What is a Set-up Office (Furnished Office) ?

Poste date: Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Setting up a new office or relocating an office in Japan requires time and costs. To effectively address these challenges, the option of a furnished office (set-up office) has gained attention. Particularly, foreign companies, ventures, and startups that are expanding their businesses have a growing demand for quick and efficient office preparation. These offices provide a convenient and attractive choice for companies seeking a rapid and efficient office setup process.

In this article, we will provide a detailed explanation of the definition, advantages, disadvantages, and comparisons with other office options regarding furnished offices (set-up offices).

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Definition of a Set-up Office (Furnished Office)

*Note: In Japanese, the term "Set-up office" is used to refer to offices with the following definition. In English, it is often referred to as "furnished office," but for the sake of consistency, this article will continue to use the term "Set-up office."

A set-up office is a form of office space where the landlord performs pre-construction layout and interior facility work and provides the tenant with a ready-to-use office. In comparison to traditional office rentals, tenants can reduce the costs and burdens associated with layout and interior construction. The office space includes meeting rooms and a reception area, and some properties are equipped with furnishings, allowing tenants to quickly utilize the office facilities.

Advantages of a Set-up Office

Set-up offices offer the following advantages.

1. Rapid Start

With the facilities and layout of the office pre-equipped, tenants can immediately start their operations. There is no need to spend time on interior decoration and facility construction, enabling swift business expansion.

One of the significant time-consuming elements when establishing an office is the installation of conference rooms. Since this installation can only take place after the contract is signed, the time required to prepare the office for business commencement can impose an unexpected burden on the initial business schedule. In recent times, due to inflation-driven increases in construction costs and difficulties in securing talent, it can take several months to construct a conference room within the office space.

Set-up office properties are equipped with facilities such as meeting rooms, and although there may be some properties that require some time to set up internet access, the time for interior and equipment construction can be significantly reduced compared to regular offices, enabling a quick start.

2. Reduction of Initial Financial Burden

As the landlord takes care of interior construction and facility setup, tenants can reduce the burden associated with these tasks and minimize the costs and procedures related to layout and interior design. As set-up offices include necessary furniture, it reduces the initial financial burden.

3. Reduction of Restoration Costs

Set-up offices generally eliminate the need for extensive restoration work upon vacating, allowing for significant cost savings. However, it is important to note that depending on the property and contract terms, there may still be restoration costs involved. Therefore, it is important to check before signing a contract.

4. High-Quality Facilities and Design

Set-up offices provide high-quality facilities and attractive designs as the landlord takes care of the interior decoration and facility construction. Office spaces designed by professional designers and architects can offer a comfortable working environment and enhance employee satisfaction and productivity.

5. Practical Shared Facilities

Set-up offices may include shared facilities such as reception areas and conference rooms. Some set-up offices may also have rooftop gardens or lounges as additional amenities. This allows tenants to utilize these facilities as needed, promoting efficient operations, fostering interaction among employees, and providing a space for communication with clients.

Disadvantages of a Set-up Office

To make the most of the benefits of a set-up office, it is important to consider your company's needs and business goals and choose the optimal office option. Set-up offices are an attractive choice for companies seeking flexibility, efficiency, and quality. However, in addition to the advantages, the following points need to be considered:

Slightly higher rent

Set-up offices tend to have slightly higher rent compared to other offices. The cost of facilities and interior design is reflected in the rent. It is important to balance costs and benefits according to your budget.

Limited customization

Due to predetermined interior design and facilities, it may be challenging to fully customize a set-up office according to the unique needs of the tenant. If flexible customization is required, other options need to be considered.

While set-up offices offer many advantages, their suitability may vary depending on each company's situation and requirements. It is important to conduct a comprehensive comparison and evaluation to choose the office option that best aligns with your company's goals and requirements.

