Arts and Culture Learning experiences in Tokyo

Poste date: Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Recently there are many classes and lessons in Tokyo available in English available for adults and children.

These classes offer a great opportunity to experience new aspects of Japanese culture, new artistic fields, or new musical instruments. Most classes welcome beginners and are flexible as to the age and level of participants. There are also courses for maintaining and improving your present skills, and up-graded lessons are also available in some courses.

Why not take this opportunity and find learn something new and meet others who share similar interests along the way?

Here is some information that will make the search for more convenient for you. If you are looking for international schools in Tokyo, you can find the list here.

Art courses in Tokyo:

School Name Description

ZUKO-LAND International

  • Offering art courses for children from 5 to 12 years old. the art programs include drawing, graphic design and 3D work in clay and crafting materials. *Children only
  • Nish-Azabu Studio, Kichijyoji Studio, Futakotamagawa Studio

Art School Ginza


Ebisu Atelier d'Art

Tokyo International Art School

Uzumako Ceramic Art School

Shirogane Ceramic Art School

Temple University Japan Campus

Arts, Crafts, Cooking, Kids classes in Tokyo:

School Name Description

Best Living Japan

  • Best Living Japan offers many interesting classes for adults and kids. You can learn about Japanese history, culture, cooking, arts, crafts and many more! Check their event calendar for details.

Culture courses in Tokyo:

School Name Description

Sogetsu and Akane Teshigahara

Atelier Soka


Inspire Space

Picture Gallery School

Tokyo Junior Playhouse

Awesome Science Tokyo

Atelier Naoko

  • Various Japanese culture workshops and classes are provided in English and French for foreigners at the owner’s private home located in Tsukishima near Tsukiji fish market and Ginza.
  • Example:
    • • Tsukiji fish market tour with a sushi chef and making sushi
    • • Karate
    • • Calligraphy
    • • How to host a Japanese-style home party
    • • Making preserved flowers and origami

Yu-Art Kichijoji

  • Yu-Art offers Japanese Cultural experiences, "Sado (a Japanese tea ceremony)" & "Wagashi (Japanese traditional confectionery) Making" at a residence in Kichijoji, Tokyo Japan.
    Reservations should be made at least a day before.
    Times can be changed depending on the number of guests. It takes around 1.5 hours or 2 hours per class.

Temple University Japan Campus

Music lessons in Tokyo:

School Name Description

JiLL music school

  • Music lessons for non-Japanese speakers. Lessons for Guitar, Ukulele, Piano, Violin, and Voice are provided.
  • Jingu-Mae Studio, Ikebukuro Studio

Music Academy Tokyo

Azabu Music Together

  • Early childhood music program for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and the adults who love them. *Children only
  • Block On Studio Kichijoji, Roppongi Lutheran Church (Roppongi Hills area) , EtonHouse International Pre-School (Tokyo Midtown area)

UK Fields

  • Piano lessons *Preparation for ABRSM piano and aural exam!
    • • Any level, from 5 years old to adult
    • • Lessons offered in either Japanese or English
    • • Popular, Jazz or Classical
    • • Preparation for ABRSM piano and aural exam grades 1 - 8 and for music theory tests for grades 1 - 5
    • • Student concerts
  • 2-7-18, Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Private Piano Lessons by ACM/NGPT registered Teachers

Tokyo International Children's Choir

Tiny Tot and I Music Together

Estrellita International School of Music

  • Piano/Jazz piano/Violin/Clarinet Recorder/Music theory classes. Music lessons at your home or at a rental music studio. They speak English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, and Japanese.

Tokyo Piano School

  • Tokyo Piano School’s offers affordable private piano lessons in several areas in Tokyo. The lessons are for adults and kids from beginner to advanced.

Akino Music Together

  • Music Making and movement class for families and their children 0-7 years old. In their class, families sing, dance and have sessions with some percussion instruments. Music Together Program which is offered at more than 3,000 locations and 40 countries develop children’s music basic competence. Kyodo and Shimokitazawa

Toaldo Violin School

  • The Toaldo Violin School offers lessons of high standard to students of all ages and levels, from beginners to aspiring professionals, in a wide variety of languages, including English, French, Spanish and Japanese. Students are welcome at both of our centers in Nerima and Ogikubo.

Dance lessons in Tokyo:

School Name Description

Studio Architanz

Fujima Kanhiroyuki 

Japanese Traditional Dance School

  • Fujima Kanhiroyuki is allowed to teach at the "Souke Fujimaryu", which has a history of more than 300 years as a choreographer for Kabuki, and we are also teaching Kabuki dance (work) for ordinary people. Our practices are widely used by returnee children, actor celebrities, children, male groups and so on just for fun and their hobbies.
  • Fujima Kanhiroyuki Office 4-17-7-406, Higashiueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo.

Sun and Moon Yoga

Pole Dance Tokyo

Gaston Gurevitz

Fab Academy

Tokyo Swing Dance Society

Computer courses in Tokyo:

School Name Description

Coding Lab

Temple University Japan Campus

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