Food Support in May - Delivered Food to Minato-ku Impoverished Families, Refugee Support Organizations

Poste date: Wednesday, May 29, 2024

In May, we delivered food to families in need, homeless support organizations, refugee support organizations, and foreigner support organizations in Minato City. This month, we gathered a large amount of food thanks to disaster stockpile supplies from government agencies, donations from individuals, and contributions from Plaza Homes employees.

48 Families in Need in Minato City

On May 17, we delivered food to 48 households in Minato City through the Takanawa Food Pantry. Recently, there has been an increase in support requests from elderly households struggling with only their pensions, indicating that rising prices are affecting their household budgets. In addition to retort foods and snacks, we distributed alpha rice and bread from disaster stockpiles to make up for the shortage of rice.

Homeless Support Organizations

We delivered a large amount of food to Grama Seva Japan, an organization that provides food support to homeless people in Yoyogi Park. Our company also participated in the distribution event as volunteers, directly handing out flavored alpha rice and nutritional biscuits (Bisco).

Brazilian Consulate NPO SABJA

We handed over food supplies to NPO SABJA, an organization that supports Brazilian residents in Japan in need, through the Brazilian Consulate.

Food Bank Meguro

We delivered retort nikujaga (simmered meat and potatoes), alpha rice, and Bisco to Food Bank Meguro. They are also experiencing a shortage of rice and side dishes.

Refugee Empowerment Network (REN)

We have delivered retort-packaged nikujaga and tomato juice to the refugee support organization, REN.

General Incorporated Association Nanairo

We delivered alpha rice to Nanairo, an organization that supports the transition of homeless individuals to regular housing.