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Flow of Property Sales

We will take you through the real estate sales step-by-step from property valuation, sales and move.

This guide explains procedure of selling a property, type of mediation contract, necessary fees, documents and items.

Step 1
Consultation for selling and valuation of the property price

The biggest interest for selling a property is “how much can it be?”
Assessment of the property value is the first step to selling your property.
PLAZA HOMES assesses the market price of your property in Central Tokyo, Japan for free.
We will propose the appropriate market price of your property by considering the living environment , neighborhood,similar properties in the area , market trends and any other factors that may effect the price.
Besides the assessment of the property price, we also consult with our customers about a variety of requests and concerns.
Please do not hesitate to contact us any time.

Free property valuation & consultation

When you sell a property in Japan, miscellaneous costs arise such as commissions and taxes.
Your net profit is the amount deducting miscellaneous fees and taxes from the sales price.
You can ask the estate agent for the amount of miscellaneous costs and fees, and check with your local tax office to find out about the taxes.

Necessary costs and taxes to sell a property

TaxesStamp Duty Documentary stamp tax required for the contract.
Income tax ・ Residential tax Arising from the profit of the sales.
Agent commission 3% of the sales price + 60,000 yen + consumption tax in accordance with property transaction regulations.
Registration costs
Disposition of mortgage fee Required if your mortgage has not been paid off.
Approximately 15,000 yen per mortgage.
Commission for the Legal Scrivener
Other CostsSurveyor's commission (A/N) The fee for land surveying to determine the boundary points.
Moving Costs

Examples of property selling costs