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Featured properties in Meguro
For-rent apartments, condominium, and houses of our recommendation.


Meguro has both comfortable single-person luxury apartment towers and family homes right in Central Tokyo. Meguro Station is very convenient and surrounded by many shops. The area has many luxurious residential neighborhoods, including Hanabusayama and Chojamaru, and tower apartments can be found along the Meguro River with views of the cherry blossoms during the spring.

Meguro Area Guide


RAYHAUS Hanabusayama 2

Rent JPY350,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 93.70 sq.m.

The property is located in a hilltop in Kami-Osaki 3-chome, near Meguro Station. It is a low-rise apartment that stands in 'Hanabusa-yama', known as one of the five h...


Shirokanedai, Meguro

Esty Maison Shirokanedai

Rent JPY246,000 - JPY430,000
Layout 1 BR + 1 Bath - 2 BR + 1.5 Bath
Size 58.39 - 103.50 sq.m.

The property is located in the mid-point between Meguro Sta. and Shirokanedai Sta. The large, Institue of Nature Study and Ikedayama Park are found nearby. It provi...


Meguro, Kamiosaki

Castalia Meguro Chojyamaru

Rent JPY240,000
Layout 1 BR + 1 Bath
Size 47.55 sq.m.

Luxurious designers apartment with fancy wood deck balcony. Close to Ebisu Garden Place.


Meguro, Ebisu

Primegate Meguro Mita

Rent JPY206,000 - JPY270,000
Layout 1 BR + 1 Bath
Size 45.85 - 65.44 sq.m.

Accessible to 2 stations for 5 different train lines. Within walking distance to Ebisu Garden Place. Direct access to the apartment from underground parking within...


Meguro, Shirokanedai

Across Meguro Tower

Rent JPY230,000 - JPY276,000
Layout 1 BR + 1 Bath - 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 51.32 - 63.41 sq.m.

High rise apartment with fantastic view of Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge, and Roppongi Hills. Pets welcome. 8 min. from Shirokanedai station.


Ebisu, Meguro

Meguro-Mita Trinity

Rent JPY490,000
Layout 3 BR + 2.5 Bath
Size 223.30 sq.m.

The property is located in a peaceful residential neighborhood that is a midpoint between Meguro and Ebisu. Meguro River is near by and Ebisu Garden Place is also fou...


Meguro, Yutenji

Meguro Park Heights

Rent JPY600,000
Layout 4 BR + 1 Maid Room + 2.5 Bath
Size 241.34 sq.m.

It is a large family type apartment in a quiet environment away from busy Meguro-Dori Street. It has a spacious floor plan for 220sqm. or more. A German School bus s...



MFPR Meguro Tower

Rent JPY228,000 - JPY397,000
Layout 1 BR + 1 Bath - 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 42.58 - 87.91 sq.m.

High-grade residential tower along Meguro River. Hotel-like services and fasciitis. 7 minutes walk to Meguro Station and accessible to 4 train lines. Quake-absorbing S...



Park Cube Meguro Tower

Rent JPY219,000 - JPY583,000
Layout 1 BR + 1 Bath - 2 BR + 1.5 Bath
Size 47.71 - 135.12 sq.m.

5 minutes to Meguro Station where 4 trainlines cross. Nearby 'Meguro' Exit of Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway. Quick accessibility. Front desk reception service. Ample a...



Platinum View Shirokanedai

Rent JPY150,000 - JPY178,000
Layout 1 BR + 1 Bath
Size 32.28 - 40.28 sq.m.

It is a rental apartment that stands along the Platinum-Dori street in Shirokanedai. Fashionable cafes and restaurants are dotted along the street. The stylish inter...


Shimomeguro, Musashi-Koyama

Gekkocho Apartment

Rent JPY440,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 95.20 sq.m.

The property is located in an excellent location surrounded with plenty of greenery, next to Rinshinomori Park. This is an all-electric residence and is expecting to b...


Meguro, Ebisu

Bird Park Meguro

Rent JPY320,000
Layout 1 BR + 1 Bath
Size 77.14 sq.m.

Ebisu Garden Place is within walking distance. This property has won a gold in the Good Design Award. It is a designer's apartment that is stylish and has thematic f...


Shirokanedai, Takanawadai

Kamiosaki Compound

Rent JPY650,000
Layout 5 BR + 2.5 Bath
Size 197.39 sq.m.

A luxury detached house located a 2 min. walk to quiet Ikedayama Park and 8 min. walk to Shiroganedai Sta. Its spacious patio and living room are attractive. Parking...



Doresse Meguro Impress Tower

Rent JPY384,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 91.92 sq.m.

It is a tower apartment within walking distance from Meguro Sta. Being on hilltop, it gets an excellent view. The extensive in-house facilities that are particular t...



Park Tower Meguro

Rent JPY370,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 68.71 sq.m.

28 storey high rise apartment with lounge on the 20th floor. Only 1 min. walk to Meguro station.


Meguro, Kami-Osaki

ABITI Meguro

Rent JPY300,000 - JPY340,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 76.71 - 81.02 sq.m.

Meguro Sta. is in a 6 min. walk. And Ebisu Garden Place is in a 12 min. walk. Shirogane is also easily accessible. This is a high standard residence that offers a fro...



Sunny Hill Meguromita

Rent JPY175,000 - JPY182,000
Layout 1 Studio - 1 BR + 1 Bath
Size 38.65 - 45.51 sq.m.

Located in the popular 'Meguro-Mita.' Close to 'Ebisu Garden Place.' Project by designer-architect. Ample facilities.



Yebisu Garden Terrace Ichibank

Rent JPY530,000 - JPY650,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Tatami + 1 Bath - 2 BR + 1 Tatami + 1 Storage + 1 Bath
Size 106.69 - 141.97 sq.m.

Luxury Condominium Tower Apartment located in Meguro's popular district 'Ebisu Garden Place'. Short distance from Ebisu Station by using a 'Sky Walk' (moving walkway)...


Gotanda, Fudomae, Meguro

Residia Tower Meguro Fudomae

Rent JPY207,000 - JPY380,000
Layout 1 BR + 1 Bath - 3 BR + 1 Bath
Size 55.39 - 95.71 sq.m.

Large-sized high rise apartment 7 min. from Gotanda station. Gym facility, sky lounge and front service available.



Torestage Meguro

Rent JPY243,000 - JPY363,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath - 3 BR + 1 Bath
Size 67.14 - 100.15 sq.m.

It is located along Yamate-Dori Street. In addition, a grocery store is found nearby. It is a very convenient location. Meguro River is also close from the property...


Meguro, Ebisu

Comforia Meguro Chojamaru

Rent JPY216,000
Layout 2 BR + 1 Bath
Size 57.55 sq.m.

It is located in the Chojamaru area, which is situated in between Meguro and Ebisu. Being close to Ebisu Garden Place, this is a convenient location. It is a low-ris...


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Meguro-ku and Meguro City were named after the Meguro River, which runs through the ward. Meguro-ku was developed as a quiet residential area near Central Tokyo and contains many very fashionable and active shopping towns such as Jiyugaoka and Nakameguro. Meguro-ku also houses many embassies, universities and international schools. Many executives have luxury houses and estates in Meguro-ku.

Meguro-ku Area Guide


Besides the waterfront, Shinagawa-ku has many lively shopping districts, historical temples and shrines spread throughout the area. Shinagawa-ku has the charm of a local, residential-neighborhood feel in Central Tokyo.

Shinagawa-ku Area Guide

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