Donated Food to 40 Households in Minato-ku

Poste date: Friday, January 26, 2024

Through the Takanawa Food Pantry, we donated food items such as rice, retort foods, canned goods, snacks, noodles, and fruits to 40 households.

On January 22nd, we packed rice and food items into bags and handed them over to the Takanawa Food Pantry. The pantry distributes food to 40 households in the Minato Ward every month, but there is a constant shortage of food. In continuation of our previous winter holiday children's support, Food Bank Azabu solicited donations of food items to deliver as much as possible.

Thanks to the support of many people, we gathered retort foods, noodles, snacks, fruits (hassaku oranges), and more.

Furthermore, we received a donation of 80 kilograms of rice as a return gift from PLAZA HOMES employees through the Furusato Nozei system. This allowed us to provide 2 kilograms of rice to each of the 40 households. We believe this will bring joy to many families in Minato-ku facing food difficulties.

Thank you to everyone who delivered the food donations.