Hmlet Daitabashi

Monthly Apartment in Shinjuku - Hmlet Daitabashi
Rent: JPY241,000 – Ask
Minimum Lease Term: 1 month

Situated in Ohara, Setagaya ward, Tokyo, Hmlet Daitabashi is just a 3-minute walk from Daitabashi Station on the Keio Line. Boasting excellent access to the city center with a direct 7-minute ride to Shinjuku Station, this property harmoniously combines the calm residential environment with the convenience of city living.

This area of Setagaya is a unique neighborhood that exudes a retro charm nestled within the metropolis. Here, you can enjoy a unique atmosphere where shopping streets, cafes, and restaurants coexist. Moreover, close by is "Okinawa Town", where small Okinawan-style shops and eateries line the streets, enabling you to enjoy a southern island atmosphere in your daily life. This combination of urban accessibility and serene surroundings makes Hmlet Daitabashi an appealing choice for those seeking a blend of convenience and tranquility.

Come and experience the ease of accessing the city center, the peaceful living environment, and the retro charm of the neighborhood at Hmlet Daitabashi.

*Quotes and Displayed Prices: Quotes will be provided separately by Hmlet. The displayed price for the All Inclusive Plan is a reference price for contracts of 2 months or more but less than 3 months. Please contact us as details will vary depending on the contract period and conditions.

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Room Type Layout Size Rent (JPY) Minimum Lease Term Details
1BR(25.1㎡) 1BR 25.10 sq.m. / 270.17 sq.ft. 241,000 1Month Details
1BR(26.52㎡) 1BR 26.52 sq.m. / 285.45 sq.ft. 254,000 1Month Details
2BR(40.07㎡)A 2BR 40.07 sq.m. / 431.30 sq.ft. 310,000 1Month Details
2BR(40.49㎡) 2BR 40.07 sq.m. / 431.30 sq.ft. 316,000 1Month Details
2BR(40.07㎡) B 2BR 40.07 sq.m. / 431.30 sq.ft. 310,000 1Month Details


[ Equipment / Facilities ]

Two-burner stove、Three-burner stove、Separate bath and toilet、Video intercom、LAN ethernet socket、Standing washbasin、Air conditioner、Internet、24-hour ventilation、Bathroom ventilation, drying and heating、Bidet-toilet、Auto lock、Delivery box、Security cameras、Bicycle parking、Garbage disposal area


[ Exterior ]


[ 1BR ]


[ 2BR ]

Building Details

Address 2-14-6 Oohara, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Transportation Daitabashi station (Keio Line) in 3min
Facilities -
Nearby Convenience store、Supermarket、Drug store

Building Map

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Monthly Residence Div.

[Mon-Sat 9:00am-5:40pm (JST)]