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Hamamtsucho, Daimon

Hamamatsucho Square Studio

Rent JPY436,000 - JPY570,000
Layout 3 BR + 1 Bath
Size 96.18 - 127.52 sq.m.

Being only one minute walk away from Hamamatsucho and Otemachi station, it is in an excellent location logistically. It is a 20-story tower apartment. View from the...


Tsukiji, Ginza

Shochiku Square Residence

Rent JPY330,000
Layout 1 BR + 1 Bath
Size 61.12 sq.m.

Located in Tokyo Central Ginza area. Residential zone is in upper level with magnificent view. Gym for the residents, bilingual front desk service.


Shimbashi, Onarimon

City House Tokyo-Shinbashi

Rent JPY220,000 - JPY240,000
Layout 1 BR + 1 Bath
Size 47.67 sq.m.

Shinbashi Station on Yamanote Line is within walking distance. Located in a peaceful area that is close to Atago and Shiba Park. High-grade condominium apartment wit...



Prime Urban Shinjuku Natsumeza

Rent JPY249,000 - JPY390,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath - 3 BR + 1 Bath
Size 56.41 - 96.76 sq.m.

30-storey-high luxurious residential tower in historic district. Sky-view lounge (24F), hotel-like concierge service, and ample facilities.


Shintomicho, Hacchobori

Lieto Court Arx Tower

Rent JPY232,000 - JPY316,000
Layout 1 BR + 1 Bath - 3 BR + 1 Storage + 1 Bath
Size 60.92 - 81.40 sq.m.

Ambience of high-class hotel. Exquisite lounge space available on 19-20th floors. Glorious sky-view of Ginza, Marunouchi, Shiodome, and Tokyo Bay areas at high floors....


Yotsuya, ShinanomachiBrand-New

Garden Hills Yotsuya Geihin no

Rent JPY680,000
Layout 3 BR + 1 Storage + 1 Bath
Size 111.95 sq.m.

Accessible to 4 stations and 7 lines. A luxury condominium apartment located in front of the Akasaka Detached Palace, the center area where the green of Central Tokyo...


Shibaura Island

Shibaura Island

Rent JPY249,000 - JPY450,000
Layout 1 BR + 1 Storage + 1 Bath - 3 BR + 1 Bath
Size 67.74 - 94.84 sq.m.

Shibaura Island. High-class residential tower resides on the waterfront surrounded by canal and greenery. Medical clinic and other facilities. Gorgeous view at high fl...


Shinjuku, Yotsuya

Sea Bird Building

Rent JPY270,000
Layout 1 Studio
Size 96.68 sq.m.

A quiet residential area close to Shinjuku-Gyoen and Yotsuya 3-chome station. A bright, airy Japanese style space with skylight windows. this unique property has a tr...



White Tower Hamamatsucho

Rent JPY204,000 - JPY323,000
Layout 1 BR + 1 Bath - 3 BR + 1 Bath
Size 47.39 - 75.54 sq.m.

It is a logistically very convenient location thanks to having five stations for eight train lines. Further, the nearest station, Hamamatsucho is only 3 min. walk awa...


Shibaura, Tamachi

Grand Park Heights

Rent JPY288,000 - JPY367,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath - 3 BR + 1 Bath
Size 80.53 - 95.20 sq.m.

5 minutes to 'Tamachi' Station. 28-storey residential tower. Supermarket ('Peacock') available in site. Also close to post office and convenience store.


Shinanomachi, Yotsuya

Gaien Residence

Rent JPY305,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 89.54 sq.m.

Located in a peaceful area next to greenery around the Akasaka Imperial Residence. Three train stations for six different lines are accessible, which provides excelle...


Shiodome, Shimbashi


Rent JPY246,000
Layout 1 BR + 1 Bath
Size 60.13 sq.m.

It is a 23-tory tower apartment located in the Italian town in Shiodome Sio Site. It is in a polished town setting and offers excellent services and facilities. The g...


Meguro, Shimomeguro

Shimomeguro House

Rent JPY1,980,000
Layout 4 BR + 3 Tatami + 1 Study + 2 Storage + 1 Maid Room + 3.5 Bath
Size 674.13 sq.m.

It is located in a very natural environment close to Rinshi-no-mori Park. This mansion has 7LDK for 674 sqm. space. with 3.5 bathrooms. Parking for four cars is incl...



Park Side Wings

Rent JPY278,000 - JPY469,000
Layout 1 BR + 1 Tatami + 1 Bath - 3 BR + 1 Bath
Size 71.97 - 107.17 sq.m.

Stands along a canal, next to a park. It is surrounded with water and greenery. While you can enjoy local Japanese atmosphere of Tsukishima town, you can also enjoy m...


Ikejiri-Ohashi, Nakameguro

Apartments Higashiyama

Rent JPY321,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 81.30 sq.m.

