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Featured properties in Shinagawa
For-rent apartments, condominium, and houses of our recommendation.


Shinagawa is a very convenient place to live in Central Tokyo. Shinagawa Station has many train lines, including the Shinkansen (bullet train) and even a train directly to Haneda Airport. The Shinagawa bay area is beautiful and consists of many high-rise apartment towers, luxury condominiums, and waterfront restaurants. There is also a famous residential community called Gotenyama to the south.

Shinagawa Area Guide

Shinagawa, Gotenyama

Premia Court Yard Gotenyama

Rent JPY750,000
Layout 3 BR + 1.5 Bath
Size 154.12 sq.m.

Very close to Gotenyama Garden and Hara Museum. It is a low rise stand-alone house-like condominium apartment in a high class residential town of Gotenyama. It comes w...


Shinagawa, Konan

City Tower Shinagawa

Rent JPY298,000 - JPY310,000
Layout 3 BR + 1 Bath
Size 80.09 - 82.77 sq.m.

It is an ultra high-rise condominium apartment that stands in the Konan area in Shinagawa. It offers extensive common facilities in addition to the front desk service...


Shinagawa, Takanawa

Regalo Takanawa

Rent JPY335,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 76.25 sq.m.

While it is located only 6 min. walk away from Shinagawa Sta., it is graceful environment with rich greenery of the Takanawa Park and the Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa....


Takanawadai, Shinagawa

The Hilltop Tower Takanawadai

Rent JPY280,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 60.39 sq.m.

It is a 29-story luxurious tower apartment directly connected to Takanawadai Station. Having the standard of condominium apartments, it has excellent facilities includ...


Shinagawa, Takanawa, Mita

Takanawa Daiichi Mansions

Rent JPY400,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 93.14 sq.m.

6 min. walk to Shinagawa Station where Tokaido & Sanyo Shinkansen (bullet train) stops. Located in a quiet residential area, across from 'Takanawa Park'. Renovated in...


Shinagawa, Takanawa

Shinagawa Prince Residence

Rent JPY240,000 - JPY312,000
Layout 1 BR + 1.5 Bath - 2 BR + 2.5 Bath
Size 57.75 - 101.03 sq.m.

Located in the site of Shinagawa Prince Hotel which also has amusement facilities including theater, aquarium, and tennis courts. High-grade reception service and hom...


Shinagawa, Konan

Shinagawa V-Tower (Tower)

Rent JPY300,000 - JPY450,666
Layout 1 BR + 1 Storage + 1 Bath - 3 BR + 1 Bath
Size 60.03 - 94.80 sq.m.

This luxury condominium tower apartment has a beautiful V-shaped form. It is handy to have 'Shinagawa Grand Commons' for dining and shopping. It is directly connecte...


Shinagawa, Takanawa

Paircity Renaissance Takanawa

Rent JPY420,000 - JPY495,000
Layout 1 BR + 1 Tatami + 1.5 Bath - 3 BR + 1 Bath
Size 120.48 - 138.67 sq.m.

"Pair City Renaissance" sets the standard for luxurious condominium apartments. This is a high-class residential space that offers 24hours manned management support a...


Shinagawa Seaside

Castalia Tower Shinagawa Seasi

Rent JPY207,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 57.56 sq.m.

5 minutes walk to 'AEON', the large shopping mall. Adopted 'spacious and expansive' design concept. Breezy and scenery. Residents enjoy hotel-like high end living atmo...


Takanawa, Shinagawa

Garden Takanawa

Rent JPY950,000
Layout 2 BR + 2.5 Bath
Size 166.16 sq.m.

A large, family-type condominium apartment located on top of a luxurious hillside residential area of Takanawa. It is a luxurious space harmonized with greenery. Con...



Gotenyama Terrace

Rent JPY170,000 - JPY205,000
Layout 1 BR + 1 Bath
Size 42.02 - 50.88 sq.m.

Next to Japanese garden with rich greenery. Affiliated access to "LAFORET Fitness Salon" in Gotenyama Garden.



Sea Fort Tower

Rent JPY498,000
Layout 3 BR + 1.5 Bath
Size 157.83 sq.m.

Residential floor having hotel floors above. Hotel-like residential complex of high usability and quality management service. View of 'Tennozu Canal'. Extensive and sp...


Shinagawa, Gotenyama

Prime Maison Gotenyama

Rent JPY900,000
Layout 3 BR + 1.5 Bath
Size 147.73 sq.m.

This is a stately, luxurious condominium apartment standing on the hilltop of Gotenyama. It gears toward families with high standard. Gotenyama Elementary School is w...


Shinagawa, Takanawa

Shinagawa Tower Residence

Rent JPY345,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 71.67 sq.m.

Shinagawa Sta. is the nearest station, which is highly convenient. In the neighborhood, luxury hotels including Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa, etc. are found. This is...



Shinagawa Tower Face

Rent JPY237,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 70.47 sq.m.

Shinagawa Station is in a 8 min. walk from the property. A 30-story tower apartment that stands along a cannel. It offers extensive common facilities including a sky...



Riverge Shinagawa

Rent JPY317,000 - JPY364,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath - 3 BR + 1 Bath
Size 90.64 - 110.91 sq.m.

Shinagawa Sta. is located in a 6 min. walk. It is a unique building that stands on an open area along the canal. A convenience store is located on the ground floor o...


Shinagawa, Takanawa

CRADEL Takanawa

Rent JPY500,000
Layout 3 BR + 2 Bath
Size 158.70 sq.m.

The property is located in a very convenient location to get to Yokohama and remote cities. Shinagawa Sta. on JR. Yamanote Line is 4 min. walk away. This 3-story sma...



Park City Osaki the Residence

Rent JPY220,000
Layout 1 BR + 1 Bath
Size 47.50 sq.m.

The property is located in a 3 min. walk from JR Osaki Sta., where you can feel nature of water and trees around Meguro River. You can enjoy beautiful scenery of cher...


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Minato-ku is the most popular area for expat homes in Japan due to it's many elegant shopping districts, foreign corporation offices, and embassies. Minato-ku also houses Central Tokyo’s most luxurious residences in Hiroo, Roppongi, Akasaka, Azabu-Juban, Motoazabu, Kamiyacho, Takanawa, and Mita and some of the most expensive mansions and luxury apartments in the world.

Minato-ku Area Guide


Besides the waterfront, Shinagawa-ku has many lively shopping districts, historical temples and shrines spread throughout the area. Shinagawa-ku has the charm of a local, residential-neighborhood feel in Central Tokyo.

Shinagawa-ku Area Guide

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