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We perceive the importance of protecting customer's private information, in conformance to the law (Act No. 57, 2003) concerning such protection and endeavor to properly manage and protect private information.


We acquire customers' private information by proper means and through public announcement, notification, clear statements, etc. and shall not use private information beyond the bounds of designated usage without consent of the person himself or herself.


Private information and data offered for retention by the customer shall be used only for the specific purpose and business matters described below.
1.  For sale and purchase of real estate, a search will be performed on the other party of the agreement in order to conclude the agreement.
  [ In case of offering real estate information to a third party (advertisement). ]
1-(1) Information regarding the real estate property to be advertised shall be about the property, location, price, local transportation, the land and building sizes, room layouts, equipment, photos, information map, etc. However, names of individuals and so forth are not included.
1-(2) Registration by designated distributive process and offering to the other party of the agreement for the person who desires to sell or purchase and/or lease; either directly through advertising media such as a home page, (own company or real estate information sites), real estate information journal, leaflets, newspaper, direct mail or indirectly through the other real estate agencies (including the advertisement made by other real estate dealers under our consent) shall be as the person desires.
1-(3) In the event that an agreement is made, a report shall be made immediately after the agreement conclusion (date of the agreement conclusion, price, etc.) to the advertising media and so forth and cancellation of the advertisement. Information concerning the agreement conclusion shall be summarized, processed or analyzed by the designated distributive process and/or private advertiser of advertising media and shall be used as the data, etc. for price assessment related to other transactions.
2. Real estate management business.
3. Price assessment regarding sale, purchase and leasing.
3-(1) When using information related to the agreement conclusion (information on real estate property, individual names and so forth shall not be included) and to make an assessment for the price of real estate property (prices for sale and lease).
3-(2) It may be offered as "the basis of opinion" to show the price for real estate property.
(prices for sale and lease). However in this case, it shall be released after devising a means to keep out private information.
3-(3) The items of the information regarding the agreement conclusion to be offered are the property summaries (property items, location, prices, transportation, size of land and building, room layouts, equipment, etc.), however, individual names and so forth are not to be included.
Offers shall be made by electronic data, documents or in picture form.
4. On behalf of management, operation and intermediation business for sale and purchase of overseas real estate.
5. Consulting and support business for foreigners live in Japan.
6. Use the private information within the necessary bounds concerning each business for 1 ~ 5, after service and customer development.
7. Offer the information to the third party within the necessary bounds required to accomplish the above mentioned purpose of use.
The parties to be offered are as follows: the other party or a person who desires to be of the agreement, other real estate transaction dealers and group of property information and so on, the designated distributive process, banking facilities concerning financing and so on, judicial scriveners, lawyers, property insurance companies, real estate management dealers, clients of price assessment, insurance companies or property insurance agencies, guarantee trust companies, notary public offices, relocation companies, substitute companies for personnel, transport companies, furniture lease companies, in case of above mentioned 4, embassies of countries where the property is located and the third parties themselves who obtained consent.
Information to be offered are minimum items required to accomplish above mentioned usage purpose such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, property information and information regarding the agreement conclusion and so forth.
Offers shall be made by various methods such as documents, telephone, E-mail, Internet, advertising media and so forth.


Prior to offering information to the parties other than affiliate firms of Plaza Homes Limited, customers' consent will be obtained in advance and by law, we will not disclose customers' information to the third party without customers' consent except for the case above mentioned Paragraph 3 (purpose of use). Further, we will suspend the offer in case we receive instruction from a person himself/herself.


There will be cases of using private information obtained by proper methods from following items sold on the market or media opened for purposes above mentioned 1~ 6 in Paragraph 3 (purpose of use).
(1) Copy of registration book
(2) Copy of commercial registration book.
(3) Map.
(4) Companies' and private date obtained by credit inquiry and information.
(5) Companies' information organization and yearbook.
(6) Inhabitant's basic ledger.
(7) Certificate of fixed assets valuation.
(8) Other private information open and sold on the open market.


1.  (1) Private information disclosure.
(2) Revision, addition and elimination of private information.
(3) Suspended use and elimination of private information.

Regarding a customer's own private information, in case the customer himself/herself requires the above mentioned items (1) ~ (3), confirm of the applicant himself/herself and take proceedings without delay except for the case specified in the ordinance.
In the event of answering a request of disclosure or purpose of use, we will receive a commission in the amount of 1,000 yen per request.

The method for confirming a person shall be presenting an original identification card with facial photograph of himself/herself attached (driver's license, passport, or Alien Registration Card).
2. Contact for Inquiries
Please submit an application for above mentioned 1, general question or complaint, etc. in regard to the private information, to contact below.

Contact for private information:
Plaza Homes Limited
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Phone: 03-3585-8611, E-mail:


Concerning the use of Cookies
Using Cookies for this WEB Site to improve the customers' convenience.
Cookies means a small data file to be sent to customers' computer through a browser. Although it may identify customers' computers, it shall not be enabled to obtain information specific to an individual such as a customer's address, telephone number and so on.
Since most browsers are set up to make Cookies effective by default, it may indicate rejection or warning when the customers set up by using browser.
If Cookie is rejected, the viewer may be unable to use a part of page and/or function.

Concerning the use of WEB Beacon
For this WEB Site, WEB Beacon may be used to recognize the customers' means of access.
WEB Beacon is a technique in which part of the home page, etc., such as an electronic picture is used to know how many times a customer visits a specific page.
Although it is able to identify customer's computer, it is unable for record and/or identify a customer unless the customer inputs private information on himself/herself at the time Cookie is received.

Use of Statistics Tool
For this WEB Site, Statistics Tool may be used to recognize the customers' access trend. The information obtained by a statistics tool shall be used for the purpose of improvement on the WEB Site, but we will not collect private information by statistics tool.