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Featured properties in Suburbs of Tokyo
For-rent apartments, condominium, and houses of our recommendation.

Suburbs of Tokyo

The areas such as Setagaya-ku, Ota-ku, Shinagawa-ku and Meguro-ku are considered the suburbs of Tokyo. They are residential areas geared towards family houses nearby Central Tokyo and but outside the commercial districts. These areas have well-established schools, grocery stores, hospitals, parks, etc. and offer a very comfortable living environment famous for having many Japanese executive and celebrity homes.

Suburbs of Tokyo Area Guide


Cortile Komaba

Rent JPY1,290,000 - JPY1,525,000
Layout 4 BR + 3 Bath - 4 BR + 3.5 Bath
Size 271.10 - 292.72 sq.m.

It is located in a quiet residential neighborhood surrounded with greenery. It is a grand, low-rise apartment that stands right to the south of Komaba Park. The spaci...


Yutenji, Gakugeidaigaku

The Meguro Sakura Residence

Rent JPY310,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 80.28 sq.m.

It is a quality design premium apartment with a concierge service and full range of shared facilities including a lounge and a guest room. There are many schools, hosp...



Laster House

Rent JPY298,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 68.14 sq.m.

It is located in a luxurious residential neighborhood known as "Suwayama" that is a little away from the buzz of Nakameguro Sta. It is a peaceful apartment on a hillt...



Garden Hills Daisawa E

Rent JPY550,000
Layout 4 BR + 2.5 Bath
Size 182.66 sq.m.

Located in a quiet, luxurious residential area in Shimokitazawa. Luxurious terrace houses are dotted within the large ground of the compound. Three guest parking spo...



Kamiyoga 3-chome House

Rent JPY380,000
Layout 3 BR + 1.5 Bath
Size 99.78 sq.m.



Komazawa Garden House

Rent JPY580,000 - JPY720,000
Layout 3 BR + 1.5 Bath - 3 BR + 2.5 Bath
Size 147.02 - 184.40 sq.m.

The Komazawa Park is nearby. Large and luxurious condominium apartment standing tranquilly in a residential environment with rich greenery. The extensive facilities i...


Higashiyama, Ikejiri-Ohashi

Hasegawa Apartment

Rent JPY335,000
Layout 2 BR + 2 Bath
Size 99.17 sq.m.

It is located in the quiet residential area in Higashiyama, Meguro-Ku. Meguro River famous for its cherry-blossoms is close by. Well-maintained vintage apartment wit...



Ogikubo Green Village

Rent JPY430,000
Layout 4 BR + 1.5 Bath
Size 139.72 sq.m.

It is a residential compound where houses and apartments are situated in the large, 7272 sqm. space premise. Houses are large and imported from North America. The co...


Seta, Futako-Tamagawa

Park Court Seta

Rent JPY325,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 96 sq.m.

A luxury condominium apartment which stands on the hilltop location with lush greenery. The appearance of the building is white tiled and gives clean and elegant impre...


Seta, Futakotamagawa

Seta 2-chome House

Rent JPY1,200,000
Layout 4 BR + 1 Maid Room + 2.5 Bath
Size 258 sq.m.

Large detached house in quiet neighborhood. 1 minute to a park. 5 minutes to St. Mary's. Spacious lawn-bedded garden. Daylighting and storage space are well pursuited...



Komaba House C

Rent JPY800,000
Layout 4 BR + 2.5 Bath
Size 229 sq.m.

A detached house in a quiet environment surrounded with rich greenery, which is very close to Komabano Park. The property has a spacious floor plan and is geared towar...


Oyamadai, Setagaya

Oyamadai 2-chome House

Rent JPY650,000
Layout 3 BR + 2.5 Bath
Size 143.58 sq.m.

Ecologically friendly modern house in Oyamadai, a quiet residential area.


Yutenji, Meguro

Meguro Park Heights East

Rent JPY364,000
Layout 2 BR + 1.5 Bath
Size 120.59 sq.m.

Quiet environment with rich greenery, a little ways away from Meguro-Dori Street. A grocery store is found nearby. It is a luxurious low-rise apartment with a spaci...


Ikejiri, Komaba

Glenpark Komaba

Rent JPY305,000
Layout 1 BR + 1 Bath
Size 80.17 sq.m.

Located in the Komaba-Ikejiri area of Setagaya-ku, which offers a great living environment by being a little outside of central Tokyo. Concierge service is available....


Ikejiri-Ohashi, Nakameguro

Apartments Higashiyama

Rent JPY249,000
Layout 1 BR + 1 Bath
Size 66.60 sq.m.

The word "elegant" suits perfectly to the quiet residential neighborhood, "Higashiyama". It is a designer's apartment that stands on the hilltop where is convenient a...


Ikegami, Hasunuma

Prazer Tokumochi

Rent JPY295,000
Layout 3 BR + 1 Tatami + 1.5 Bath
Size 124.20 sq.m.

This 2x4 barrier-free detached house has a spacious floor plan. It is located in the Kamata area, which is about 8 min. walk away from Ikegami Sta. The Ikegami Honmo...



Fukazawa House

Rent JPY283,000 - JPY383,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath - 3 BR + 1 Bath
Size 76.44 - 106.55 sq.m.

It is in a rich location adjacent to Komazawa Park and with abundant greenery. It is a large scale condominium apartment which stands relaxed in the vast premises. The...