Comparison between Set-up Offices and Other Office Options

What are the distinguishing features of set-up offices compared to other types of offices? Here is a summary of the comparison between set-up offices and other office options:

Set-up Offices vs. Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces involve multiple companies or individuals sharing a common space, while set-up offices provide dedicated office spaces. In coworking spaces, there are opportunities for interaction and networking among tenants, but privacy and uniqueness may be limited. Set-up offices, on the other hand, offer dedicated spaces, ensuring privacy and individuality.

Set-up Offices vs. Serviced Offices

Serviced offices not only provide office space but also offer shared reception areas, meeting rooms, and support staff services. In contrast, set-up offices have pre-designed interiors and facilities, allowing tenants to independently operate their offices. Serviced offices alleviate the burden on tenants by outsourcing office management tasks, while set-up offices provide the flexibility for tenants to customize their own office environments.

Set-up Offices vs. Inuki Offices

* An Inuki Office (居抜きオフィス) refers to a rental office space that can be occupied by inheriting the interior construction, furniture such as desks and chairs, and other fixtures from the previous tenant.

Inuki offices involve taking over a previously occupied office space without major modifications. Set-up offices, on the other hand, are prepared by the landlord with interior design and facilities, providing ready-to-use spaces for new tenants. Inuki offices may require some renovations or adjustments to suit the tenant's needs, while set-up offices allow for customization of interiors and facilities according to the tenant's requirements.

Recommended Businesses for a Set-up Office


If you want to quickly prepare an office to start your business, a set-up office is an ideal choice. With its pre-furnished interior and facilities, you can begin your operations promptly.

Companies Expanding to Japan from Overseas

Companies expanding their operations to Japan from overseas need to focus on establishing their business in new markets. By utilizing a set-up office, they can save time and effort on relocation and interior arrangements, enabling them to start their business swiftly.

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)

For SMEs with limited budgets and resources, a set-up office offers a cost-effective option. It minimizes the expenses and efforts required for interior setup and facilities preparation.

Rapidly Growing Companies

Rapidly growing companies require an environment that can flexibly accommodate office expansion or changes. A set-up office, with its pre-furnished interior and facilities, allows for time and cost savings when it comes to expansion or modifications.

Demand for Set-up Offices

Set-up offices are experiencing an increasing demand as an excellent option for businesses to expand and relocate their offices quickly and efficiently. Below, I will provide a detailed explanation of the demand for set-up offices and their future prospects.

Entry of Foreign Companies into Japan

Japan is an attractive market for many foreign companies to expand their businesses. Set-up offices support foreign companies entering the Japanese market by facilitating a quick and smooth office setup. With pre-installed facilities and layouts, businesses can start their operations in Japan promptly.

Demand for Office Relocation

Set-up offices are also an appealing choice for companies considering relocating from their current offices. By reducing the time and costs associated with relocation, businesses can smoothly commence their operations in a new office space.

Demand for Flexible Business Environments

In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for speed and flexibility in business. Set-up offices meet this demand by providing quick office preparations and flexible lease terms, allowing companies to adapt to growth and changes. As a result, there is a high demand for setup offices among startup companies and growing enterprises.

Future Outlook of Set-up Offices

The demand for set-up offices is predicted to further increase in the future. With changes in the global business environment and advancements in technology, companies need to respond to rapid expansion and real-time business needs. Set-up offices are expected to experience further demand expansion as an effective solution to meet these requirements.

Moreover, as the importance of sustainability and flexibility continues to rise, set-up offices adapt to changes in the business environment by offering short-term usage and flexible contract options. In the future, there may be a growing demand for environmentally conscious designs and energy-efficient initiatives, leading to sustainable set-up offices.

The set-up office market itself is gradually maturing, which may result in the emergence of new services and options. For example, there could be specialized setup offices catering to specific industries or needs, as well as plans tailored to companies of various sizes.

Overall, set-up offices have become an attractive option for companies seeking speed and efficiency in business expansion and office relocation. With the increasing demand, there is an expectation for the provision of services and new plans that cater to a diverse range of needs. This will enable a broader range of companies to utilize set-up offices.