A Generous Donation of Daily Essentials from an American School

Poste date: Tuesday, January 23, 2024

We received a generous donation of a variety of daily essentials from the American School in Japan Early Learning Center. This contribution appears to come from families returning to their home countries and includes items such as rice cookers, kitchen utensils, tableware, children's toys, and more.

While not food, these daily necessities are in high demand among those in need. The donation of rice cookers is particularly appreciated, as it contributes to the self-sufficiency of individuals facing financial difficulties. Some individuals, lacking rice cookers, are unable to accept donations of rice.

Rice is a staple for the Japanese, and having the ability to cook warm meals enhances the enjoyment of their meals and promotes economic self-sufficiency through the ability to cook for oneself. Out of the five rice cookers received, we have delivered two to the "Food Bank Meguro" and one to the "Takanawa Food Pantry" to support those in need. We are considering the effective utilization of one rice cooker for providing warm meals to individuals experiencing homelessness.

We have provided additional daily necessities and one rice cooker to the organization 'Nanairo,' which is dedicated to supporting the self-sufficiency of individuals experiencing homelessness. Nanairo assists in relocating individuals experiencing homelessness to regular housing.

The individuals supported by Nanairo often lack daily necessities due to various circumstances, so items like kitchenware and dishes prove valuable in helping them start their lives in regular housing.

Additionally, Nanairo is making onigiri (rice balls) and distributing them to individuals in dire situations on the streets. They promptly made use of the provided rice cooker.

The American School in Japan Early Learning Center recently donated a large quantity of sweet potatoes once again.

The school actively engages in charitable activities such as supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and making donations. Both teachers and students demonstrate a profound understanding of assisting those in need.

The donated daily necessities received this time will undoubtedly contribute significantly to the self-sufficiency of many individuals, bringing joy to those who receive them. We are grateful for everyone's generosity and heartfelt contributions.