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Relocation and Housing ServiceJapanese of this page

Relocation and Housing Service for Foreign Expats and Diplomats

For newly arriving expats and diplomats, PLAZA HOMES
offers full support as your housing agent and also as a
friendly guide to make the relocation to Japan as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Housing Service
Relocation Service

Rental housing information from PLAZA HOMES

Thanks to over 40 years of experience and success, PLAZA HOMES has developed an extensive line-up of both privately owned and corporate owned residential listings for rent.

You can find property information on our website in both Japanese and English.

Rental Property Information in English



Rental property consultations with our bilingual staff

  • Property information and pictures for listings that meet your specific wants and needs

    Based on individual customer's inquiries in English about his or her needs and wants, we'll send property information with pictures that have English descriptions. Furthermore, the address of the property is written in English so that you can check on our English map.

  • Our bilingual consultant will take you to see the properties by car.

    In addition, we provide a tour of the neighborhood including all the important things for a community such as hospitals with English support, grocery stores, parks, and even commuting routes for international schools if you have children.
    If you come to Japan for a preview trip prior to making a decision on accepting an assignment in Japan, we also provide a ‘Look and see' to check out properties, and life in Japan in general.

    *For corporate contracts, we introduce only those properties within the budgets set by your company's housing policy.

  • Lease Agreement / Moving-in / Moving-out

    Bi-lingual agents are available whenever needed to:

    • Help you review your rental agreement in English.
    • Explain daily practices such as how to use pre-installed home appliances, garbage disposal procedures, the direction to emergency evacuation exits, etc.
    • Assist in arranging for basic utilities such as electricity, gas, and water
    • Assist in terminating utility payments (for example, by attending final meter checks before vacating the property).

Furnished Serviced apartments

For short-term stays of more than a month but less than a year, including long-term business trips and temporarily accommodation until a permanent residence is found we can recommend the most appropriate furnished service apartment.

  • Serviced Apartment

PLAZA HOMES Living Information Websites

Safety Measures against Earthquakes and Disasters

In order to assist our customers make their most important living decision in terms of safety, PLAZA HOMES consultants have gathered important knowledge on the seismic tolerances of buildings and seismic proof structures (earthquake tolerant).

Orientation Services

In close coordination with HR and secretaries of foreign companies, as well as relocation agents we provide a variety of services to assist foreign expat families live comfortably in Japan.

  • An orientation during the look-and-see visit prior to accepting the assignment in Japan We provide an information session about life in Tokyo, as well as area information within Tokyo, and accompany you on school tours to help you choose the most appropriate school for your children.
  • Residential Property Search, Moving-in Support When we introduce a property, we provide a tour of the neighborhood which includes hospitals with English support, grocery stores, emergency evacuation sites, etc. and which helps you to decide the most appropriate transportation route which can often be complicated by choices of multiple train stations, bus routes, and walking routes.
  • Accompanying you on necessary visits to local governmental administrative offices for obtaining residential registrations etc.
  • Support when it’s time to leave Bi-lingual staff are there to arrange: for a mover, for disposal of oversize garbage, and for settling utility bills and property recovery fees.

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In addition, upon request we are pleased to assist in numerous ways to simplify your life such as: obtaining visas, driving licenses and mobile phones, setting up a bank account, renting furniture, managing company housing program, arranging transportation to and from the airport etc.

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PLAZA HOMES Relocation Support Booklets

  • Welcome to Japan
  • Area Information
  • School Information
  • Living Information
  • Media & Communication
  • Hospital Guide
  • For Emergency
  • For Children
  • Japanese Culture
  • Pets
  • Shopping Guide
  • Driving Guide

・・・ and more

Please feel free to contact us.

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The Market Rate for Rents for Expat Standard Properties in Tokyo

We provide luxurious, rental property information geared towards foreigners, as well as average rental fees of luxurious rental properties by area and by property type, etc.mainly around the most popular areas for foreign expats residing in Tokyo.

It will definitely be helpful when considering your budget for housing.


Average Rental Rate of Expat Properties


Here is just some of the feedback from our satisfied customers and HR administrators with whom we have assisted:

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