Useful Free Apps and Websites to Protect You from Natural Disasters in Japan​

Post date: Tuesday, February 16, 2021

When natural disasters happen (such an earthquakes or typhoons), it's important to obtain accurate information that is easy to understand. There are several Apps and Websites which are provide this information in English. Here are some of the must-have Apps to prepare you for natural disasters along with some informative websites.

Safety Tips for iOS and Android

Safety Tips is a great app to instal while you are in Japan. It notifies you with Weather Warnings, Earthquake Early Warnings, Volcanic Warnings, Tsunami Warnings, Heat Stroke Warnings and Civil Protection Information issued in Japan.

Supported Languages (iOS):
English, Filipino, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Nepali, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese

Supported Languages (Android):
English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, span Spanish, Portuguese, Tagalog, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Nepali, Thai

Safety Tips is linked with the following external apps.

・ NAVITIME for Japan

Once you install the app, go to More > Disaster Information

・ Japan Official Travel App

Once you install the app, go to Home > Safety Assistance

Disaster Preparedness Tokyo App

Tokyo Disaster Preparedness Guide is created by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. This app includes disaster prevention maps, disaster guides, simulations, quizzes, and an emergency alarm.

You can also check evacuation information, weather information, earthquake information, tsunami information, and volcano information in your registered area and in Tokyo.

Supported Languages: Japanese, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Korean (some content can be available only in Japanese)


NHK provides free apps for to keep you up to date with the latest stories from Japan, Asia, and around the world.

Learn about BOSAI on NHK World

Bosai (Bousai) means disaster prevention. NHK World's BOSAI Web has radio programs, videos, tutorials about how to craft safety, interesting quizzes etc. The content is very useful and it's definitely worth a visit the website.

Radio News in English

American Forces Network (Eagle 810)


* Website is in Japanese

Free Wi-Fi 00000JAPAN

When disaster happens in Japan, you can use a Free Wi-Fi connection called 00000JAPAN (Five Zeros Japan). Please read our article Emergency Free Wi-Fi Service 00000JAPAN for details.

Japan Visitor Hotline (24h in English, Chinese and Korean)

Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) operates a Japan Visitor Hotline which is available 24/7. You can call them not only about tourist information but also for assistance in the case of accidents and emergencies. Support languages are English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

TEL: 050-3816-2787

More details in from JNTO

Information about Transportations in the Event of Disaster

You can find the latest status on their website. Please check the latest information before taking the train or going to the airport.


Tokyo Metro English Website

JR WEST English Website

Japan Airlines English Website

All Nippon Airways English Website

Disaster Prevention Apps for Minato, Chuo and Setagaya Cities

These cities below provides Disaster Prevention Apps in English, you can download them for free.

Minato City Disaster Prevention App

Available in iOS and Android, the supported languages are English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

Chuo City Disaster Prevention App

Available in iOS and Android, the supported languages are English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

Setagaya City Disaster Prevention App

Available in iOS and Android, the supported languages are English and Japanese.

Emergency Kits for Evacuation

These are well selected emergency kits. Please click the image to see details.

Other Useful Websites in English

  • For Emergency - Methods for Contacting Family Members

    After the earthquake in March 11th, both mobile phones and landlines were unable to connect for a while in Tokyo leading many to worry about the safety of their loved ones. The following information will show you ways to communicate in case of emergencies. We would advise that you to decide beforehand on the communication method to prioritize amongst your family members in the event of an emergency.
  • Emergency Evacuation Backpack for Natural Disasters in Japan

    Its best to always be prepared for an emergency evacuation while in Japan. It is advisable to have an evacuation bag prepared in case of an emergency evacuation while in Japan due to natural disasters such as an earthquake, fire, a tsunami, your lifeline being cutoff, etc.
  • Japanese warning system - J-ALERT

    J-ALERT is Japan's National Instant Warning System. The alert will come when the government transmits emergency information instantly to the residents of the whole country. The Meteorological Agency transmits information to the system about an earthquake, a tsunami, a volcano, etc. The Cabinet Secretariat is responsible for sending information about ballistic missiles, aviation attacks, guerrilla attacks, mega terrorism, etc.
  • Earthquake-proof your Home: A Simple Safety Checklist

    Earthquake proofing your housing can be a daunting task when you don't know where to start. Here are some simple steps to help you safely earthquake-proof your home in Japan.
  • Japan Typhoon Season: How to Prepare for a Disaster

    While earthquakes are the most associated natural disaster with Japan, typhoon season should be taken seriously as well. Learn how to prepare with this guide.
  • What to do in Case of an Earthquake: Safety and Evacuation

    What should you do in the event of an earthquake in Tokyo? Be Prepared! From indoor and outdoor safety to evacuation sites and English-language radio stations, we can help. We also list of Evacuation Maps by Ward in Central Tokyo.