Settling-In in Japan

Expat guides for before and at the time of move-in

Once you have decided on your new home, there are various tasks remaining to complete before you can start your new life in Tokyo. You will need a cell phone, internet services, TV reception, utilities, a bank account, resident registration, daily necessities and more.

We here at PLAZA HOMES have created easy-to-use English guides with information for expats living in Tokyo to make adapting to life in Japan stress-free. 

Personalize Your Home: A Tokyo Furniture Buying Guide

If you’ve arrived in Tokyo without any furniture, no need to worry. Not only is it easy to find what you need, you’ll also be surprised by some of the design solutions available here. Whether you want purely functional items at a low price, or you’re hoping to discover something uniquely Japanese,…

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Purchasing/Leasing Bedding & Linen in Japan

Starting a new life in a new country takes a lot of planning. After securing your new home in Tokyo, the next crucial step is ensuring that your living space is equipped with the essentials, especially when it comes to bedding. Many expats opt to leave their bedding, including blankets, sheets, an…

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Internet in Japan: Finding a Service Provider in Tokyo

One of the many great things about living in Japan–being a modern city-is all the modern technological conveniences that come with it, including Internet access. In Japan–as in many other developed countries–there are two primary ways in which you can access the Internet from your apartment; wired…

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Japanese Streaming, Cable and More: Get English TV in Japan

Whether you’re craving nostalgic British dramas, your favorite American talk shows, or Japanese programming in English, look no further than these 9 ways to access English TV in Japan through Japanese streaming, satellite, and cable services. TV Streaming Services in Japan In the last few years,…

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How to Pay Utility Bills in Japan

Lifeline utilities provide necessary services to each city such as electricity, gas, and water. These basic services are needed for everyday life. In this article, you can learn about the rate structure and payment methods of Japanese Utilities.

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Residential Lifeline Utility Prices in Japan (Electricity, Gas, Water)

Public utilities such as electricity, gas, and water supply, are basic necessities for everyday life. Here we explain easily the rate structure, payment methods, and a rough average cost per month by the number of household, to assist in gauging your budget for life in Japan. Gas and electricity…

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Connecting and Disconnecting Utilities When Moving Home in Tokyo

If your landlord or agency set up utilities for you, you don't have to worry about anything however, if they don't help you with it, you'd be obliged to contact energy suppliers by yourself before you move in (or move out). In this article you can learn the procedures of connecting or disconnect…

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How to register or change your address in Japan

Once you are in Japan and have a fixed residence or are staying at a service apartment that allows their address to be registered as your residence, the first thing you will need to do is head to the municipal office and register your address. This article will cover the procedures used to register…

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Japan’s Residency Management System for Foreign Nationals

If you're moving to Japan, one thing you definitely need to be aware of is what's called the "Residency Management System". This is what the Immigration Bureau of Japan calls their system for tracking the residency of foreigners in Japan.  Short Term Residents If you are staying in Japan for les…

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Buying a SIM card in Japan: 9 Essential Questions

If you are planning to move to / visit Japan or are already a resident in Japan, mobile phones equipped with local SIM cards are an everyday requirement. They are essential for your daily life and business. Because there are so many options of SIM cards in Japan, it may seem to be tricky and it c…

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