Property Management (Maintenance) through the Lease Term

If the owner wishes to outsource management during tenancy, Plaza Homes Management department will assist by providing tenants a safe and comfortable living environment on behalf of the owners.

Our support ranges from collecting late rent, arranging repairs for equipment or devices, maintenance of the building, property management (PM), to preparing management reports, etc.

  • Taking complaints from tenants (including foreigners) 24h
  • On-site assessment, arranging repairs, attending the repair work, re-assessing the repairs and reporting to the owner
    Ex. A/C malfunction, water leaks from the toilet, pest problems, etc.
  • Liaising between tenant and owner (including foreigners)
  • Notifying tenant of regular checkups, in-house maintenance work, preparing the notice of reminders, requests, etc., consultations
    Ex. Notifying building fire extinguisher & fire alarm checks, regular communal area cleaning, outside window cleaning schedules, etc.
  • Attending at the time of move-in and out.
  • Explaining instructions of the equipment and important matters at the time of moving-in, checking the status of the property after move-out, arranging and managing the restoration work
    Ex. Assisting in clarifying the renovation fees and the fair amount to charge the tenant, and negotiating the terms.
  • Reporting to the owner
  • Preparing monthly management reports
    Ex. Providing complaint report with photos