The word "elegant" suits perfectly to the quiet residential neighborhood, "Higashiyama". It is a designer's apartment that stands on the hilltop where is convenient a...


Kichijoji, Nishiogikubo

Oak Hills Kichijoji

Rent JPY320,000
Layout 3 BR + 1 Bath
Size 99.88 sq.m.

Very close to "Kotto-Dori" Street (Antique St.) in Nishi-Ogikubo. A bus stop for 100 yen public bus route is closeby which provides easy access to both Kichijoji and...



La Tour Shibakoen

Rent JPY338,000
Layout 1 BR + 1 Bath
Size 66.80 sq.m.

Nice, quiet environment, view of lush greenery Shiba Park and Tokyo Tower behind it. Hotel-like front service with bilingual staff.


Tsukishima, Tsukuda

River Point Tower

Rent JPY222,000 - JPY599,000
Layout 1 BR + 1 Bath - 4 BR + 1.5 Bath
Size 55.65 - 142.19 sq.m.

High-rise residential tower by the waterfront where 'Sumida' River and 'Harumi' Canal diverge. Fitness gym in 'River City 21' available for residents. Resides in 2km r...



La Tour Kagurazaka

Rent JPY398,000 - JPY532,000
Layout 1 Studio - 3 BR + 1 Bath
Size 54 - 103.46 sq.m.

This 24-story Executive Tower Apartment "La Tour Kagurazaka" is located near historic ambience 'Kagurazaka' and educational district 'Kohinata' and 'Koishikawa' area....


Korakuen, Kasuga

Koishikawa City Heights

Rent JPY227,000 - JPY285,000
Layout 1 BR + 1 Bath - 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 55.96 - 72.39 sq.m.

Both Korakuen Sta. and Kasuga Sta. can be reached in a 1 min. walk. A variety of dining places are found around Korakuen. In addition, there is a grocery store in th...


Kayabacho, Hatchobori

Sumida Riverside Tower

Rent JPY285,000 - JPY780,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath - 4 BR + 3.5 Bath
Size 92 - 185.91 sq.m.

Beautiful river view from all units, front desk service with bilingual staff. Within 10 min. from Kayabacho, Hatchobori, Suitengu-mae stations and Tokyo Air City Term...


Shiodome, Hamamatsucho

La Tour Shiodome

Rent JPY1,182,000
Layout 3 BR + 1.5 Bath
Size 173.18 sq.m.

Panoramic view of Mt. Fuji, Tokyo Tower, and Odaiba Area. Hotel-like residential service. Fitness gym available. High-grade tower apartment next to Shiodome Sio-site a...



Tokugawa Village

Rent JPY1,600,000
Layout 4 BR + 1 Tatami + 3.5 Bath
Size 393.69 sq.m.

The premise used to be the resident of Owari Tokugawa family, the immediate relative of Shogun. 33 houses geared toward foreigners stands in line in 5 acres premise....


Hamamatsucho, Daimon

Shibadaimon Heights

Rent JPY270,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 65.45 sq.m.

It is only 4 min. walk away from Hamamatsucho Sta. that is very convenient to access to Haneda Airport. Since the residence section is placed on higher floors (13th a...


Kachidoki, Tsukishima

Kachidoki View Tower

Rent JPY255,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 60.06 sq.m.

It is directly connected underground to Kachidoki Station on Toei Oedo Line. A daycare (for kids), grocery store and restaurant are placed in the building. You can e...



Scala Grigia

Rent JPY480,000
Layout 3 BR + 1 Bath
Size 129.59 sq.m.

The property is directly connected to Hongo 3-chome Sta. on Toei Oedo line. It won the Design Award in 1998. It is a luxurious designer's apartment that offers styli...


Kayabacho, Suitengu

River and Tower

Rent JPY230,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 68.20 sq.m.

It is located close to Hakozaki T-CAT from where you can have direct access to Narita International Airport. The property stands along the canal from where one can ov...


Shiodome, Shimbashi

Renai Partire Siodome

Rent JPY400,000
Layout 1 BR + 1 Bath
Size 98.70 sq.m.

This rental apartment is located in the Italian Town, in one corner of fashionable town in Italian-taste within Shiodome Sio-site. The building has tasteful brick wal...


Daikanyama, Nakameguro

Aobadai Park Mansion

Rent JPY580,000
Layout 3 BR + 1.5 Bath
Size 119.82 sq.m.

The property stands in a peaceful and luxury residential neighborhood in Aobadai. It is an excellent location next to Sugekari Park. The interior has a spacious floor...


Ariake, Kokusai-Tenjijo


Rent JPY250,000
Layout 3 BR + 1 Bath
Size 69.14 sq.m.

High rise tower close to Odaiba and Toyosu, with a huge communal area on the top floors that include a 25m pool, a 24 hour gym, outdoor bath with a spa, a bar lounge t...


