rental apartment is located within easy reach of 3 stations on 2 train lines, in the "Nakameguro" area and "Daikanyama" area, which are popular shopping and eating destinations. It comes with solid security arrangements such as security cameras, elevators with crime prevention glass windows and surveillance cameras, indoor hallway, door guards and motion sensor night lights. It adopts non-contact locks and hands-free intercom. Free internet connection is available.

JPY 230,000 - 265,000/month

Exterior of Park Axis Hatagaya
  • 1
  • 1
  • 45.3 sq.m.

Located a 2-min walk from Hatagaya Station on Keio Line and within a 3-min walk of the nearest supermarket, convenience store, and drug store. Mitsui Fudosan's Park Axis branded stylish looking rental apartment. All of the units are in the corner location having plenty of sunlight and good view, coming with 1LDK and 2LDK unit types with various amenities.

JPY 209,000 - 212,000/month

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