Food Support in April - April Food Aid - Delivered Food to Minato-ku Impoverished Families, Refugee Support Organizations, etc.

Poste date: Tuesday, April 30, 2024

This month, we provided food support to low-income families and support organizations for those in need. Due to the soaring prices, many households are struggling to make ends meet, resulting in an increase in people facing food insecurity or homelessness, and every organization is experiencing shortages of food. We delivered rice, retort foods, alpha rice, and canned goods, mainly sourced from donated items from individuals at the Azabu Food Bank, as well as disaster stockpiles provided by government agencies and private companies.

Impoverished Families in Minato-ku: Approximately 50 Households

On April 22nd, through the Takanawa Food Pantry, we delivered food to 50 households in Minato Ward. These households include singles, elderly individuals, and families with many children. The demand for food support is increasing with each delivery. Although there's always a shortage of rice every month, we managed to meet the demand this month with donations from individuals and Plaza Homes employees.

Refugee Support Organization

On April 24th, we delivered brown rice, canned goods, and alpha rice to the Refugee Empowerment Network (REN). REN organizes Japanese language classes and various events to support the self-reliance of refugees. Many refugees are facing food insecurity, and there is also a shortage of food here. The food we delivered was greatly appreciated. The brown rice was generously provided by Pal System Tokyo Minato Center.

Minato Kodomo Shokudo

On April 17th, we delivered sanitary products to the Minato Kodomo Shokudo. They seem to purchase these items from donations each time, and they were very grateful for the support.

Donations Received this Month

We received a generous amount of donations from individuals including rice, vegetable juice, retort foods, and sanitary products. Thank you very much for your support.

From Pal System Tokyo Cooperative Association

We received a large amount of food including rice, brown rice, retort foods, canned goods, soybeans, and baby food. Especially rice is always in high demand, so we are extremely grateful!

From Money Forward Inc.

We received a large donation of disaster stockpiled dry bread from Money Forward Inc. as it still has remaining shelf life, many people will be delighted to receive it. We will deliver it to those in need.

Thank you to all the other individuals and organizations who supported us.

While Azabu Hills is bustling with energy due to the opening, and the inbound effect, Minato Ward is also home to many people who are struggling to find enough to eat. If you have excess food that you cannot finish or disaster stockpiled food approaching its expiration date, please do not hesitate to contact us.