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The Process of a Real Estate Purchase in Japan

We here provide a detailed explanation of the procedure and flow of buying Japanese real estate and acquiring proprietary rights to it.

Understanding Japanese Real Estate - The Property Search

Step 1
Understanding Japanese Real Estate

Real Estate Transactions and Regulatory Laws

The laws concerning property and real estate transactions are well developed in Japan, and there are many rules and regulations to prevent trouble. Because real estate is an expensive commodity, it is required by law to carefully check the property status, relationship of rights, and various legal regulations to insure a safe business transaction. It is also required that a person with the qualification of Real Estate Transaction Specialist is present at contracting to explain the necessary details.

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Non-Japanese buying real estate

In Japan, there are no restrictions in regards to real estate ownership of both land and building.
Foreigners regardless of their visa status may purchase property.

Costs Incurred in Purchasing Real Estate and Home Loans

Some of the costs that are involved in a real estate purchase are agent fee, ownership registration fee, taxes and other expenses in addition to the sales price of a property.

Property Buying Costs & Taxes

Want to obtain financing from a local bank or financing company?

Loan for Buying Property in Japan

Step 2
The Property Search

Choosing Areas

We provide detailed explanations of residential and commercial areas in Central Tokyo with maps and pictures for each area.

Choosing Properties

We have extensive property information in English for New/Used Apartments, Condominiums, Investment Properties with tenants, and Buildings for sale in Central Tokyo and the suburbs.

How to read the Real Estate Information

Listings for Japanese real estate properties for sale usually look like the documents below:

Definitions of Floor-Area Ratio (FAR) and Building Coverage Ratio (BCR), and other vocabulary