Free Consultations in English and Lawyers in Tokyo

Post date: Tuesday, June 30, 2020

If you get into trouble in Japan or have a problem that you would like to solve legally, it would be a big challenge for foreigners who do not speak Japanese. In such a case, please refer to the list of the consultation offices in Tokyo where you can consult in English. There are also organizations which you can consult about your personal problems or worries. Please consult them when you need help.

Free Consultation for Foreign Residents

1. Japan Legal Support Center (Hoterasu)

Japan Legal Support Center (Hoterasu) provides multilingual information services. You can ask about: Loan, divorce, labor, accident, visa, natural disaster, etc. They provide information on Japanese legal system and relevant organizations at no cost.

TEL: 0570-078377 (call rates will apply)

2. Yorisoi Hotline

Yorisoi Hotline is the subsidy project by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

The available languages are: English, Chinese, Korean, Tagalog, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese, Nepali and Indonesian.

You can ask them any questions you have, for example, about your visa, nationality, family, work, discrimination, everyday living, domestic violence etc.

You can also chat with them on Messenger via their Facebook page.


3. Consultation at Municipal or Metropolitan Office

Tokyo Metropolitan Government consultation services and Municipal consultation services (wards).

Please refer to the link for contact details.

4. Tokyo International Communication Committee

They held consultations on a preset day, please refer to the link for details.

5. Tokyo Metropolitan Government Foreign Residents' Advisory Center

Problems related to: Daily life or urgent enquiries, Japanese customs, Japanese culture and social systems, traffic accidents, or  concerning your family and children.

6. Tokyo Metropolitan Education Consultation Center

Consultation services on education of children and students

7. Tokyo Metropolitan Comprehensive Consumer Center

If you experience problems with a purchased object etc. They provide services for a person living in, employed in, or studying in Tokyo.

8. Tokyo Youth Comprehensive Consultation Center “WAKA-Navi

You can basically ask any questions you have as anonymous.

9. Human Rights Bureau - Ministry of Justice

Human rights counseling services

10. Tokyo Regional Immigration Services Bureau

You can consult matters on living in Japan, residential status, other problems, troubles or worries.

11. Immigration Offices

Information Center

12. The Police Department for Foreign Residents

The Police Department of Tokyo has a special call center for foreign residents.
TEL: 03-3503-8484

Free Consultation for Labour or Work Related Matters for Foreign Residents

1. Tokyo Labour Bureau

Information on Advisory Services on Working Conditions from Tokyo Labour Bureau

2. Ministry of Health Labour and Welfare

Telephone consultation service for foreign workers and hotline for working condition consultation service.

3. Tokyo Career Consulting Desk Ministry of Health Labour and Welfare

Professional career consultants will consult you in detail via phone or email to any questions regarding to work in Tokyo.

4. Labor Consultation Service for Foreign Workers

It's run by The Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

5. Tokyo Employment Consultation Center

Attorneys will consult on labor-related laws and give you advice for free of charge.

6. Tokyo Employment Service Center for Foreigners

For these Visa status people:
Engineer / Specialist in Humanities / International Services
Skilled Labor
Students (full time employment not part time)

7. National Tax Agency

For any questions about taxes

One Stop Center - FRESC

Other Consultation Services for Foreign Residents

Legal Counseling Center for Foreigners

Legal Counseling Center for Foreigners provide counseling on matters related to foreign residents.

TEL: 0570-055-289

Hiroo Park Law Firm

Hiroo Park Law Firm is specialized in family law, immigration, labor law and criminal defense, real estate and international cases. 

TEL: 03-5422-6713

Legal Matters for Corporations

Please refer to our list of Corporate Tokyo Law Firms: English-Speaking Attorneys.

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