Shirokane The Sky

Apartment in Minato-ku, Tokyo
26 Units Available
JPY 203,000 - 790,000

Nicely located a 3-min walk from Shirokane-takanawa Station with good access to various places in Tokyo and Haneda Airport. Within a town block of over 11,000m2, it has 2 tower apartment buildings, which are symbolic in the Shirokane area, and offers relaxation spaces with lush greenery between the buildings. There are residential, commercial, medical, and child-care support facilities in the town block. The apartments come with various shared facilities such as lounges and party spaces.

Shirokane The Sky

Building Details

Address Shirokane, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Transportation Namboku Line, Shirokane-takanawa Station : 3 min. walk
Facilities Auto-locking Entry, Video Intercom, Security Camera, Concierge Service, Elevator, Parcel Lockers, Lounge, Kids Room, Footbath for Pet, Fitness Room
Structure Steel-reinforced Concrete 45 stories & 1 basement floor
Completion December, 2022
Other Earthquake Protection: Damping Structure
Room Layout Size ㎡ Rent (JPY) My List Details
East-4F 1 Studio 31.01 203,000 Details
East-4F 1 Studio 31.01 203,000 Details
East-4F 1 Studio 31.01 203,000 Details
East-5F 1 Studio 32.94 214,000 Details
West-12F 1 Studio 36.56 260,000 Details
West-18F 1 Studio 38.67 263,000 Details
West-17F 1 Studio 36.69 265,000 Details
East-6F 1 Studio 40.14 276,000 Details
East-14F 1 Studio 44.16 306,000 Details
West-10F 1 BR + 1 Bath 48.59 360,000 Details
East-16F 1 BR + 1 Bath 57.67 440,000 Details
East-33F 1 BR + 1 Bath 51.73 470,000 Details
East-15F 2 BR + 1 Bath 56.72 510,000 Details
East-32F 2 BR + 1 Bath 55.89 487,000 Details
East-38F 1 BR + 1 Bath 60.95 525,000 Details
East-19F 3 BR + 1 Bath 84.66 650,000 Details
East-32F 2 BR + 1 Bath 75.7 675,000 Details
East-32F 3 BR + 1 Bath 76 675,000 Details
East-33F 2 BR + 1 Bath 76.36 710,000 Details
East-25F 2 BR + 1 Bath 84.66 720,000 Details
East-26F 2 BR + 1 Bath 84.66 725,000 Details
East-27F 2 BR + 1 Bath 84.66 730,000 Details
East-25F 2 BR + 1 Bath 84.29 730,000 Details
East-8F 2 BR + 1 Bath 84.66 780,000 Details
East-35F 2 BR + 1 Bath 84.29 770,000 Details
East-37F 2 BR + 1 Bath 86.67 790,000 Details

Area & Property Details

This tower apartment was built as a new symbolic building of the Shirokane area in conjunction with the large-scale complex city development project of Shirokane 1-chome. The 45-story apartment (with 1 basement floor), which is 150m high and built on the grounds of over 11,000m2, consists of 2 buildings of the east and west building having a total of 1,247 units. On the 1st and 2nd floor of the two buildings, there are commercial zones where you can enjoy shopping and other activities, and between the two buildings, the open space where both residents and visitors can relax is maintained with lush greenery.

It is a 3-minute walk from Shirokane-takanawa Station on Tokyo Metro Namboku Line and Toei Mita Line, having good access to Shinagawa, Tokyo, Otemachi, Roppongi, Ginza, Shibuya, etc. It has also good access to plenty of bus routes, so you can go to Ebisu and Roppongi Hills directly.

Shirokane-takanawa Station has "Shirokane AER City" which is a complex facility with a high-end supermarket and restaurants, and "Shirokane Shopping Street" where you can enjoy old-style shopping is also within walking distance, so it is a comfortable location to live in.

The east entrance for the apartment floors with its large eaves that spread horizontally and give a dignified impression, separates the hustle and bustle of the city from the quiet living environment, leading the residents to their relaxing and private living spaces.

The entrance hall on the second floor, where the two buildings are connected, has several lounges and shared spaces with different atmospheres. By skillfully letting external light in and installing wood-toned louvers and water features, luxurious and cozy spaces are created.

Each building has various shared facilities.
Guest rooms are placed in both buildings, and the guest room in the east building also has View Bath with a city view from the 27th floor.

In addition, there is a theater room, fitness studio, kids lounge, conference room, and study room in the east building, and a fitness gym, golf range, and sky lounge in the west building.

There is also a concierge desk that provides various services to support daily life of the residents.

There are other facilities that are essential for a comfortable life, such as clean station where you can take out garbage 24 hours a day, delivery lockers where you can receive delivered goods 24 hours a day and that is convenient for online shopping, and a pet foot wash station.

Each apartment unit offers various amenities such as kitchen that combines designability and functionality, luxurious bathroom, and body-friendly hot water floor heating.

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