Abundant Harvest of Hassaku Oranges Contributed by Wakayama Fruit Farmer

Poste date: Thursday, February 1, 2024

We have received a generous supply of Hassaku oranges from a fruit farmer in Kinokawa-shi, Wakayama Prefecture. Wakayama holds the top position in the national production of hassaku oranges, and this particular farmer is dedicated to certified special cultivation recognized by the prefecture, carefully nurturing the hassaku oranges every day.

We are truly grateful for the generous donation of carefully nurtured hassaku oranges.

It is heartening to receive such a large quantity. The fruits, grown with great care, were not only generously contributed but also shipped from Wakayama to households facing food challenges, with the sender covering the shipping costs. These exceptional hassaku oarnges are a rarity in Tokyo, making them incredibly precious to us.

We received a message stating, 'The best time to enjoy these hassaku oarnges is from February to March. They start off a bit sour at first, but as time passes, the tartness fades away, leaving a sweet taste. I hope people can savor the change in flavor and that children who haven't had the chance to try them before can enjoy them too.'

We will be delivering the received hassaku oranges through the following support organizations to those in need.

Takanawa Food Pantry (delivered)


Refugee Empowerment Network (REN)


Food Bank Meguro


Many households lack the financial means to enjoy extras in life, and the opportunity to indulge in fruits is rare. The generous donations of citrus fruits, filled with the heartfelt sentiments of those who have supported us, will surely bring joy to many.