Locating Pet-friendly Housing

For basic information about bringing a pet to Japan

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Having a pet at a rental property

As for pet policies, rental properties available in the present market can be generally categorized based on the owner’s policy or the management companies policy (for apartments) :

  • Properties not accepting any pets If a tenant is found to have a pet against the agreement, the agreement may be terminated and penalties may apply.
  • Properties allowing pets
    • Properties that allow pets under certain conditions such as up to two small pets, only dogs, etc.   
    • Properties that are open to having pets. Such properties are designed to create an environment where the residents can live with pets comfortably such as by having a footbath for pets, etc.
    • Properties that allow large dogs 

Normally, you will be asked to sign an agreement referring to the conditions in order to have a pet at a rental property:

  • The tenant agrees not to disturb the neighbours. The tenant is solely responsible to compensate for any damages due to the pet.
  • The tenant agrees not to increase the number of pets.
  • The tenant agrees to be responsible for any restoration fees including disinfection and deodorization at the time of vacating the property.

Plaza Homes has many properties that allow or welcome having pets.
Please feel free to providing us with the kind and number of pets you have when making a Housing Search inquiry.