Received a Generous Donation from Mrs. California Petite 2023

Poste date: Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Darylene Stone of Mrs. California Petite 2023, owner of the non-profit organization CHIME, INC., and her family donated a lot of food to Food Bank Azabu.

Ms. Stone traveled to Japan with her family and purchased and delivered many food items such as rice, retort pouch foods, and snacks to help the needy in Tokyo. 

Mr. Stone has been active in such charitable activities in the U.S., and she and her family and are deeply concerned about the issue of poverty. Mrs. Stone herself is from a third world country and experienced poverty at an early age. 

Because of this, she is dedicated to providing food, education, and medical care to underprivileged children, and her family is involved in this work as well.Through her support activities, she has realized how short life is and how important it is to give the younger generation a fair chance.

We are deeply grateful that she took the time during her trip to Japan to visit us and arrange for the purchase and delivery of food, and that she was able to purchase and donate so much food. We carefully considered where to distribute the food items and delivered them to the most appropriate places. 

Food and beverages were given to these organizations.

・Action for Homeless Hibarigaoka Grace Association, a support group for the homeless

・Food Pantry Takanawa

・Minato Kodomo Shokudo (Children's Diner) 

All of the organizations were very grateful for the donations, as food tends to be in short supply.