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For Property Owners, Finding a Tenant for your PropertyJapanese of this page

Why choose PLAZA HOMES

PLAZA HOMES brokerages luxurious rental properties in central Tokyo for expats' in residential areas such as Hiroo, Azabu, Akasaka, Shoto, Shinagawa, Ebisu, (mainly Minato, Shibuya-wards)

If you have a property and are looking to find a tenant, please contact PLAZA HOMES. We have a proven track record for having a large and comprehensive client base.

Point 1

Quality Brokerage Service and Strong Client Base

Point 2

Consulting, Assessment of appropriate rent, Comprehensive Marketing Advise

Point 3

Total Support: Applicant screening, Lease Contracting, Property Management, Move-out Inspection

Point 1
Quality Brokerage Service and Strong Client Base

With over 40 years of experience in the field, we broker many internationally renowned corporate clients through are exclusive connections and our bilingual website which has updated and comprehensive listings.

Introducing Properties to Renowned International Corporate Clients

The international corporate client base of PLAZA HOMES:

  • European and American ICT companies (computer, software, search engine, communications, etc.)
  • European and American consulting companies
  • European and American, Scandinavian and Oceania banks, securities and credit card companies
  • European and American marketing (advertisement) companies
  • European and American life insurance companies
  • European and American law firms
  • European and American retails
  • European and American fashion brand companies (clothes and jewelry)
  • European, American, and Asian hotel chains
  • European and American manufacturers (electronics, vehicles, precision machinery)
  • European and American pharmaceutical companies
  • European and American food and drink companies
  • European, American, and Middle Eastern oil and chemical companies
  • Airlines
  • Embassies
  • National Tourism Bureaus, etc.


Point 2
Consulting, Assessment of appropriate rent, Comprehensive Marketing Advise

  • Assessment of appropriate rental rates

    • Calculated from our database of 30,000 properties, and current market prices, our rent assessment is precise and up to date.

      Average Rent of Expat Standard Properties in Tokyo

    • Proposal of attractive listing conditions and rent that suit the current market to make your property competitive.

  • Renovation

    At PLAZA HOMES, we propose and arrange cost effective renovations that greatly enhance property attractiveness.

    Renovation Examples

    Due to the economic situation, the number of foreign families living in the suburbs of Tokyo has decreased. Thus, older detached houses geared towards foreigners that haven't been renovated are experiencing difficulties in attracting tenants.

    Layout Bathroom

    After renovations, the property attracted not only Expat families, but also expats with Japanese spouses, Japanese doctors, lawyers, bankers, etc. The increased client in-flow helped in finding a tenant quickly after.

  • Listing the property for both Renting and Selling

    If you are considering either selling or renting a property, our consultants who are familiar with both markets and have excellent experience will assist you throughout the process and will propose the best option in view of gaining and managing the asset value optimally.

Point 3
Total Support: Applicant screening, Lease Contracting, Property Management, Move-out Inspection

Reliable support in English

Leasing for the first time? Leasing to a Japanese? Rest assured.

Our experienced bilingual staff will provide total support. Screening the applicant for validity, preparation of the lease agreement, move-in inspection, explaining garbage disposal procedures, how to use the equipment, move-out inspection, and until the restoration fees are negotiated, and the deposit is returned.

Property Management (Maintenance) through the Lease Term

If the owner wishes to outsource management during tenancy, PLAZA HOMES Management department will assist by providing tenants a safe and comfortable living environment on behalf of the owners.

Our support ranges from collecting late rent, arranging repairs for equipment or devices, maintenance of the building, property management (PM), to preparing management reports, etc.

  • Taking complaints from tenants (including foreigners) 24h
  • On-site assessment, arranging repairs, attending the repair work, re-assessing the repairs and reporting to the owner
    Ex. A/C malfunction, water leaks from the toilet, pest problems, etc.
  • Liaising between tenant and owner (including foreigners)
  • Notifying tenant of regular checkups, in-house maintenance work, preparing the notice of reminders, requests, etc., consultations
    Ex. Notifying building fire extinguisher & fire alarm checks, regular communal area cleaning, outside window cleaning schedules, etc.
  • Attending at the time of move-in and out.
  • Explaining instructions of the equipment and important matters at the time of moving-in, checking the status of the property after move-out, arranging and managing the restoration work
    Ex. Assisting in clarifying the renovation fees and the fair amount to charge the tenant, and negotiating the terms.
  • Reporting to the owner
  • Preparing monthly management reports
    Ex. Providing complaint report with photos

Please feel free to contact us.

Our Home Finding Experts will guide you to a perfect home.
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