Sanno 2-chome S House

Rent JPY340,000
Layout 3 BR + 1.5 Bath
Size 149.47 sq.m.

This detached house is geared towards foreigners and stands in a quiet residential neighborhood. It is located only 5 min. walk away from Omori Sta. The living room...


Daikanyama, Nakameguro

Wacore Daikanyama

Rent JPY550,000 - JPY700,000
Layout 2 BR + 2 Bath - 3 BR + 2 Bath
Size 157.50 - 185.06 sq.m.

The neighborhood is very quiet and is within daily living range from Daikanyama, Nakameguro and Ebisu. The spacious floor plan is suitable for foreigners. The buildi...


Fuchu, Tamacho

Tamacho 1-chome House

Rent JPY480,000
Layout 3 BR + 2 Tatami + 1 Study + 1.5 Bath
Size 232.40 sq.m.

American School is only 1 min. walk away. Nogawa Park is in a 3 min. walk. The property is located in a peaceful residential neighborhood. The living, dining and ki...


Meguro, Shimomeguro

Shimomeguro House

Rent JPY1,980,000
Layout 4 BR + 3 Tatami + 1 Study + 2 Storage + 1 Maid Room + 3.5 Bath
Size 674.13 sq.m.

It is located in a very natural environment close to Rinshi-no-mori Park. This mansion has 7LDK for 674 sqm. space. with 3.5 bathrooms. Parking for four cars is incl...



Bayberry Jiyugaoka

Rent JPY500,000
Layout 3 BR + 2.5 Bath
Size 165 sq.m.

Komazawa Park is within walking distance.It is very close to bus stops for international schools. It has a spacious living room. Parking space is available within the...



Hilltop Suwayama

Rent JPY260,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Storage + 1 Bath
Size 73.24 sq.m.

It is 5 min. walk away from Nakameguro Sta. This low-rise condominium apartment stands in a quiet hilltop that has little traffic. The garage has a remotely controll...


Senzokuike, Nagahara

Kamiikedai 4-chome House

Rent JPY420,000
Layout 4 BR + 1 Tatami + 1 Study + 1 Storage + 2 Bath
Size 217.55 sq.m.

A detached house with stately appearance, large garden and practical floor plan, and is very spacious.


Yoga, Nakamachi

Sakura Estates

Rent JPY1,200,000
Layout 4 BR + 1 Study + 2.5 Bath - 4 BR + 2.5 Bath
Size 219.08 - 222.59 sq.m.

It is a compound residence where residences stand spaciously in a large premise; which reminds you of Western luxurious residential town setting. They are over 200 sq...



Enaka House No.3

Rent JPY1,000,000
Layout 4 BR + 1 Maid Room + 2.5 Bath
Size 228.30 sq.m.

Quiet neighborhood also close to school bus route. Supermarket, shopping facilities in vicinity. Terracehouse with high privacy.


Yoyogi-Uehara, Komaba

Forest Form Komaba

Rent JPY430,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 99.19 sq.m.

The property is located in a peaceful and natural residential environment, next to the entrance to Komaba Park. The floor plan is spacious. It has a large living roo...



Park Habio Nakameguro

Rent JPY302,000
Layout 1 BR + 1 Bath
Size 52.23 sq.m.

It is only 2 min. walk away from Nakameguro Sta. Fashionable stores and restaurants are situated in the area, where you can enjoy life actively and live comfortably....



Sun-Mate Terrace

Rent JPY1,500,000
Layout 5 BR + 1 Study + 1 Maid Room + 5 Bath
Size 360 sq.m.

Over 65 m2 living space with two aspects of greenery garden view. Nice and refined scenery. The living space also includes a bar counter ideal for home party purpose....



Kent House

Rent JPY270,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Tatami + 1 Bath
Size 95.64 sq.m.

This property is 5 minutes from Sakurashinmachi station in a quiet residential area. There is a shopping street nearby and a large supermarket. The light modern interi...


Gakugeidaigaku, Shimouma

Park House Gakugeidaigaku

Rent JPY270,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Tatami + 1 Bath
Size 80.22 sq.m.

The access to central Tokyo and Yokohama area is excellent. Himonya Park and Komazawa Park are within walking distance. A shopping street is close; which makes it co...


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Ota-ku was developed as a carefully-planned residential area near Central Tokyo with many luxury apartments and homes. The eastern parts of Ota-ku face Tokyo Bay and the stately houses of Denenchofu, Senzokuike, Sanno, Magome, etc., spread out from the middle towards the western part. Ota-ku is also where Haneda Airport is located, serving as a portal to remote cities and overseas countries.

Ota-ku Area Guide


Setagaya-ku is a suburban area between Central Tokyo and the beautiful Tama River. Setagaya-ku is famous for its many parks and cultural institutes including art museums and libraries. The neighborhoods of Setagaya-ku are well-established and there are many beautiful and trendy shopping districts. This area is also has some notable neighborhoods with stately houses and luxury apartments.

Setagaya-ku Area Guide


Meguro-ku and Meguro City were named after the Meguro River, which runs through the ward. Meguro-ku was developed as a quiet residential area near Central Tokyo and contains many very fashionable and active shopping towns such as Jiyugaoka and Nakameguro. Meguro-ku also houses many embassies, universities and international schools. Many executives have luxury houses and estates in Meguro-ku.

Meguro-ku Area Guide

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