The Best Japanese Apps for Visiting and Living in Japan

Poste date: Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Taking a trip to or within Japan any time soon? Are you looking for an app or two to help with navigating around Japan, assisting with language barriers, identifying touristy ideas, or just making life a little easier while you're here? In this article you can find great apps for that.

Using Your Phone in Japan

If you are traveling to Japan, make sure you check with your phone service provider before you leave to make sure you understand the costs that may be associated with using your smartphone while in Japan. Depending on your service and plan type, using your phone may be quite expensive so be aware before you use any of these apps while traveling here.

Buying a SIM card in Japan

If you would like to purchase a Japanese SIM card for your mobile phone, there are several retailers which offer English support. Please refer to the link here about Japanese SIM cards and read #8 to see the list of the retailers.

Apps for Traveling in Japan

Japan Travel by NAVITIME

Japan Travel by NAVITIME is for iOS and for Android. This app will help you travel around Japan. The futures: Explore (Travel guides/articles), Route Search, Map - offline Spot Search, Plan. You can also go to the website to surf around. This is a must app for traveling in Japan.

Japan Travel Guide by Triposso

Japan Travel Guide by Triposo is for iOS and Android, it offers great offline travel guide resources as well as a detailed offline map that allows you to find your way when traveling through Japan. It also allows for booking hotel rooms directly within the app, though please note that you need to be connected to the Internet, either over WiFi or cellular data connection.

DiGJAPAN! - Traveler’s Guide

DiGJAPAN! is the other option for a free app and a great resource for iOS and Android both users, it provides offline maps and travel guides for people traveling in Japan. You can download it free at iTunes and get Sightseeing Information, Navigation function, Wi-Fi Hotspot Search, Basic Travel Information, and more. Offline functionality of the app will free you from scurrying to find internet connection.

Japan Transit Planner

If you need help getting around using public transportation in Japan, Japan Transit Planner is a great resource, this app is available for iOS and for Android. It provides searchable train routes and station timetables.

GuruNavi - Finding Restaurants in Japan

GuruNavi is the ultimate restaurant finder for Japan. The app in English is available for iOS and for Android both. You can also visit their website. It’s easy to search for restaurants based on your present location or any number of criteria, including cuisine type, price, reviews.

The Best App for Learning Japanese?

For Japanese dictionaries and learning Japanese language apps from beginners to advanced levels, we collected great apps for you. Please refer to the page below.

Best Japanese Learning Apps - from beginners to advanced levels

Check out our article on Internet service providers in Tokyo to help you stay connected to the world.

If you are looking for a SIM card or a Pocket WiFi

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