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Featured properties in Shinjuku
For-rent apartments, condominium, and houses of our recommendation.


Shinjuku is the most convenient place to live and famous for having the busiest train station in the world with access to all parts of Japan. All of Japan's most well-established department stores, shops, and restaurants are concentrated around Shinjuku. The residential properties are primarily high-rise luxury apartment towers with hotel-like services and incredible night views of Central Tokyo.

Shinjuku Area Guide

Shinanomachi, Yotsuya


Rent JPY500,000
Layout 3 BR + 1.5 Bath
Size 156.40 sq.m.

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden and Jingu Gaien Park are within walking distance. Stately, luxurious low-rise apartment. Ample facilities.



Tokyu View Residence Ichigaya-

Rent JPY378,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 99.28 sq.m.

41-storey tower residence. Floors on or above 31st level are residential zone. Exclusive entrance and front desk service. Great city center prospect.



Platine Nishi-shinjuku

Rent JPY263,000 - JPY389,000
Layout 1 BR + 1 Bath - 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 57.23 - 83.52 sq.m.

Located in a convenient area with high-rise buildings in Nishi-Shinjuku. Accessible to several train lines. Dynamic city view and extensive facilities including conc...



Central Park Tower La Tour Shi

Rent JPY326,000 - JPY925,000
Layout 1 BR + 1 Bath - 3 BR + 2 Bath
Size 59.97 - 170.59 sq.m.

A tower apartment with 44 stories standing right next to the large Shinjuku Central Park. It houses a 24-h grocery store, a fitness gym, a sky lounge and offers a fre...


Nishi-Shinjuku, Tochomae

La Tour Shinjuku Grand

Rent JPY268,000 - JPY890,000
Layout 1 BR + 1 Bath - 4 BR + 1.5 Bath
Size 46.10 - 162.53 sq.m.

Ultra-high tower residence standing in Nishi-Shinjuku. The extensive common facilities include concierge services, a fitness gym, etc. It offers a high standard livin...


Shinjuku, Hatsudai

Platine Shinjuku Shintoshin

Rent JPY198,000 - JPY385,000
Layout 1 BR + 1 Bath - 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 40.42 - 78.66 sq.m.

Tower residence next to sub center of Shinjuku. Charge-free shuttle bus service available for residents. Accessible to 3 stations. Residents enjoy panoramic view and h...


Shinjuku, Shintoshin

Oak Court

Rent JPY163,000
Layout 1 Studio
Size 30.80 sq.m.

Near to Shinjuku Central Park. Also close to the center and sub center of Shinjuku. Conveniently accessible to 3 stations of 3 lines. Suitable for high-end life style.



Prime Urban Shinjuku Natsumeza

Rent JPY257,000 - JPY375,000
Layout 1 BR + 1 Bath - 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 54.23 - 90.02 sq.m.

30-storey-high luxurious residential tower in historic district. Sky-view lounge (24F), hotel-like concierge service, and ample facilities.



Phoenix Nishisando Tower

Rent JPY349,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 81.85 sq.m.

Fabulous Tokyo's urban life in the middle of 'Shinjuku Shintoshin'. Very close to Tokyo Opera City. Full service building with concierge, gym, media room and so on.


Okubo, Shin-Okubo


Rent JPY310,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Study + 1 Bath
Size 107.58 sq.m.

Ookubo Sta. on JR Chuo and Sobu lines are in a 3 min. walk. Shinjuku Sta. is 15 min. walk away. Having five stations for 11 different lines offer very convenient acc...



The Parkhouse Nishi-shijuku To

Rent JPY265,000 - JPY590,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath - 3 BR + 1 Bath
Size 56.39 - 101.28 sq.m.

60-story high-rise condominium apartment that stands in a vast redevelopment area of Nishi-Shinjuku. Luxury hotel-like common use facilities include a sky lounge with...


Akebonobashi, Kawadacho

Kawadacho Comfo Garden 1

Rent JPY331,300 - JPY399,600
Layout 1 BR + 1 Bath - 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 77.06 - 91.40 sq.m.

4 min walk to Akebonobashi Station and easy access to 2 stations and 2 lines. It is a 41story high-rise condominium apartment which is one of 4 buildings and belongs t...


Yoyogi, Hatsudai

Sangubashi Mansion

Rent JPY228,000 - JPY560,000
Layout 1 BR + 1 Bath - 3 BR + 1 Bath
Size 49.18 - 133.95 sq.m.

Located in a quiet environment near Tokyo Opera City and Yoyogi Park. The entrance is designed with stately impression and inside of the building comes with modern and...



Concieria Nishi-shinjuku Tower

Rent JPY335,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 77.51 sq.m.

44 story tower residence, the highest residential architecture in Shinjuku. Swimming pool, spa, sauna, fitness gym and guest room are facilitated. 4 floors are preserv...



Nakano Honcho 2-chome House

Rent JPY395,000
Layout 2 BR + 1.5 Bath
Size 179.40 sq.m.

Located between Ome-kaido Street and Yamate-dori Street and in the area where there are many educational and medical facilities and it is comfortable for raising child...


Takadanobaba, Nishi-Waseda

La Tour SHINJUKU Garden

Rent JPY215,000 - JPY540,000
Layout 1 BR + 1 Bath - 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 37.10 - 107.50 sq.m.

All units are placed at 100 meter high or even higher. The dynamic view to oversee central Tokyo is a huge plus for this luxury tower residence. The building is bui...



Castalia Hatsudai 2

Rent JPY205,000
Layout 1 BR + 1 Bath
Size 57.69 sq.m.

'Modern' and 'Quality' pursued residential complex directed by designer-architect. Located in Hatsudai. Hotel-like corridor and high quality interior.


Yotsuya, Akebonobashi

Platine Yotsuya

Rent JPY273,000
Layout 1 BR + 1 Bath
Size 53.06 sq.m.

Accesible to 3 stations and 4 different lines, this is an extremely convenient location to get to any of the major areas in the central city. Higher floors are used a...



Verte Yoyogi 2

Rent JPY420,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Tatami + 1 Study + 2 Bath
Size 104.74 sq.m.

The property is located in a very convenient location that is only 4 min. walk away from the terminal, Shinjuku Sta. It is one of the Belte Verte's luxurious vintage...



City Tower Shinjuku Shintoshin

Rent JPY310,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 70.45 sq.m.

A hotel-like, 37-story, tower apartment located in a convenient area near Shinjuku Park, in the Nishishinjuku business area. It offers extensive facilities and services.


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Shinjuku-ku is the biggest amusement district in Central Tokyo and Japan with hundreds of shops, restaurants, etc. There are many high-rise buildings in Shinjuku-ku, including the tall Tokyo Metropolitan Building and many high-rise condominiums and luxury apartment towers. The southern part of Shinjuku-ku has a very greenery provided by Shinjuku Gyoen Garden and Meiji Jingu Shrine Gaien.

Shinjuku-ku Area Guide

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