Hamamatsucho, Kaigan

LEFOND libre Hamamatsucho cana

Rent JPY255,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 63.56 sq.m.

Six train stations for seven different lines including Hamamatsucho Sta. on JR Yamanote Line are accessible. Further, the Roppongi and Ginza areas are within 3km. Be...



Tokyu View Residence Ichigaya-

Rent JPY202,000 - JPY370,000
Layout 1 Studio - 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 51.86 - 91.20 sq.m.

41-storey tower residence. Floors on or above 31st level are residential zone. Exclusive entrance and front desk service. Great city center prospect.



Residia Tower Nakameguro

Rent JPY250,000 - JPY315,000
Layout 1 BR + 1 Bath - 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 53.21 - 65.74 sq.m.

Near by popular 'Nakameguro' station. Stunning tower apartment with sharp red-line exterior.


Tsukiji, Higashi-Ginza

Cresidence Higashi-ginza

Rent JPY250,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 63.08 sq.m.

Tsukiji Market 'Japan's Kitchen' is very close by. You can enjoy walk on the weekends for dining and shopping as both Ginza and Sumida River Terrace are within walkin...


Kohinata, Edogawabashi

Grand Musse Kohinata

Rent JPY490,000
Layout 4 BR + 1.5 Bath
Size 169.19 sq.m.

Many schools including Ochanomizu Women's University are located in the Bunkyo area. This is a luxurious low-rise apartment that stands in a peaceful residential nei...



Hilltop Suwayama

Rent JPY260,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Storage + 1 Bath
Size 73.24 sq.m.

It is 5 min. walk away from Nakameguro Sta. This low-rise condominium apartment stands in a quiet hilltop that has little traffic. The garage has a remotely controll...



Skys Tower & Garden

Rent JPY263,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 60.34 sq.m.

This is a popular tower residence that stands in the Tokyo Bay Shore area surrounded with plenty of greenery and water. A hospital, schools, commercial infrastructure...


Tsukiji, Higashi-Ginza

HF Ginza Residence East

Rent JPY209,000 - JPY229,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath - 2 BR + 1.5 Bath
Size 56 - 59.05 sq.m.

Both Ginza and Tshikiji Market that are known as gourmet spots are within walking distance. A park and the Seiroka Garden are found nearby. You can also enjoy walkin...


Hamamatsucho, Shibakoen

Shiba Heights

Rent JPY195,000
Layout 1 BR + 1 Bath
Size 52.02 sq.m.

Having three stations for three different lines accessible, it is in a very convenient location. The neighborhood is a peaceful environment as well. The interior appe...



City Towers Toyosu The Symbol

Rent JPY245,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 65.16 sq.m.

This large-scale 44-story tower apartment stands in the water front Toyosu area where is developing significantly. Four gardens are placed within the premise. In add...


Kachidoki, Tsukiji

Plaza Tower Kachidoki

Rent JPY222,000 - JPY272,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath - 3 BR + 1 Bath
Size 56.25 - 75.04 sq.m.

The property is located in a convenient area that lies next to Ginza, Tsukiji, Harumi and Tsukishima areas. An ultra-high tower apartment with concierge services. A f...



City Front Tower

Rent JPY430,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 113.38 sq.m.

This condominium tower apartment stands 7 min. walk away from Tsukishima Sta. It is in an open residential environment on the waterfront surrounded by Sumida River....


Shibakoen, Hamamatsucho

Shibazono Heights

Rent JPY210,000
Layout 1 BR + 1 Bath
Size 52.74 sq.m.

The Shiba Park, an oasis in the city is only 3 minutes walk away. The tiled building with a stone-built entrance appears very grand. The beautiful interior has brigh...


Shinonome, Toyosu

Beacon Tower Residence

Rent JPY260,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 82.71 sq.m.

An earthquake proofed, tower apartment with all-electric system in Shinonome Canal Court that is10 min. to Yurakucho by subway and also has good access to both Haneda...


Yotsuya, Shinjuku-gyoen

Park Axis Yotsuya Stage

Rent JPY260,000
Layout 3 BR + 1 Bath
Size 72.45 sq.m.

It is one of the Park Axis brand's properties developed by Mitsui Estate. Each of 'Breeze Court', residences located on 8th floor or higher, and 'Avenue Court' locate...



KDX Residence Shibakoen

Rent JPY165,000 - JPY170,000
Layout 1 BR + 1 Bath
Size 39.43 - 40.14 sq.m.

The property is located next to Shiba Park, in a convenient location where multiple train lines are easily accessible. It is a functional apartment with an excellent...


Takanawadai, Shinagawa

Park House Shimazuyama

Rent JPY700,000
Layout 3 BR + 2.5 Bath
Size 167.18 sq.m.

The property is located in the luxurious residential neighborhood that is traditionally known as "Shimazuyama". The Gotanda and Shinagawa areas are also easily access...


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