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Edinburgh HouseJapanese of this page

Apartment in Gotanda, Takanawadai, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

It is located in a luxurious residential neighborhood in Shimazuyama that is found between Gotanda and Shinagawa. Only two units occupy a floor, which assures privacy of the residents. It is a uniquely renovated, vintage apartment.

Property Name Edinburgh House
Address 3, Higashi-gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Line, Station JR Yamanote Line, Osaki Station : 10 min.-walk
JR Yamanote Line, Gotanda Station : 7 min.-walk
Toei-Asakusa Line, Takanawadai Station : 7 min.-walk
Completion January, 1979
Structure Reinforced Concrete 3 stories
Facilities Auto-locking Entry
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Pictures above are examples of one unit. Interior and design depends on each unit of the property.

Sorry, the building currently has no vacancies.

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It is in a historical, luxurious residential neighbourhood known as “Shimazuyama” that is located between Gotanda and Takanawadai stations.  Edinburg House is a low-rise vintage apartment standing in a corner of Shimazuyama.

Edinburg House Edinburg House
Exterior Entrance Entrance Hall 
Stairs are placed on the both sides of the entrance hall that is secured by the self-locking door.  Inside of the building is filled with somewhat nostalgic atmospheres.  

Having only two units in each floor, it assures the independence of each unit.  All units get plenty of sunlight and nice breeze.  In addition, the open and spacious floor plans with two bathrooms are suitable for families, particularly for foreign executives. 
Each unit is renovated uniquely.  
Living room Living room
Living room Living room
Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen
Bedroom Roof balcony Roof balcony
The large counter for the kitchen is irresistible for cooking lovers.  You can enjoy the view of plants in the garden that appears outside the windows.
Some units are in maisonette style, or have a roof patio. 

It is negotiable to use it as an office, to have a pet or to use music instruments. 

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